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Feng Lili: Superstitions might kill in the case of ignoring medical treatments


Feng Lili, one the most loyal followers of Li Hongzhi, died of the pancreatic cancer on June 23 2006 at the age of 54 (born on February 29 1952). Her Falun Gong co-practitioners including her husband and son had tried to "save" her but in vain.

At the last stage, the survival rate of the pancreas cancer is only 5%. Feng Lili was diagnosed a patient of this cancer in 2003. Her life could have been prolonged if treated on time. She refused any treatment and believed her 4 years' practice Falun Gong could help her get over all kinds of illness. Her death proved she was wrong. She wouldn't have died so early if she had chose not to believe Li Hongzhi. She eventually suffered a lot of pain before she closed her eyes forever.

It is said that prior to her death, Feng Lili held the hands of her co-practitioners but she couldn't hold her tears. Why did she cry for? Nobody knows.

11 years ago, upon visiting her parents in China, Feng Lili was arrested with other practitioners for illegal assembly and was put in custody for 13 days. After her release, she became a hero of Falun Gong and she considered she regaining her freedom as a result of the pressure tactics of the overseas co-practitioners.

While she was trying to prove in an unscientific way that Falun Gong can strengthen our immune systems to defend against all kinds of illness, she found out that she had pancreatic cancer. Ironically, at that time she was enthusiastically boasting about the miracle cancer-killing effect of Falun Gong at the Washington University.

We don't know how she reacted after the diagnosis of cancer. As a matter of fact, she was not awaken but considering the illness as the "Karma" which is a Buddhist belief that whatever we did wrong in the "last life" will be paid back in the "current life". A close check on her activities in more than 2 years since the end of 2003, we will surprisingly discover that she did not even cast a doubt on Falun Gong.

Any way, she could not insist on being a loyalist that long because the cancer had made her silent and invisible in the media network of Falun Gong after March 23 2006.

As to the Falun Gong, her death is a big issue and as time goes by, there could be more issues emerging. That she did died of cancer proves the Falun Gong's "miracles" are nothing but nonsense and she never reached the perfect level of "consummation" which is Consummation, similar to Nirvana of the original Buddhism.

We are wrong to have condemned Feng Lili for her comments and behavior how we know she is only a victim of Falun Gong, a victim of the superstitions that might kill.

(The Chinese Press, Canada, February 9, 2007, http://www.chinesepress.com/enzy/02.htm )