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Making annoying calls and sending junk emails

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

At about 11:00 p.m. of April 28, 2002, Zhang Fakui, a resident in Dongcheng District, Beijing, was awakened by a hurrying phone call. He got up in a hurry to answer the call but found that it was a record call promoting Falun Gong cult and spreading rumors. This is one of the first cases that China government received report of Falun Gong making dislikeful calls.


Since early 2002, the Falun Gong has been making phone calls to domestic phone users outside China by means of IP dial and group dial to play the illegal record. This seriously disturbed the normal life of the mass public and aroused the public repulsion and outrage. Just in 2002, China police authority received ten of thousands of such reports of nuisance calls. In August 2002, Shanghai Police uncovered a case where Falun Gong illegally ran an IP business.


According to incomplete statistics, Falun Gong has made millions of nuisance call each month to China from overseas by technical means. Falun Gong admitted on its website that it made more than 8 million calls from January to February 2004.


Since February 18, 2001, emails that advocated Falun Gong in anonymity began to appear on Internet. After this, the telecommunications companies around China received a lot of such complains. As reported by the staff from China Telecom Wuhan Filiale, they received such even five complains each week. The email sender uses covered identities and set the sender as the receiver, making the receiver feel unreasonable and annoyed. Incomplete statistics show that there are more than 30 million Falun Gong junk emails each month sent from overseas to China.


The Falun Gong websites like Minghui Net do not just teach the followers how to spoil the public communications facilities, a lot of articles and instructions can be readily found on such websites instigating the followers to sending junk emails and making nuisance phone calls.


On April 30, 2002, the Minghui Net published an article titled My Experience in Truth Telling by Phone Call to China, to teach the Falun Gong disciples how to make nuisance phone calls, "You can prepare 2 or 3 paid phone cards and it's better to use a card that can continue to dial. You can read the contents like a news announcer, but you need to get ready 1 or 2 copies, your pronunciation should be standard and imitate the announcer as much as possible both in tone and speech. Or you can make direct dial and start like this: Hello, I am an oversea Chinese, I want to tell you the latest news. Besides, you can also play the record or VCD."


On December 24, 2006, the Minghui Net published the collection of speeches at 2006 Australia Fa Conference, Exchange of Experience in Truth-Clarifying by Phone Call. This article states: "Dafa disciples from almost all over the world joined in such teams in the worldwide and there were often organized actions to make phone calls to the key regions and key industries within China."


On January 19, 2007, the Minghui Net published an article entitled My Reflection on Collecting Phone Numbers for Truth-Clarifying, teaching the Falun Gong practitioners how to classify phone numbers and make nuisance calls: "To collect numbers city by city and classify by categories such as street offices, residents committees, villagers committees, or public security bureaus, substations, dispatched stations and houses of detention, or press and information organs, etc. Once collected, it must be submitted to Minghui Net immediately."


Li Hongzhi, the head of Falun Gong repeatedly gives sufficient affirmation of such nuisance and crime actions.


"Many students have been quietly doing large amounts of truth-clarifying work – passing out flyers, making phone calls, using the Internet, going to the consulates, and using all different forms of media to tell the world's people the truth about Dafa." (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)


"Don't overlook any of the things that Dafa disciples do. Your every word, every flyer, every keystroke, every telephone call, and every letter is having a huge impact. Beings that have come to understand the facts become mobile media, and they too clarify the facts. It's had a big impact on society." (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference)