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Wang Yuanbin: My Wife’s Consummation

2013-07-26 Source:Kaiwind Author:Wang Yuanbin & Xia Zulin

I am Wang Yuanbin, 63-year-old. I completed high school education and live in Shiyan City, Hubei province. I once had a happy family. My wife and I loved each other. We have a son and a daughter. Both my wife and I were working in the Second Automobile Works Co. and enjoyed handsome income and favorable benefits.

However, my wife Yao Lihua was in poor health, always suffering from stomachaches. In April 1997, she went to hospital and was diagnosed with superficial gastritis. Doctors said that her condition was serious and was likely to develop into stomach cancer. My wife was scared. She took medicines as advised by doctors. One day in May, her elder sister Yao Lizhu dropped in and introduced Falun Gong to her. Yao Lizhu said that Falun Gong could cure various illness and improve health without taking medicine or injection. Falun Gong can help spiritually achieve consummation, she added. Later, she gave my wife some books and tapes on Falun Gong. Since then, my wife began practicing Falun Gong with the dream of early recovery.

At first, my wife just read the book Zhuan Falun, and practiced meditation. But I had no idea that she refused to take a pain-killer pill even when she was so writhing with stomachaches that she broke out cold sweat. When I tried to send her to hospital, she took out the book Zhuan Falun that she worshiped, and said, “My master told me that illness is the retribution for karma. The karma will be eliminated only if I do not take medicine or injection. Every time when my karma is eliminated, I will be able to ascend to a new level. Please do not bother me. ”

In April 1999, my wife for the first time went to Beijing with her fellow practitioners without telling me. But she had her leg hurt in an accident during the journey, so she had to come home. I felt very sad when I saw her pants immersed with blood have hardened. I tried to help her take off the pants and apply medicine to the cut, but she firmly rejected. She wore the pants even in her sleep. She practiced meditation despite the pains on her leg, believing that her master is able to heal her wound with his boundless power. Since she was still young and had good recovery function at that time, her wound eventually healed two weeks later. The recovery reinforced her belief in Falun Gong. She believed that it was Li Hongzhi’s law body that cured her. She also believed that she had ascended and got closer to consummation with the help of her master.

My wife often talked about her master and tenets of faithfulness, forbearance and compassion, while neglecting her family and relatives. She practiced meditation at 9:00 in the morning and 1:00 at midnight on the floor. She said that she could experienced inner peace at that times and could communicate with her master. Besides reading the book Zhuan Falun everyday, she copied the book for five times. When she read or copied the book, she turned deaf ears to whatever we talked to her. She looked down upon everyone else, considering herself as a Buddha, or a goddess while taking us as ordinary people. She was indifferent to our parents and children, and showed no interest in housework. I got angry, asking her why she was so heartless. She responded coldly, “Any emotion is a kind of devil. Those who cannot get rid of emotion are not able to cultivate well, not to mention consummation. ”

But it never crossed my mind that the consummation may cause the death of my wife.

It was on the 25th day of last lunar month in 1999, the day I will never forget, when my wife planned to go to Beijing again with her fellow practitioners. I run after them, but failed to catch up with them. On the 14th day of the first lunar month in 2000, I heard from Yao Jiang, a retiree from Jinding Cotton Textile Factory in Shiyan City who is a fellow practitioner of my wife, that my wife asked her to go to Beijing to protect Falun Gong on the 25th day of last lunar month. They decided through discussion to invite Bao Longxian, their fellow practitioner in Chenzhuang Village in Bolin Township to join them. But Bao refused to go with them on the excuse that she was busy with farm work. Then my wife and her companions came to Hujiaying Railway Station in the remote Baoxia Township in Shiyan City, preparing to go by train. But when the train was approaching, my wife who was possibly in illusion abruptly jumped into the rail, exclaiming “Falun Dafa is wonderful.” She was knocked down by the train and died miserably at the spot. Yao Jiang thought at that time that Yao Lihua should be ascending to heaven and achieving the consummation advocated by their master. She said she admired the courage of Yao Lihua. Two weeks later, with the help of anti-heretical cult volunteers, Yao Jiang realized the harm of Falun Gong and told me what had happened to Yao Lihua. I hurried to Hujiaying Railway Station, only to find that my wife’s body was buried since the faculty in the station failed to find her family members.

It has been a long time since my wife passed away. I was reluctant to go to her grave. I hate her and feel sad for her. I don’t understand why she would practice Falun Gong, which brought us such a big tragedy!.