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Chinese experts

2009-04-08 Author:China Association for Cultic Studies

When Falun Gong just appeared and started to spread in China, people of religious circles and cultic study experts instinctively sensed the problem of Falun Gong which posed a threat to people and the society. They were the first to express their opinions and put forward suggestions to departments concerned, asking the government to watch Falun Gong closely.


He Zuoxiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS): First, Falun Gong propagates feudalism and superstitions, claiming "The master soul does not become extinct." Second, the so-called "cultivation" makes people easily spellbound by Falun Gong.


Duan Qiming, director of China Association for Cultic Studies: Li Hongzhi says practicing Falun Gong could open the celestial eyes. Those whose celestial eyes at a high level could see through our space and look at other dimensions which ordinary people could not see. If your celestial eyes are at a low level, you can only see through walls and people's body like X-Ray. Many practitioners firmly believe in such nonsense and hope that such miracles would come true through cultivation; however, the outcome is that they suffer from mental disorders or even turn into lunatics. Information from the Sixth Hospital of Beijing Medical University (Institute of Psychosis) indicates that, one-fifth of the lunatics who were ill of practicing Gong in 1998 resulted from the deviation of their cultivation; Such cases could also be seen in the survey conducted by Falun Gong General Assistant Station in Beijing.


Guo Zhengyi, a researcher of China Research Institute for Science Popularization: Falun Gong practitioners' way of thinking and behavior is quite different from that of ordinary people. This is all because of Li Hongzhi...Li Hongzhi demands his followers to read his Zhuan Falun again and again, saying that every word in it would be an incarnation of Li Hongzhi and come out of the book; and that their master soul would free itself from the body if they kept reading for a long period of time... The outcome is that the practitioners contract mental diseases because of pursuing such exceptional result.


Shi-min Fang, Ph.D. in biochemistry: Falun Gong is a pseudo-Qigong which is against traditional Qigong and in pursuit of being spellbound.


Zhu Shijun, president of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army: Falun Gong asks its followers to practice solely the so-called Gong pieced together by Li Hongzhi. Spiritual shackles would be put on those who were obsessed by it; and step by step, they would be led into the cultic trap, without the ability to get out. "Sitting and cultivating" for a long time without limitation, as advocated by Falun Gong, would excessively stimulate the autonomic nerves, and put the body in a state of being over-exhausted. When it comes into an extreme, the synthesis and release of the neurotransmitter would be out of order, and that is called psychopathy, or, being spellbound. Some would hurt themselves or others in such a state.


Jiang Yongping, an associate researcher at the Woman Studies Institute of All-China Women's Federation: Li Hongzhi controls the female mentally by making use of their weaknesses and drives them on the way to self-destruction. Falun Gong is a slaughterer harming the female cruelly.


Chen Xingqiao, director of the Voice of Dharma magazine run by the Buddhist Association of China: Falun Gong is a typical "heretic doctrine adhering to Buddhism" with characteristics of folk religions.


Prof. Feng Lida, former chairperson of World Association of Medical Qigong, vice director of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and deputy president of General Hospital of the Navy of the PLA: Falun Gong is a kind of pseudo-science. It is harmful to all.