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2006: The year of grief to Falun Gong

2008-01-22 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Zeng Zhaohui

It is sure for some people to laugh and others to cry when looking back on a past year. To Li Hongzhi, ringleader of the heretical cult -- Falun Gong, 2006 was truly a year of grief. One more year went by for the anti-Chinese runaway, who has been walking on the downhill path.

A heretical cult, neither producing wealth nor creating values, subsists on organizing anti-Chinese movements and mongering anti-Chinese rumors. Let's review the results of Falun Gong's some trickery in 2006 to see whether it can get awards and praises from the boss at its back.

Elicited by all kinds of "top 10" appraisals for 2006, I can not help to make a list of "the top 10 defeats of Falun Gong in 2006" as a yearly "historical review" of the heretical cult.

1. "Quitting the CCP" and "the Nine Commentaries" were Drolleries.

We may as well start from the "Quitting the CCP" instigated by Falun Gong for the whole year. I happened to see an article released on Falun Gong's "Epoch Times", titled "Memorabilia of 2006 in the Asian-Pacific Area." To my surprise, it included "the bird's flu in Canton" but mentioned no word about the "sensational event" of "17 million communists quitting the CCP." Falun Gong carelessly revealed its trickery. Obviously, Falun Gong itself never believed the "quitting tide", which had been teased and ridiculed by many people.

How could Falun Gong pretend not to know that people would rather be indifferent to the so-called "three quits" than question or disprove it? As the Chinese maxim goes, "there is no need for a man of honor to argue with a pitiable creature." It was simply a farce. We might as well let them direct, act, hail, and lament it to their heart's content. It was their own business. Chinese communists had no concern with it at all. How could the communist party get down by the old cursing witchcraft of stabbing a paper man with needles? No one with a status would get involved in the farce, no matter what political position he or she stood. The bigger the number of people who "quitted" from the Party was, the more amused and assured the communists felt. It was the Falun Gong itself who should get worried. Li Hongzhi should be anxious about how to get down from the high of a shaking ladder now.

As for the "Nine Commentaries", they went directly to the trash can despite Li Hongzhi calling Falun Gong followers at all places to bombard the communist party with it. It was simply a waste of tons of "innocent" paper. Any people with a reasonable mind would doubt that the image uglified by the book full of unreasonable curses, absurd rumors, and long since concluded past events was true of the present Chinese communist party. Falun Gong's lies were a new version of the old rumors like "communists share their wives as well as their property." It was such a pity for those anti-Chinese politicians and Taiwan independence advocators to have chosen Li Hongzhi, a clown-like God pretender, and his impotent followers as their mouth to abuse the Chinese communist party. Any other's mouth would have been much better. On hearing that Falun Gong turned out a thick "monograph" to criticize the communist party, we could not help laughing. How could Falun Gong match the Communist Party both on the academic "level" and the "practicing" field?

An American said on the net, "I know nothing of '17 million people quitting from the communist Party,' but that the foreign exchange reserve in China has amounted to 1 trillion dollars. I know nothing of "Nine Commentaries", but that leaders from 48 African countries are attending a summit in Beijing." It is true that China still has to overcome many difficulties and the Chinese communist Party has to get over its own problems, as some one depicted that China is a flying dragon with its head on the clouds while its tail in the swamp. But it is far beyond a few stink fish and shrimps to prohibit the dragon from rising to the sky.

2. The Invented "Sujiatun" Event was a Loss of Face.

The most ridiculous event invented by Falun Gong in 2006 was "harvesting organs alive at Sujiatun concentration camp", which might be a faithful implementation of their master Li Hongzhi's well-known saying "the more ridiculous a lie is, the more believable it becomes." They decided on a number of 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners whose organs had been harvested alive at the so-called concentration camp without a second thought and located the place at the Thrombus Hospital of Sujiatun, Shenyang. They even attached a picture of the boiler house and its chimney to the report, labeling it as cinerator. However, they did not know there are altogether 300 beds in the hospital and it is in downtown area of Shenyang.

On hearing Falun Gong's shout that a wolf was coming, American officials with Shenyang consulate inspected on the spot, and pointed out it was a lie. Foreign reporters probed into the case and also found it fake. No major media in the world would pay attention to Falun Gong's moan. Even the "senior" anti-Chinese "authority" Wu Hongda wrote to the America Congress to disclose Falun Gong's whopper. Later on, the No.1 witness for Falun Gong "a reporter Peter" and the No.2 witness "a doctor's wife Annie" disappeared. The funny "senior military doctor" could not be traced any longer. There only left the two Canadian Anti-Chinese old hands David Kilgour and Mustard, who are still preaching and cheating around with no care of losing face. The invented "Sujiatun" event was the biggest jackassery conducted by Falun Gong in 2006, which has become a replacing word of low-class lie and drollery.

