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Li Hongzhi's political conspiracy against Olympic Games

2007-12-24 Author:By: Wan Shi

Recently, oversea activities against Beijing Olympic Games organized by Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong organizations were frustrated over and over again. According to the report on November 11, 2007 of "Whittier Daily News" of California in America, the organizing committee of Pasadena Tournament of Roses firmly denied Falun Gong organizations' intention of rejecting and harassing "2008 Olympic Flowery Vehicles" by holding the so called "human rights torch" relay before the yearly famous "Tournament of Roses". Moreover, in October 29, the city council of Pasadena overruled a Falun Gong's proposal of forbidding "Beijing Olympic Flowery Vehicles" to attend the Tournament of Roses.

In October, John So, the mayor of Melbourne in Australia rejected a proposal of requesting the city hall to accept the torch relay of Falun Gong. He also declared, "Everyone is welcome in Melbourne. Except Falun Gong!" When explaining the reason of rejecting Falun Gong, Carl Jetter, a city councillor, expressed not to support any fanatical religious or political groups.

After reading the above information, we may feel strange about Falun Gong's repeated claims that they do not take part in political activities and they are not a political organization. And we may also feel strange about Falun Gong's actions of pretending to be a "practicing organization" and a "newly boomed religion". Moreover, it never occurred to Falun Gong that in the eyes of foreign and domestic people of insight, the true feature of Falun Gong had already been exploded by its behaviors, and its reactionary political essence cannot be covered up anymore.

It had been long for Li Hongzhi`s political ambition

In the "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco" on April 6, 1997, Li Hongzhi, the hierarch of Falun Gong said, "At present there are so many social problems and no government is able to solve. As to the problems between nations and countries, problems in a nation and various social crimes, any government will feel unhappy about them and no one was able to solve". Then, who is able to solve all these problems? Li Hongzhi answered, "At present, there is only me who is passing righteous Fa", "If I cannot release your souls from purgatory, no one can do it," "I am able to release the souls of the human being and bring them to the world full of sunshine."

Li Hongzhi clearly expressed his political ambition with the style of metaphor in "Visiting Eastern Qing Tombs" written in October 26 and "Recalling Chang'an" written in December 22 of the same year. In "Visiting Eastern Qing Tombs", he wrote, "Three hundred yeas passed quickly, there are old palaces and lonely tombs here. No one can tell whether the history can be rewritten, and righteous Fa will last for good." In "Recalling Chang'an", he wrote, "The country is not Tang Dynasty anymore, but the spirit of Chang'an still exists....Where can we find Tang Tai-zong? Dafa will release the souls of people of Tang Dynasty." In the two doggerels, Li Hongzhi regarded himself as the reincarnation of Tang Tai-zong Li Shimin and Kangxi emperor of Qing Dynasty. And his historical assignment was not only to "promote Falun Dafa", the more important, to realize "righteous Fa in the whole world". In another words, he wanted to seize the highest political power and become the emperor of China.

In order to match with the political ambition of Li Hongzhi, on the one hand, Falun Gong clamored that "Falun Master should become a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference". On the other hand, it endeavored to expand its forces and establish organizations. It set up 39 "Falun Gong" general tutorship stations, 1900 tutorship stations, 28000 practicing points in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government in succession, which formed a complete organizing system from top to bottom. Moreover, it established a series of regulations and bylaws so as to systemize and standardize the activities of Falun Gong, such as "Requests for tutorship stations of Falun Dafa", "Passing Gong Provisions towards followers of Falun Dafa", "Standards for tutors of Falun Dafa", "Notices for practitioners of Falun Dafa". Falun Gong was just organized like a political force opposing the government.

