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Why do Falun Gong practitioners refuse to take medicine or seek medical treatment?


Mr. Li Hongzhi said: "Taking medicine while practicing Falun Gong means not believing that Falun Gong is able to cure illness. If you believe, why do you need to take medicine?" — China Falun Gong (Revised Edition)

"The first thing is to get rid of the bad stuff in your body, and that includes health problems. But we don't do healing here. What we do is cleanse the body. And we don't use the term 'healing,' we just call it cleansing the body - we cleanse the body for true cultivators." — Zhuan Falun
"The master's potency is very high, then he can eliminate karma for you." — Zhuan Falun

"Always go to the hospital to get injections but it doesn't work...One of our students went to the hospital and had several syringe needles bend on him, ... but the needle still couldn't go in. Then he caught on, 'Wait, I'm a cultivator! I don't want any more injections.'" — Zhuan Falun

"Since we're guiding you down the true path, during Triple-World-Law cultivation we're always purifying, purifying, and purifying your body for you, all the way until it's completely transformed into high-energy matter. But you're still bringing all that black stuff onto your body—how are you going to cultivate? That's karma! You won't be able to cultivate one bit." — Zhuan Falun

"Once ill, the person takes medicine or seeks various kinds of treatments, which in effect press the sickness back into the body again. " — Sickness Karma from Essentials For Further Advancement (March 10, 1996)

"I'll directly remove your health problems for you. At the practice sites they're removed by my Law Bodies, and people who learn the practice on their own by reading the books have my Law Bodies to remove theirs, too." — Zhuan Falun