3.  High-rank Officials in Falun Gong organization Passed Away one by one.

However, Li Hongzhi may indeed feel the pain of "taking out organs from a living body". In 2006, the most faithful, staunch and pioneering "Dafa" followers Feng Lili and Li Guodong died. (Should we say "Falun" in their belly stopped spinning?) As Falun Gong's "Chief Scientist" Feng Lili had been promoting "Fa" all over the world, racking her brains to "make scientific interpretation" for Li Hongzhi's heretical fallacies. She died of pancreas cancer while preaching "Dafa can cure all illness" everywhere. Li Guodong, an anchorman with New Tang Dynasty Television, had been working his heart out to show his loyalty to Li Hongzhi by mongering numerous rumors. He finally died of liver cancer.

The "early death" of Feng Lili and Li Guodong was a great blow to Falun Gong not only in that they lost two fierce attacker but also because it shook all Falun Gong followers' determination and overthrew its' theoretical base. In the past, many people died from practicing Falun Gong and it was all blamed on "Chinese Communists' persecution", for many of them were unknown common people. Now, how would Falun Gong explain the death of its two well-known "role models"? The old heretical cult met a new problem. Not to speak of Li Hongzhi's "Fa body", even the nearby "flesh body" of Li Hongzhi could do nothing about it. Feng Lili and Li Guodong's death had been kept secret and no mourning activities were carried out at all, which not only revealed that Falun Gong could neither keep the practitioners fit and disease-proof nor protect his followers with the so-called "Fa body", but also showed how ruthless the heretical cult was in treating his own followers. Feng Lili had been patching up the worn-out of Falun Gong's fallacies all her life, but she felt into a worn-out hole after her death. How could the living followers not feel sad and chilly?

As for another "big figure" Zhang Mengye, when he died in a car accident in Thailand, people would not pay more attention to the successive "bloody tragedy" of Falun Gong. However, we could image that how the accidental death of "Zhong Gong master" Zhang Hongbao shocked and stung his "fellow sufferer" Li Hongzhi.

4. All litigation by Falun Gong Ended in Failure.

At a time, Falun Gong launched an overall litigating campaign, as if all the courts in the world were in collaboration with it. However, in 2006, the news came out that it failed in the courts all over the world.

Five years ago, 232 Falun Gong followers brought a joint accusation against Canadian Chinese Press, which had released a repenting article of a former Falun Gong practitioner. They claimed 232 million Canadian dollars as damages from Zhou Jinxing, the proprieter of the Chinese Press. It was the first case of the overseas Falun Gong followers accusing the righteous media. On March 25, 2006, the highest court of Quebec in Canada adjudged that Falun Gong failed and commanded it to reimburse Zhou Jinxing 100,000 Canadian dollars for litigation cost. It especially noted down on the judgment that, "Falun Gong is a controversial exercise, which does not accept any criticism."; "Li Hongzhi rejects science as dangerous and misguiding and promises the practitioners supernatural power. It is said on the practitioners' abdomen a wheel-like 'Falun' is spinning to purify them, keep their health, regain their youth, and enable them to see other spaces." The long-lasting lawsuit ended in the victory of Chinese Press, giving a heavy blow to Falun Gong.

On April 5, 2006, the 2-year-long lawsuit of Falun Gong accusing Chinese Daily in Australia of "slandering" came to an end. The court of New South Wales adjudged that the plaintiffs --  "New State Falun Dafa Association", "New Tang Dynasty Co. Ltd. In Australia "and "Huanyu Communication Network", a representative of "Headquarters of New Tang Dynasty in New York" -- failed, and commanded it to reimburse Chinese Daily 30,000 Australian dollars. Falun Gong then announced bankruptcy of the plaintiffs to get away from penalty. What a shameless deed!

Another litigation launched by Falun Gong was to accuse the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco of "discrimination." What was the cause? On the yearly parades of Chinese New Year, Falun Gong would hold banners and hand out leaflets, turning a holiday celebration into an anti-Chinese propaganda. Thus, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce refused to let it take part in the parades of year 2006 and over 4000 Chinese signed their name to support it. However, Falun Gong sued the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and its consultant Bai Lan in the highest court of San Francisco, asserting it was an extended "persecution of Chinese communists". On July 17, Judge Ronald Quidachay made a verdict listing 6 forceful reasons to affirm the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce's right to exclude Falun Gong from the parades.

But Falun Gong would not give up, it turned to the Commission on Human Rights in San Francisco. On October 31, the Executive Director Virginia Harmon rejected the litigation and announced it would not accept its appeals. Falun Gong followers went on to protest in the city hall, but nobody would care to listen to their stories.

In Ukraine, the intermediate court of Dnepropetrovsk made a verdict on December 18, 2006, that Falun Gong failed in accusation against the Anti-Heresy Association.

In October 2005, the Dialogue Center affiliated to the Anti-Heresy Association of Dnepropetrovsk released an article on Our View, a publication in Ukraine, exposing Falun Gong's illegal activities. The local Falun Gong League sued the Dialogue Center on the court, charging the latter with slandering. After that, the two parties debated openly on TV and other media, drawing wide concern in the society. After six hearings, the intermediate court of Dnepropetrovsk adjudged that Falun Gong League indeed conducted illegal activities and rejected its unreasonable appeal. The court pointed out that the Falun Gong League was registered as Cultural Organization but had been conducting illegal political activities against Ukraine's friendly neighbor China, which had bad influence on the bilateral relationship of the two countries. It also affirmed a research report on Falun Gong presented by the Dialogue Center. The report by Prof. Bo King from Moscow Medicine Institute stated that refusing medicine was an anti-scientific practice instigated by Falun Gong, which could not cure illness but to do harm to health.