Li Hongzhi demanded his followers to take part in politics publicly

"No politics" was the fig leaf of Falun Gong. However, when this fig leaf no longer covered the hideous features of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi had to tear it down. When "Nine Commentaries on Communist Party" came forth, Li Hongzhi once asked Falun Gong practitioners not to get involved in it in order to cover Falun Gong's political essence. Therefore, Minghui net released "The announcement of asking followers in Mainland China not to get involved in the distribution of 'Nine Commentaries'". In "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York in 2004", Li Hongzhi also expressed, "As to practice, personal practice should not be involved in such kind of things (Nine Commentaries)." However, if he did not allow followers to do, then no one was willing to distribute Nine Commentaries, Li Hongzhi changed his mind and instigated followers to distribute "Nine Commentaries". In "Not Playing Politics", Li Hongzhi bewitched his followers, "In order to allow people to realize the essence of the devil Party and the reason it persecuted Dafa followers, it's necessary for us to make people understand 'Nine Commentaries'...At present all the Gods are destroying all the elements of the Party...The goal of 'Nine Commentaries' is to save all the people who are poisoned by evils...The purpose is to allow people all over the world to see clearly the elements behind the devil Communist Party of China."

Moreover, Li Hongzhi changed his attitude towards politics completely. On February 25, 2006, Li Hongzhi unfolded his original thoughts in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles". He said, "Can you obtain consummation if I do lead you to practice in politics? Of course you can....Can we practice in the way of an emperor leading his people? Of course we can and we can obtain consummation." On February 21, 2007, he said point-blank in "Further Remarks on 'Politics'", "If 'politics' is able to disclose persecution, 'politics' is able to stop persecution, 'politics' is able to help us tell the truths, 'politics' is able to save people, and if there are so many advantages with the so called 'politics', why shouldn't we make use of it?" "At the time the media of every country were blocked by benefits provided by Communist Party of China, Dafa followers tried to oppose persecution and save people by launching media themselves. But their actions were regarded as 'politics'. Therefore, we should make use of this kind of 'politics' righteously to disclose persecution and save people!" In August 2007, Li Hongzhi publicly instigated Falun Gong practitioners to distribute "Nine Commentaries" and other reactionary political propaganda materials in "Lections for Australian followers". It was obvious that Li Hongzhi and its Falun Gong had already publicly asked Falun Gong practitioners to take part in politics.

Falun Gong never stopped political activities

Before Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government, it carried out political activities against social order and the government without restraint. On June 17, 1996 "Guangming Daily" published an article entitled "We should always be alert in the war against pseudoscience—topics from the book of Zhuan Falun" to disclose the heresy of Falun Gong, then Li Hongzhi released a lection entitled "Great Exposal", in which he said, "We are afraid of nothing, we can sit and practice without heads." He publicly instigated his followers to beleaguer "guangming Daily" office and asked them to die for Falun Gong without paying attention to the government and the law. In April 1999, He Zuoxiu, the academician of Chinese Academy of Science published an article entitled "I do not support juvenile to practice Qi Gong" in the university magazine of Tianjin Normal University, in which he talked about the story of a student who "did not eat, drink, sleep, talk" for practicing Falun Gong and who was sent to asylum at last. As a result, Falun Gong beleaguered Tianjin Normal University from April 19 to 23, and the number of beleaguering Falun Gong practitioners increased to more than 6300 from the original 300. In April 22, Li Hongzhi flied from America to Beijing, called backbone practitioners in and determined to upgrade the besiegement. In April 25, more than 10 thousand Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing from all over the country and produced political incident of besieging Zhongnanhai, the location of the central government, which startled the whole world. According to Statistics, before Falun Gong was banned in July 1999, it instigated practitioners to besiege governmental institutions and media for about 300 times. And the besiegement with more than 300 people was 72 times.

After Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government in July 1999, the political activities of Falun Gong became further intensified. Since 2000, Falun Gong went to Geneva almost every year and supported anti-Chinese resolutions in UN Human Rights Conference. During the 56th UN Human Rights Conference in 2000, Falun Gong held news conference and distributed "statement", in which it said, "we are appreciated that the government of US is ready to propose a resolution of criticizing Chinese human rights record", and it canvassed for the American anti-Chinese resolution everywhere.

In 2001, after instigating Falun Gong obsessed people to produce the self-burning tragedy on Tian'anmen Square, Falun Gong not only denied these people's status of Falun Gong practitioners, but also analyzed the so called doubtful points and smeared Chinese government to direct the self-burning incident.

