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Why has Li Hongzhi not come to save his disciples?

2007-08-23 Author:Zhen Yan

Not long ago, China's judicial organs tried some core members of the "Falun Gong" organization, most of whom were Li Hongzhi's most trusted agents. This author believes that Li Hongzhi does not have any "law-bodies" nor "magic power" at all. His boasts about having "countless law-bodies" and "boundless magic power" are only tricks he uses to deceive people. Otherwise, why has Li Hongzhi not come to protect and save his disciples?

As a matter of fact, Li Hongzhi often lifts a rock only to drop it on his own feet. I would like to give some more examples:

1. When preaching in Sydney, Li Hongzhi said, "I have so many law- bodies that I am not able to count them." "I have countless law-bodies to protect you--I can take care of even more people." When someone asked him, "How can you protect me when you are abroad, he replied, "I can protect you wherever you are, even on the moon. If I cannot save you, no one can save you."

However after the Chinese government banned the "Falun Gong" cult, Li Hongzhi sought support through the evening news released by the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) of the US on July 24, 1999, saying, "I appeal to all governments, international organizations and kind people throughout the world to give us support and help, so as to solve the crisis that has taken place in China." This means that his "magic power" does not work, and he is not able to protect himself. In addition, it is said that his disciples are seeking asylum in the United States, rather than wait for Li Hongzhi's "law-bodies" to help them.

2. When preaching in the United States, Li Hongzhi said, "Practicing `Falun Gong' can cure diseases. When cultivating yourselves, you are not allowed to take medicine. If you take medicine, you will push karma back, and will not clear your body of it. So your diseases cannot be cured." Again, he said,"Reading my books can help you get rid of karma. When reading the books, you will get gong (merit or energy) and fa (law) to get rid of karma." On July 25, 1999, Li Hongzhi told a reporter from the US News Daily: "I have never been to hospital, and have never been sick."

However, Li Hongzhi once had an operation at the Jilin People's Hospital. His medical record reads: "(He) entered the hospital at 7:30 on July 8, 1984, and left the hospital on July 18, 1984. Diagnosed as acute pyogenic appendicitis. The name of the operation: appendectomy." The signature of Li Rui, Li Hongzhi's wife, is on the medical record. The doctor in charge said that after the operation, Li Hongzhi took penicillin, streptomycin, glucose and other medicines. In addition, Li Hongzhi consulted a doctor and bought medicine at seven hospitals in Changchun. On July 22, 1999, in his "My Statement," Li Hongzhi said: "It is said that I don't allow practitioners to take medicine. In fact, I have never said so." Zhang Erping, Li Hongzhi's assistant and interpreter in the United States, said on August 2, 1999, when interviewed by a correspondent of the Reuter's News Agency, "All Li Hongzhi's books and video tapes support medical science. When people are sick, he urges them to consult doctors. He also suggests that sick people should not practice `Falun Gong."'

3. On July 23, 1999, when interviewed by a correspondent from the Voice of America, Li Hongzhi said, " `Falun Gong' has no organization, and from beginning to end, `Falun Gong' does not have any officers."

However the "Falun Dafa Research Society" in Beijing is an organization. Li Hongzhi appointed himself its chairman. Each instruction center had a head and other responsible persons. In addition, the so-called "Announcement" issued on June 5, 1997 by the "Overseas Liaison Group of the Falun Dafa Research Society" noted: "All the speeches or letters that Master Li Hongzhi has not published or approved should not enter the Internet in any name. Otherwise the relevant party will be regarded as one who shows no respect to the master, and his or her action will be considered as violating the 'Dafa'. The materials for promoting the Buddhist law sent to the Internet by all countries and regions should be checked and approved by the local Falun Dafa Buddhist Society or the person in charge of the Falun Dafa instruction center. If there is an issue running counter to the 'Dafa', it must be reported to Li Chang or Ye Hao, so that the Overseas Liaison Group of the Research Society may check them promptly." This clearly proves that "Falun Gong" has both an organization and responsible persons.

