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Who dares criticize Falun Gong?

2007-11-23 Source:银川晚报

Since 1994, some former Falun Gong insiders have started revealing the truth about the deceit and illegal money-collection by the Falun Gong and the unusual deaths of its practitioners. These revelations were covered by the media. 

Mr. Li Hongzhi said: 

"Laws made by humans have rigidly regulated and stifled people. People have been controlled like animals and there is no way out." 

An ordinary person in pursuit of nirvana must go through a real trial, otherwise his efforts cannot count. But since there are so many followers pursuing this, it is better for them to go together than to go one at a time. Actually, I think the number of people involved is far from enough. 

There were over 300 sieges of people who criticized the group in different parts of before the Falun Gong was banned by the Chinese Government in late July 1999.