In 2002, Falun Gong released "Fa Teaching in North America", in which it said, "Beijing is the evil center of China". "Devils are now concentrated in the evil center, China", "the decisive battle" will take place in Beijing. It also instigated Falun Gong practitioners to assemble and make troubles in Beijing so as to realize the so called "eliminating evils" - the political conspiracy of overthrowing the Chinese government.

In 2003, Falun Gong abused and denigrated Chinese government by making use of the epidemic situation of "SARS". It claimed that the cause of "SARS" was the government's persecution towards "Dafa followers". It's the God's warning. Falun Gong cursed the Chinese government, "Just have a look, this year is a very busy year, there will be a lot of things." It affirmed that "SARS" had passed into Zhongnanhai, several members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC had fallen ill. "SARS will prevail in Shanghai soon." Falun Gong also actively took part in the "July 1st" rally organized by hostile forces, which was to oppose the "Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23." It acted evilly in collusion with other hostile forces and added fuel to the fire.

In 2004, Falun Gong released the so called "series editorials of the Epoch Times"—"Nine Commentaries on CCP", in which it stigmatized and attacked CPC and publicly claimed "there will be a new China only if the CCP was eliminated". Its purpose was to inspire a new climax of trouble making, overthrow Chinese government and overthrow the leadership of CPC.

In 2005, Falun Gong launched the activity of "Three Quits" in which it asked Falun Gong practitioners to "renounce their relationship with all the organizations of CPC" and make a clear distinction with "CPC". In despite of the fact that he was more than 50 years old and was no longer a Group member, Li Hongzhi directed a farce of "retreating from the Communist Youth League" himself.

In 2006, Falun Gong forged the rumors of "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" and "Harvesting organs alive". It claimed that there was a concentration camp in Sujiatun hospital of Shenyang city in Liaoning province in which 6000 "Falun Gong" practitioners were detained. The organs of these practitioners were harvested and their bodies were burned afterward.

In 2007, Falun Gong endeavored to disturb and demolish Chinese preparation of Olympic Games. It carried out a ridiculous activity of "Human rights torch relay" and tried to launch the upsurge of rejecting Beijing Olympic Games in the international community.

In addition, Falun Gong also carried through a large amount of prosecuting activities in foreign counties through which it launched personal attacks and mental threats against Chinese leaders in the Party and the government. Falun Gong always made troubles in front of the Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries, disturbed the visits of Chinese leaders, endeavored to sabotage the cultural and artistic performance held by China in foreign countries. In addition, it got involved in the domestic protests and emergencies in the name of "defending rights". From the above description we can concludes that the activities of Falun Gong in recent year are all related to politics and bear inclement political conspiracy.

The politics of Falun Gong was the anti Chinese politics

Li Hongzhi and his obstinate followers threw themselves into the lap of western anti Chinese forces and "Taiwan Independence" forces and became the degenerates of our nation. They made use of various indecent methods to destroy the social stability of China and ruin Chinese national image. Falun Gong became the political tool of western anti Chinese forces in their strategies of westernizing and splitting China.

In March 2000, American Religion Freedom Committee held the hearing of "Chinese Religion" so as to create consensus atmosphere for the proposal of American anti Chinese resolution in the UN Human Rights Conference. Li Hongzhi appointed Zhang Erping to attend the hearing, who instigated related countries to refuse Chinese entry into  WTO and asked America not to provide China permanent normal trade status. In February 2003, Li Hongzhi specially made an assertion of "winning the case against the Government will reverse the verdict" in coordination with the general strategy of USA and with the anti Chinese resolution proposed by the western anti Chinese forces in 2003 UN Human Rights Conference as well. He emphasized that "if we can win the case against senior officers of CCP, we will show the world that the Chinese government`s  treatment towards Falun Gong is wrong". He spearheaded at the Chinese leaders and asked "all the backbone Falun Gong practitioners to look for evidences from domestic communicators."

