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Former follower of Falun Gong speaks out

2010-07-19 Source:cultnews.com Author:By: Rick Alan Ross

A one-time Falun Gong follower has apparently decided to end her association with the group and spoke out recently against the "cult," reports the South China Post.

The Chinese-born American resident was locked up in China for almost three years due to a Falun Gong related conviction and did an interview upon her release from prison.

Apparently disillusioned she said, "Falun Gong is purely an evil cult." And added, "It has a definite political aspect."

That "political aspect" is not lost on the Chinese who have always suspected "cult" leader Li Hongzhi of seeking power beyond simply his cult following within China.

There are still others who sadly are willing to follow Li Hongzhi and do his bidding, even when that means criminal acts.

Two Chinese-Americans were recently ordered deported due to sabotage, reports the South China Post.

While Hongzhi sits safely and comfortably in the United States his followers suffer the consequences of their leader's self-centered agenda. Some have even committed suicide in demonstrations of fanatical devotion.

Hongzhi has been repeatedly exposed as a racist, bigot and apparent delusion-ridden megalomaniac.

(Cultnews.com, March 22, 2003)

Original text from: www.cultnews.com/?p=1277