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Frequently engaged in anti-China activities abroad

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

In order to advertise itself, fabricate rumors and demonize China, Falun Gong has established a colossal propaganda system, including newspapers, TV stations and websites, such as Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty Television and Minghui Net. According to statistics, Falun Gong's mouthpieces are the source of most of the negative news or rumors about China.


Spreading the rumor of "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" to demonize China


To conceal its own crimes and frame up the Chinese government, Falun Gong has wantonly faked up a massive persecution story.


In March 2006, Falun Gong fabricated a story of "Sujiatun Concentration Camp," claiming around 6,000 Falun Gong followers were jailed at a concentration camp in Sujiatun Hospital, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and corpses of followers were burned after their organs had been harvested. However, "We found no evidence that the site is being used for any function other than as a normal public hospital," authorities confirmed after on-site investigations by media of China and foreign countries, and foreign diplomatic missions in China, including the American Embassy to China and the American Consulate General in Shenyang. After the lie was exposed, Falun Gong shifted its focus to the issue of organ transplant in China, alleging that organs of Falun Gong followers were harvested. Consequently, Falun Gong has thoroughly lost its credit to people around the world because all their attacks were based on lies which were frequently sneered at.


Directly organizing and plotting activities against the Chinese government


At the end of November 2004, Epoch Times, a Falun Gong medium, published Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Then, Falun Gong spread rumors that many CCP members had quitted their memberships. Also, it set up the "Quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Service Center" and a service website. Since then, the Falun Gong website has been updating the daily numbers of people quitting the CCP by 30,000 to 60,000, which were questioned by the world and even Falun Gong insiders. To patch up the lie, Falun Gong had to add "Quitting CCP's affiliated organizations, i.e. the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers."  

Furthermore, Falun Gong frequently organized anti-CCP or anti-China seminars, gatherings, and demonstrations in major cities abroad, or when international meetings in session. One example was "Supporting Three Quits."

Besides, Falun Gong specially established the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" or WOIPFL to systematically charge and sue excessively the Chinese officials, scholars, policemen and journalists, thus to carry out personal attacks and spiritual intimidation. As many as 13,000 people were on its "evil list."


Advocating "quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations" in order to disaggregate the CCPand overthrow China's legitimate government


The so-called "Three Quits" refers to "quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership," "quitting the Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) membership" and "quitting Chinese Young Pioneer (CYP) membership." It was a rumor churned out by Falun Gong which aimed at overthrowing the Chinese government.


By the end of April 2009, over 53 million people had quitted the CCP and its affiliated organizations, according to Falun Gong's websites. As the most satirical representative, Li Hongzhi, the ringleader of Falun Gong, who hadn't been a league member for a long period of time, declared that he quitted the Communist Youth League.


Holding the banner of human rights and religion, Falun Gong deceives and instigates the Western political circles to exclude and oppose China


Running away from China, Li Hongzhi has disguised himself as a victim of religious persecution and utilized every opportunity and occasion fanning the Western political figures to exert pressure on the Chinese government.On March 2, 2000, a Chinese American Falun Gong follower was pre-arranged and presented at a hearing on "human rights of China and Tibet" held by the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Congress, to spread rumors and criticize China, claiming he was abused during his 8-day-imprisonment for "protecting the Fa" in Beijing a month before. On March 16, 2000, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom staged in Los Angeles a "Hearing on Issues of Religious Freedom of China," in order to generate public sentiments for an anti-China proposal. Zhang Erping, Li Hongzhi's assistant, and Wei Jingsheng, a member of an anti-China organization, appeared at this hearing and called upon related countries to reject China's appeal of joining the WTO, and not to give China the status of permanent normal trade relationship by the USA.


Furthermore, Falun Gong has always been hand in glove with the Western anti-China forces. From 2000 to 2004, it had been offering "evidence" annually for anti-China proposals put forward by a few countries at the United Nations Conference on Human Rights held in Geneva.


Falun Gong also boycotted and sabotaged the Beijing Olympic Games. In order to obstruct China from hosting the Olympics, Falun Gong held a press conference in Toronto in March 2001, while the International Olympic Committee was visiting Canada. Then in June 2001, Minghui Net released A Letter to the International Olympic Committee requesting "Beijing should be forbidden to host the 2008 Olympic Games." Falun Gong followers protested and demonstrated in Moscow in July 2001 where the IOC was voting. Meanwhile, they harassed and intimidated the committee'scommissioners by sending emails. He Zhenliang, a consultant of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee at that time, revealed, "Sometimes one commissioner received per day as many as 200 emails from Falun Gong." On August 9, 2007, Falun Gong initiated so-called "Human Right Torch Relay" to boycott the Olympics. Besides, it spread plenty of rumors intending to wreck the Olympics.


To sum up, contrary to its disguise as a nonpolitical organization, Falun Gong has degraded into a genuine anti-China political organization. What it has done in these years was all related to politics, and intended to overthrow the Chinese government.