In March 2005, The People's Congress of China passed "Anti-Secession Law", "Taiwan Independence" activists were frightened and they hated the law very much. In March 26, they called in some people to hold an "fight against 'Anti-Secession Law'" rally in Taiwan so as to boost their own courage. The Falun Gong organizations in Taiwan actively attended the rally. All of them were in yellow and held anti-China and anti-CCP banners, cried out these kind of slogans hysterically, which attracted the attention of others. Moreover, the chief editor of Falun Gong media "The Epoch Times" came to Taiwan personally and directed spot interviews, reported the rally in the media and advocated "Taiwan Independence". In 2004, In "Lections for the practitioners from Asian and Pacific Regions", Li Hongzhi specifically demanded Falun Gong practitioners to take part in Taiwan "election" and "referendum" personally and supported the party and scheme in favor of secession.

Falun Gong acted evilly in collusion with the "Democratic activists" of Hong Kong and set up "the Great Alliance against Article 23." It tried desperately to sabotage the political stability of Hong Kong and acted as a pioneer in the anti-Chinese forces. The Falun Gong headquarters requested its organizations in Hong Kong to act as the bridge tower neighboring to the Mainland China and enhance the trouble making activities by taking the advantage of anti Article 23. Therefore, Jian Hongzhang, the head of Falun Gong organization in Hong Kong, together with some backbone democratic activists publicly announced statements against Article 23. In 2003, Falun Gong organization actively took part in the "July 1st" rally organized by the hostile forces, which was to oppose the "Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23." It also acted evilly in collusion with other hostile forces and actively supported Hong Kong democratic activists to take part in the district election.

Falun Gong also colluded with the so-called "democratic movement" organizations. At the beginning of 2004, in association with 38 "democratic movement" organizations such as "Chinese Labor Party", "Democratic United Front", "Chinese Freedom and Democratic Party", Falun Gong submitted "the resolution of denouncing Chinese human rights" to the 60th UN Human Rights Conference. And it also called in a lot of Falun Gong practitioners to make trouble outside the meeting places. In July 2004, the Falun Gong headquarters directed the organization " Friend of Falun Gong", in association with 17 organizations such as "International Judicatory Justice Association", "Network of Supporting China", "Chinese Liberty Church" to hold a seminar entitled "Genocide in the New Time" and passed the so called resolution when the International NGO Forum was held in Sweden.

Disturbing and sabotaging the application and preparation of Beijing Olympic Games was another evidence of the political conspiracy of Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong organizations. In March 2001 when International Olympic Committee made a visit to Toronto, the competitive city of Beijing in the application of Olympic Games,  Falun Gong headquarters directed some practitioners to assemble in Toronto and openly oppose Beijing application for the Games. In July of the same year, at the most important moment when IOC voted to decide the host city of 2008 Olympic Games in Moscow, Falun Gong followers assembled in Moscow again and held rallies and demonstrations, attacked Chinese government and deface the image of Beijing. It also threatened the members of IOC by sending e-mails and tried in vain to stop the successful application of Beijing. After Beijing was granted the right of hosting 29th Olympic Games, Falun Gong hated it so much that it organized a series of disturbing activities aimed at Beijing Olympic Games and tried to instigated other countries to boycott Beijing Olympics. On August 9, 2007, Falun Gong lit the so called "Human Rights Torch" and began the farce of "delivering" it to several decades of countries, in hoping that "Human Rights Torch" would touch the "consciousness" of the American people and "the American government would reject 2008 Beijing Olympic Games".

However, things went contrary to the wishes of Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong organizations. At present, the leaders of about 50 countries have confirmed to attend Beijing Olympic Games, American president Bush says that he will accept the invitation and Prince Charles of UK has also expressed his wish to attend the Games. In estimation, there will be more than 5800 foreign guests from IOC, National and Regional Olympic Committees and other international institutions, among which there will be about 70 chiefs of state and 150 Ministers of Sports. In addition, according to the report of BBC Chinese edition in October 30 this year, Mr Roger, the chairman of IOC pointed out, "We have granted the right of hosting Olympic Games to a county with one fifth population of the whole world. We have granted the right of hosting Olympic Games to a county which will change and has been changed. We do not regret at all."

The facts have proved that Li Hongzhi's political conspiracy against Olympic Games will be in vain.