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How Falun Gong looks at mankind

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

Li Hongzhi belittles human beings, calling people "garbage" and "vile human beings."


"Earth is but the garbage dump of the universe...The human beings in the universe who are bad fall downwards, falling to the very center of the universe Earth." (Zhuan Falun Vol.Ⅱ)


"To the eyes of beings in very high realms, humankind is like garbage." (Lecture at the First Conference in North America)


"In regard to humans, when this cultivation ends, this environment won't be needed anymore. The humans that are left over will be vile human beings...; when humans aren't good they are eliminated." (Teaching the Fa at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun)


Li Hongzhi vilifies human beings, describing mankind as an absurd and weird species, claiming that human beings can think with their heels; that there are persons inside grains of sand; that people from other countries all originated from or "incarnated" in China.


"One single thought of a greater God can create you. Everything is alive. After creating your external appearance, your internal organs are created. Humans think that the human body is extremely complex, but for Gods with great wisdom and great enlightenment, it's a trivial matter. With the emergence of just one thought a Buddha can create your internal organs with matter at an extremely microscopic level, he can make them instantly."(Teaching the Fa in San Francisco)


"The human body is a small universe. The many, many beings a practitioner has can switch positions. If his master soul shifts its place, say, if it goes over to the belly, then he'll sense that it's really his belly that's doing the thinking, or if his master soul goes over to his calf or his heel, he'll sense that it's his calf or heel that's thinking."(Zhuan Falun)


 "The people inside grains of sand are exactly the same as us humansthere are black-skinned people, white-skinned people, and yellow-skinned people. And in the future you'll find it odd that their clothing isn't too much different from that of our ancient people." (Falun Buddha Fa Lectures in the United States)


"All ethnicities in the world incarnated in Chinaand this includes persons in every country. Other than the large number of beings from higher realms that came after I began to teach the Fa in recent times, the people in each country incarnated in China at some point in history. No matter which country you're in, you were first Chinese on this earth, because your first incarnation was there...For example, today's Americans were people of the Great Ming dynasty. Today's Americans like Daoism a lot and still demonstrate the values of that time. Back when Daoism reached its height of popularity in the Ming dynasty, in some cities almost every family had a crucible set up in the home. England was the Great Tang, France was the Great Qing, Italy was the Yuan, Australia was the Xia, Russia was the Zhou, Sweden was the Northern Song, Taiwan was the Southern Song, and Japan was the Sui. In those times, people from each dynasty left China and reincarnated to places that didn't have the countries that are there nowthey were still rugged wilderness." (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)


Li Hongzhi threatens mankind, claiming that the earth faces destruction.


"In particular, the moral values of the human society are now declining very badly...You will find that mankind today are indeed full of all the ten sins." (Lecture in Sydney)


"If man continues to decline, he will face elimination, a thorough elimination, which is called, ‘extinction of body and soul.' It is very frightening!" (Lecture in Sydney)


"Science's development in the microcosmic realm is even more terrifying...If the explosions continue on like that, it won't take long before the entire earth disintegrates and is gone." (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference)


While belittling, smearing, vilifying and intimidating mankind, Li Hongzhi portraits himself as the "Savior of the world," claiming that cultivation of Falun Dafa enables people to discard mortal life, reach Consummation and ascend to heaven. To attract more followers, Li purposely builds up Falun Gong practitioners, calling them "super men" or "gods."


Li Hongzhi positively promises his followers that, by practicing Falun Gong, they will possess the following supernatural powers that ordinary people won't have: No medicine is needed after they get sick; the elderly ladies' menstruations recur after menopause; outside dimensions can be seen after their celestial eyes being opened; they are safe and sound even if crushed by trucks; their bodies keep meditating even though their heads are gone; and their foreheads possess a TV set...and so on so forth. And when the practitioner reaches the "highest level" of cultivation, "he will get whatever he wants just by extending his hand, he'll have anything he wants, and he'll be able to do whatever he wants to – he'll have everything in his world." (Zhuan Falun) Some can even "take off human skin" and "fly in broad daylight," eventually reach the highest level – Consummation.


Li promises, "If you succeed in cultivating into a great god...You will be able to hold the earth in your palm with no effort at all." (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe)


Poisoned by these heretical theories, most Falun Gong practitioners have difficulties to resist the temptation of Consummation. They despise mankind and defame human life, spurn daily life and seek being saved. To escape from the "garbage dump of the universe," some even set against the society in an extreme way regardless the consequences.