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How Falun Gong views alien beings

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

Li Hongzhi says that the future of human being is dark, as the aliens from other planets will, by means of introducing modern sciences and technologies to human being, control human being and then eventually replace human being.


When Li Hongzhi was interviewed by Time Magazine Weekly in May 1999 he said:


"The biggest cause of society's change today is that people no longer believe in orthodox religion. They go to church, but they no longer believe in God. They feel free to do anything. The second reason is that since the beginning of this century, aliens have begun to invade the human mind and its ideology and culture.


"The aliens come from other planets.


"The aliens have introduced modern machinery like computers and airplanes. They started by teaching mankind about modern science, so people believe more and more science, and spiritually, they are controlled. Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control man. Mankind cannot live without science.


"The ultimate purpose is to replace humans. If cloning human beings succeeds, the aliens can officially replace humans...The aliens will take that opportunity to replace the human soul and by doing so they will enter earth and become earthlings.


"When such people grow up, they will help replace humans with aliens. They will produce more and more clones. There will no longer be humans reproduced by humans. They will act like humans, but they will introduce legislation to stop human reproduction.


"One type looks like a human, but has a nose that is made of bone. Others look like ghosts.


"Future human society is quite terrifying. If aliens are not to replace human beings, society will destroy itself on its own."