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What do Falun Gong practitioners think about dead members?


For Falun Gong followers, a true Falun Gong practitioner will never die. They assort the dead members into two groups, one group was not true practitioners but demons or wicked entities, the other was not advanced or diligent enough.

"Did you know that in recent years some students suddenly died? Some of them died precisely because they did such things. Don't think that your master might do something to you. You should know that there are numerous guardian gods of the Fa at various levels whose duty is to safeguard the Fa. Furthermore, demons won't spare you either! It's because you practice cultivation in the upright Fa that you have escaped the karma you owed in your previous lives. Once you are reduced to the level of an everyday person, no one will protect you and demons will also take your life. It's even useless to seek protection from other Buddhas, Daos, and Gods, as they won't protect someone who undermines the Fa. What's more, your karma will also be returned to your body." — Essentials for Further Advancement

"The time that your life is extended for beyond your predestined, original course of life, that time is solely for you to practice. If your thinking goes even a little off track it'll put your life in danger, because your course of life ended a long time ago." — Zhuan Falun

"Cultivators will gain protection from my Law Bodies (fa-shen) when they accept my Falun Dafa teachings and truly cultivate. As long as you persevere in cultivation, my Law Bodies will protect you until you reach Perfection. Should you decide to stop cultivating at some point, my Law Bodies will depart." — The The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa

"You might know that a few of our students passed away. Some of them reached Consummation, while some [died to] do harm to us. So I didn't make any comments on the matter or offer any explanation. Yet I think those things were a test of life and death for our students." — Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore