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General description of Falun Gong

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

Falun Gong is a cult that originated from some parts of China in the early 1990s. Its founder Li Hongzhi fabricated cultic heresies to exercise extreme spiritual control over his followers to commit a lot of monstrous crimes, violating laws and regulations.


Cultic fallacies are the primary means used by Li to mentally control his followers, which are the direct causes of many atrocities committed by Falun Gong disciples.For example, Li Hongzhi claims that the earth has been destroyed 81 times and he is the only one who can stop the destruction of the earth; that the earth is but the garbage dump of the universe, the only way out is to practice Falun Gong; that Falun Gong followers would be hampered by religions and they should not convert to any religion; that everything is pre-arranged by himself and even the Holocaust during the World WarⅡ was brought about by the change of celestial phenomena; that when the cultivators feel uncomfortable somewhere in their bodies it isn't sickness, and they should not go to see a doctor or take medicine. Li says that, to practice Falun Gong one should give up everything: "If you can let go of life and death, you're a God," that those against cultivation are all demons, "the wretched demons just deserve to be killed"; that even if the practitioners hurt their relatives, they can repay the victims much more after ascending to Heavens in the future; that the Falun Dafa is above everything including all human laws. Li Hongzhi also demands, by intimidation or threats, that all Falun Gong practitioners recite his scriptures and obey his orders.


Killing of people is the major crime committed by Falun Gong. Under the spiritual control of Li Hongzhi, more than 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners lost their lives because they refused to take medicine or see a doctor, believing in the fallacy that Falun Gong practitioners should not take medicine when fell ill; several hundred practitioners committed suicide; and over 30 innocent people were killed by Falun Gong fanatics. A typical example is the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident: On January 23, 2001, seven Falun Gong practitioners set themselves on fire at the Tian'anmen Square in order to achieve "Consummation," resulting in two deaths and three disabled because of serious injuries. On September 4, 1998, Ma Jianmin, a Falun Gong practitioner from Shandong Province, killed himself by cutting open his belly in order to seek for the "wheel of law" which Li Hongzhi claimed was installed in the abdomen of each Falun Gong practitioner. Zhang Zhiqin, a practitioner from Liaoning Province, suffered from diabetes. After practicing Falun Gong, she rejected medical treatment in the hope that her illness would be cured by reading Li Hongzhi's books and listening to his tapes. Soon Zhang's conditions worsened and died as the result. From May 25 to June 26, 2003, a Falun Gong follower named Chen Fuzhao killed 16 people by poisoning in order to "enhance his Gong powers." Of all the victims, 15 were beggars or junkmen, and one was a Buddhist.


Harming the public interest is another crime committed by Falun Gong.Falun Gong openly tramples on the international norms, frequently attacking civil communication satellites. According to incomplete statistics, since June 2002, Falun Gong has attacked Chinese communication satellites for more than 200 times with a total time amounted to over 100 hours. Falun Gong openly instigates its members to attack public infrastructure for radio and TV broadcasting. There have been more than 100 cases so far, of which the Falun Gong members are involved in sabotaging optical fiber cables and grafting in the cultic TV programs. Instigative articles on attacking communication cables can easily be found on Falun Gong websites. They have formed special sabotaging groups such as the "fax team" and the "telephone team" etc, systematically engaged in large-scale harassment and intimidation activities. Sending out junk e-mails is another way of harming the public interest. Falun Gong openly admits on its websites that from January to February 2004, they have made over 8 million harassing phone calls. Incomplete statistics indicate that the monthly junk e-mails sent out by Falun Gong from overseas to Mainland China amounted to over 30 million. What's more, Falun Gong is still committing these crimes up to now.


Falun Gong viciously attacks organizations and people that hold different views, infringing upon people's freedom of speech. Before the official ban on Falun Gong, tragedies caused by the cult had already been revealed to the public by journalists, scientists, teachers as well as figures from the religious circles. They demonstrated many refutable facts that practicing Falun Gong may cause death, mental disorder as well as family breakup. Falun Gong members were thrown into a panic by these reports. They cursed scientists, besieged media organs, and frequently made harassment against those who held different views from them. According to statistics, Falun Gong staged dozens of besiegement against media and press nationwide a few years before it was outlawed. While besieging and attacking Chongqing Daily press, Falun Gong practitioners threatened: If the press refused to apologize, they would destroy the unit with floods or even destroy the whole world before the due date preset by Li Hongzhi. Now readers may still come across the long list of "evil persons" on Falun Gong websites. Celebrities such as famous scientists Zhuang Fenggan and Pan Jiazheng, religious leaders such as the bishop Fu Tieshan, master Sheng Hui etc, are all blacklisted on the internet simply because they have ever criticized Falun Gong. They are systematically molested by harassing phone calls, and their personal safety under serious threatening.


Falun Gong becomes a political organization with cultic characteristics.In recent years Falun Gong systematically puts forward political appeals, energetically stirs up troubles outside China and actively stages various kinds of anti-China activities, instigating its followers to overthrow the Chinese government. In order to tarnish the image of the People's Republic of China, Falun Gong draws in foreign politicians by trap and lies, encouraging them to speak ill of China and driving wedges between China and other countries.


The Chinese government firmly believes that most practitioners were taken in and are victims. And for them the policy of the government is to carry out persuasion, education and redemption. The Chinese government and people from all walks of life work together, helping most practitioners to shake off the spiritual shackles of Falun Gong. It reflects the Chinese government's will to protect human rights of its citizens including most Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese government and society at large are sincere, responsible and successful in caring and helping those indulged in Falun Gong. Under the help of the government and society for these years, most practitioners have already seen through the true color of Falun Gong, and broke away with the spiritual control of the cult, and now are living a normal life. They have established normal social and family relations, some become experts in making a fortune and some even become volunteers helping and educating people with their own experiences. According to statistics, over 98% of the practitioners have already shaken off the spiritual shackles of Falun Gong. And after converting, they are not discriminated, but have received certain favor treatments in their work and living since they have become quite vulnerable as the result of practicing Falun Gong.


Only a few Falun Gong core members have been punished according to law by the judicial organs simply because they have engaged in criminal activities violating law rather than practicing Falun Gong. The allegation of these people being persecuted is groundless.


Now to cover up the evil features of Falun Gong, a handful of Falun Gong backbones headed by Li Hongzhi are spreading rumors in the Unite States and other places that the Chinese government cruelly persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. Li Hongzhi and his diehards also try to whitewash their images with new tricks: They label themselves people in pursuit of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance," and decorate their masks with "traditional Chinese culture." Yet regardless of how hard they try, no amount of sophistry can deny what Li Hongzhi has said to over two million practitioners and the crimes they committed in China. In fact, most countries as well as all the honest persons around the world maintain that Falun Gong is a cult and regard the ban on it by Chinese government as justified except a handful of people who have ulterior motives and try to make use of the cult for their own ends.