4. On July 22, 1999, in an interview given to a BBC reporter, Li Hongzhi said: "China's `Falun Gong' does not have any organization, nor does it have any aim of participating in politics. It has never participated in any anti-government activity." On July 24, 1999, in an interview given to a Reuters correspondent in the US, Li Hongzhi said, "I knew nothing about it before `Falun Gong' practitioners went to Zhongnanhai. I was on my way from the United States to Australia."

However, on May 2, 1999, when speaking to a reporter in Sydney, Li Hongzhi said, "I only stayed in Beijing for a few hours. I knew nothing, and heard nothing about it, as I didn't contact anyone." As a matter of fact, on April 25, 1999, Li Hongzhi contacted, by phone, the core members of the "Falun Gong" organization 29 times in one day.

5. In the book Falun Buddhist Law, Li Hongzhi writes: "Practitioners should return to their original nature," and should uphold "truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance. We truly cultivate ourselves, and forget fame, gain and love. What kind of social system is practiced anywhere has nothing to do with you. Only if you cultivate yourselves with great sincerity can you attain your fulfillment. A practitioner will not have any interest in politics and political power. Never participate in politics, don't interfere with state affairs, and cultivate yourself sincerely and be kind." He asserts, "Now social problems are emerging in an endless stream. No government can solve them. Ethnic problems, problems between countries, contradictions between ethnic groups and burgeoning social crimes are headaches which government can cure."

In fact, Li Hongzhi advocates the theory of "uselessness of politics" with the aim of ruling the whole world by means of "Falun Gong" and wielding the power of a "super government" and "super law." As social problems cannot be solved by governments nor by law, only Li Hongzhi can rule the world.

6. He says in Zhuan Falun (Turning the Wheel of the Law): "I have found after careful checks that mankind has almost experienced 81 calamities in the past. It is a rule that after long intervals serious calamities afflict the earth. The next calamity will destroy everything in space, and all the planets will be de-stroyed. All life in the universe will be destroyed." In an interview given to a reporter from the Time magazine of the United States, Li Hongzhi said, "If visitors from another planet cannot replace human beings, this society will destroy itself. Modern science cannot save mankind from being destroyed. I can forecast that in the future, the four limbs of human beings will be deformed, the joints of the body will become immobile, and the internal organs will lose their functions. I am working hard to save those who can return to the high moral standards. Modern science cannot understand it, and the Chinese government will be of no avail. Only I in the whole world know about it. Modern science is destroying mankind."

However, on July 23, 1999, in an interview given to a US correspondent, Li Hongzhi flatly denied that he had forecast the end of the world. He said, "I have never mentioned great calamities." Instead, "I said time and time again that there will be no doomsday of the world. China Central Television criticized me for spreading a rumor about doomsday, but I never did."
7. The appendix to Zhuan Falun, titled "Profile of Mr. Li Hongzhi," says, "Li Hongzhi attained the supreme Great Law with great supernatural powers at the age of eight, such as the ability to move objects (without lifting a finger), fix articles (at whatever spot), control other people's thinking and make himself invisible.... His energy potency reached an extremely high level. He understands the truth of the universe, has insights into life and can see both the past and future of mankind." In an interview given to a reporter from the Time magazine of the United States, he said, "I can guide or stop an incident with my will."

But in an interview given to a correspondent in Sydney on May 2, 1999, Li Hongzhi said, "Some people think I am an immortal; some believe I am a Buddha; and others call me Master. But I have never asked people to regard me as a god, nor have I asked them to regard me as a master. I have never said `You must call me Master.' ... I am only an ordinary person."

8. When preaching in Beijing on December 25, 1998, Li Hongzhi said, "`Falun Gong' is not Qigong for health promotion, but self-cultivation."

But in an interview given to a correspondent in Sydney in May 1999, Li Hongzhi said, "`Falun Gong' is neither a religion, nor a heretical religious school, but a high-level Qigong activity."


All these facts prove that the various kinds of heretical ideas fabricated by Li Hongzhi only serve his vicious political purposes. He cannot protect his disciples at all. All disciples of Li Hongzhi, you'd better break away from "Falun Gong" right away!

(Compiled by New Star Publishers, Dec., 1999)