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Attacking the civil satellites

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

From June 23 to 30, 2002, the Chinese Sino Communications Satellite was deliberately attacked by illegal signals. The illegal TV signals that carried Falun Gong propaganda were transmitted by oversea Falun Gong organization. These signals disrupted the normal rebroadcast function of Sino-sat and disabled the CCTV-9 and 10 provincial TV stations, as a result, the users in some parts of China could not receive the normal TV programs.


According to statistics, in a period from June 23, 2002 to August 7, 2007, the civil satellites such as SINOSAT-1, ASIAPACIFIC-6 and ASIA-3S were attacked by Falun Gong for 252 times with a total time up to 160 hours.


According to laws of China, UN Charter, and conventions and radio regulations of International Telecommunications Union, deliberately damaging and interfering normal satellite TV broadcast is illegal.


However, Falun Gong followers don’t think it is a crime, they even think that promoting Falun Gong by satellite cut-in complies with Falun Dafa which is supreme.