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Does 'Master' Li also want to 'go up to a higher level'?


Yes, time and again, "Master" Li Hongzhi has encouraged his followers to create disturbances, saying that in this way they can go up to "a higher level." His real purpose is for himself to go to a "higher level" politically.

Li Hongzhi has wild political ambitions. This is not alarmist talk. Many of his articles, books, video and audio tapes prove it. If we look at the history of Falun Gong, we can see that everything has been planned and controlled by Li Hongzhi. He has political purposes for preaching "Falun Gong." Falun Gong practitioners fall into "Master" Li's political traps without knowing it. With the passage of time, his political ambitions and desires have been exposed by his inciting practitioners to confront the government, and disrupt the law and order of the state. On many occasions last year, Falun Gong practitioners besieged government and news organs, demanding dialogue with this person, or that person, aiming at raising their status. They recently proposed similar dialogues. In particular, they meticulously planned the so-called Geneva statement, saying that "Master" Li himself is willing to have "a dialogue with the Chinese government." How ridiculous this is. Has Li Hongzhi completely forgotten who he is? What qualifications does he have to enter into a dialogue with the Chinese government? Thus, "Master" Li's political ambition is completely exposed-he wants to go up to "a higher political level."

(Compiled by New Star Publishers, Aug., 2000)