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Li Shuying: My Miserable Experience of Practicing Falun Gong (Photo)

2013-09-09 Source:Kaiwind


Photo of Li Shuying

I am Li Shuying, 48-year-old, an ordinary farmer living in Handian Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province.

In March 1998, I had atrophic gastritis. One of my neighbors introduced Falun Gong to me. With an aim to improve my physical health, I began to practice it. When I first read the book Zhuan Falun, I felt that it was somewhat unbelievable. But as I kept reciting Falun Gong teachings with my neighbors day after day, I gradually accept the sayings such as “practicing Falun Gong is able to cure disease without taking medicine, as well as to achieve consummation and enter the world of law wheel.” In addition, doing physical exercises on a regular basis helped alleviate my stomachache. I felt rather relieved. So I was in high spirit in those days.

On July 22, 1999, the government officially outlawed Falun Gong. Since I had been devoting to practicing Falun Gong and knew nothing about its damage to society, I was resentful of the government decision. When local government officials came to visit me, I promised them to abandon Falun Gong. But I kept books on Falun Gong at home and continued to practice in private. In order to avoid other people’s attention, I only remained in contact with a few of fellow practitioners who were close to me. I cut off my contact with other people, and kept myself in a nearly isolated place. Due to my irregular diet and practicing day and night, my physical health worsened.

In the first half of 2000, I suffered from stomachache and headache so badly that I could neither eat nor sleep. My husband was worried about me. He said to me, “Shuying, please don’t practice Falun Gong anymore. It would ruin your health. Let’s go to see doctor.” Obsessed with Falun Gong, however, I rejected him firmly, “These are results of my karma. My master is testing me.” My fellow practitioners also supported me, “As long as Shuying passes the test, she will ascend to a higher level and get closer to consummation.” Such remarks were so supportive that I felt my disease was nothing comparing with achieving consummation. So I endured the pain and continued to practice Falun Gong.

Not long after the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2000, the master published new teachings on Internet, encouraging Dafa practitioners to explore new ways to study Dafa, namely to go out to spread Falun Gong. The master told us that it was time for us to achieve consummation. I was so excited that I made up my mind to publicize Falun Gong and to achieve consummation.

One day in June 2002, I eventually had my chance. My husband was hospitalized since his leg was injured when he was working at a construction site. Although I knew that I should take care of him in the hospital, I left him by telling a lie that I would buy some study materials for our child. I took more than 10, 000 yuan, which were compensation for my husband’s injury, and left with my fellow practitioners.

We rent a small house in the neighboring village, bought computers and printers, downloaded teachings from the Internet to produce leaflets on Falun Gong. At first, I felt sorry for my husband because the money was supposed to cover my husband’s medical expenses. But I felt relieved when I thought of what my master said, “Anyone who cannot give up affection is unlikely to achieve consummation.” I comforted myself by thinking that my husband would understand me when the whole family benefit from my consummation. But my husband became lame as a result of the lack of timely medical treatment.

During the years that followed, I was busy publicizing Falun Gong with my fellow practitioners with an aim to seek consummation, while neglecting my aged mother, my exhausted and lame husband and my daughter who had dropped out from school.

One day in November 2006, my mother eventually found me after repeated setbacks. She knelt down in front of me, and there was a tearing in her voice as she cried, “Shuying, please wake up. Take a look at our family. Your husband became lame, your daughter dropped out from school, while I almost lost my eyesight...”My mother fell to the ground with tears on her face. Then she fainted due to cerebral hemorrhage caused by extreme grief.

I hold my mother into my arms, praying to the master, “My master, please help me. I am in difficulties. Please save my mother.” As time passed by, I prayed for countless times. But the law body of my master did not appear at last. At such a critical moment, my husband came and helped me take my mother to a hospital. My mother was eventually saved. The doctors told me, “Your mother may have died if your husband had come later.”

But my mother’s disease was not completely cured. Her throat was split open when she breathed hard as a result of cerebral hemorrhage, which left a hole on her neck. She had to cover the hole when she speaks.