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Mouthpieces of Falun Gong

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

Falun Gong media consist of newspapers, radio stations, television stations, film studios and websites etc. Such a large-scale media system demonstrates Falun Gong's intention to cover up its cultic features, partially reflecting its long-term strategy of taking root in the Western countries.


Falun Gong media fall into two categories: the Dafa media and the Ordinary People media. The Dafa media are responsible for transmitting the orders from Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong Headquarters, and direct Falun Gong followers in their cultivation. These include: Minghui Net, Clear Harmony Net, Zhengwu Net, Guangming Net, Pure Insight NetXinsheng Net, FGM TV, FGM TV Production Center of Taiwan, MH Radio, and Minghui Weekly etc. The Ordinary People media are the instruments of propaganda which set against the Party and the Chinese government. These include: Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty Television, Apollo Net (aboluowang.com), People Daily (renminbao.com), Secret China News, Sound of Hope Radio, and Shen Zhou Film Studio etc.


Minghui Net: A professional website of Falun Gong that is responsible for transmitting the orders from Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong Headquarters. In June 1999, Minghui Net came into operation; with nine versions at present: Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, stressed: Follow the Minghui Net on important issues. So Minghui Net is an important platform on which Li Hongzhi expresses his opinions, conducts Fa-teachings and issues his new scriptures.


Epoch Times: Being the most important newspaper and website of Falun Gong, the head office of Epoch Times is located in the Midtown of Manhattan, USA. With branch offices spread over 30 countries, the newspaper has 10 versions (language); in most areas, the newspaper being distributed free of charge. Falun Gong claims that the weekly circulation of the newspaper reaches 1.4 million copies. From 2004, it published the notorious "Nine Commentaries," slandering and defaming the Chinese Communist Party. In January 2007, AP quoted the comment of Ming Xia, a political science professor at the College of Staten Island, "To some degree, Epoch Times indicates a part of the Falun Gong strategy to embed itself into the large civil society for influence and legitimacy." Andsome observers say Epoch Times appears to be a major element of a global public relations campaign by Falun Gong to gain sympathy and new followers.


New Tang Dynasty Television Station (NTDTV): It was established in 2000. With headquarters at New York, USA, it has 50 journalist centers around the world. Falun Gong spends three million US Dollars every year on renting four communications satellites for it. And the Station broadcasts 24 hours around the clock in English and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) to countries all over the world. From 2004, it employs two arts troupes which are touring the globe and conducting cultic propaganda in the name of art performance. The Station claims to be "an independent" mass media which serves the global Chinese. But in reality, it is an instrument manipulated by Falun Gong to conduct cultic and anti-China propaganda.


The "Divine Performing Arts Show," originally called the "New Tang Dynasty Television Chinese New Year Spectacular," is directly sponsored by NTDTV and serves as a cultic propaganda platform.


Sound of Hope Radio: It is an international radio station. With headquarters located in San Francisco, USA, it has many branch radio stations in Canada, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. Websites attached to the radio stations have many versions (language) such as Chinese, Vietnamese, English, Spanish, French and Korean.


In addition, the Broad Press, the Broad Bookstore and the Minghui School which play a supporting role in the cultic propaganda, also belong to the Falun Gong organization.