Thus, Falun Gong's litigating campaign in east line ended in total failure.

Besides, Falun Gong's ridiculous litigation against "the Same Song" in America aborted halfway. As for its other malicious legal actions, none succeeded as yet.

Personally, I will not believe these verdicts in 2006 can put an end to Falun Gong's abuse of litigation, but they may mark a start for the law in all countries not to misinterpret Falun Gong any longer. On the International Seminar of Rightful Exertion of Litigation being held in Kunshan, Jiangshu province recently, the international judicial body has showed great concern on "abuse of litigation and its harm".

5. Defying laws, Falun Gong has been punished many times.

As frequent "guests" in foreign courts, Falun Gong practitioners used to be arrogant plaintiffs. But in 2006, they have been found as defendants much more frequently.

On July 29, 2006, 11 Falun Gong practitioners were brought to the court by Singapore police. The accusations were as follow: in October 2005, without getting approval, 9 Falun Gong practitioners spread the "truth" and distributed discs to the passersby in Wujie Street. On July 20, 2006, 3 Falun Gong practitioners made the so-called protests in front of Chinese Consulate in Singapore. After detailed investigations, Singapore police determined that these 11 Falun Gong practitioners have committed the crimes of "illegal gathering" and "harassment".

Li Hongzhi has never taken the small country Singapore seriously. He immediately instigated Falun Gong practitioners all over the world to make protests, fasts and investigations and libeled Singapore as "a flunky of China". Imagining the celebrities would always put their fame first, Li Hongzhi even attempted to have 8 Singapore senior officials including Li Guangyao stand in the dock. But it turned out that "even the doorkeepers at Li Guangyao's home have never cast a single glance at those Falun Gong practitioners." On November 30, the court ruled that Falun Gong practitioner Huang Caihua and Yu Wenzhong committed the crime of harassment and were fined 1500 Singapore Yuan and 1000 Singapore Yuan respectively. These two stubborn Falun Gong practitioners refused to pay the fines, so they were immediately sent to the prisons and had to stay here for 15 days and 10 days respectively.

In addition, Singapore authorities have denied some Falun Gong practitioners' requests for entering the country or repatriated some Falun Gong practitioners just because they have acted widely against law and public opinion.

Faced with Singapore's strict and impartial law, Li Hongzhi had no new tricks. But he still encouraged more Falun Gong practitioners to go ahead with all kinds of illegal practices. Maybe one day some Falun Gong practitioners would receive baculine punishment in Singapore. What a pity!

In the early June 2006, the mayor of Vancouver in Canada ordered Falun Gong to demolish the "protesting wall" built on the pavement in front of China Consulate. This "protesting wall", a blue board, has stood there for 5 years. Besides it was a roughly-built wooden pavilion in which Falun Gong has arranged a 24-hour keeper. The decision made by Vancouver was that this board was ugly and against the city's traffic regulations.

The extremely arrogant Falun Gong not only ignored the decision made by Vancouver but boasted that "the mayor of Vancouver had no right to decide when we should demonstrate." So Vancouver municipal government filed a lawsuit against Falun Gong on July 11. The Supreme Court of the British Columbia province supported the decision made by Vancouver and refuted Falun Gong's request for "whole inquest". An Shili, representative lawyer of Falun Gong, put forward with affected airs that "the key to this case relies on for what motives Vancouver municipal government made such an order." But the judge declared firmly that Vancouver municipal government needn't to explain the motives and Falun Gong had to submit more reasonable proof within 30 days. We will wait and see how those "Chinese gods" will perform their theurgy to defeat the laws stipulated by Canadian "common people" and how long such an "image project" of Falun Gong in Vancouver will last.

When Lian Zhan, Chairman of Kuomintang set out on his ice-breaking journey to the Mainland, the restless Falun Gong, taking the order given by Taiwan secessionists, talked a lot nonsense about the cross-straits relationships at Epoch Times and willfully misrepresented the speech made by Zhang Ronggong, spokesman for Kuomintang. Consequently, Falun Gong was accused and brought to the court by Kuomintang. Falun Gong realized that Kuomintang couldn't be easily bullied, so the always overbearing Falun gong had to apologize publicly in newspapers and cover all the legal expenses so as to achieve amicable settlement with Kuomintang. The following is just the "apologizing statement" made by Falun Gong at Taiwan edition of Epoch Times on February 8, 2006:

It was formerly reported by Epoch Times that "Zhang Gongrong, director of Mainland affairs and spokesman of Kuomintang, declared frankly on June 30 that Kuomintang actively established good relationships in order to seize the Taiwan's political power in 2008." "Zhang Gongrong indicated that Kuomintang has reconciled with the Communist Party of China while Kuomintang would fight to end with Democratic Progressive Party." "When it comes to the good relationship with the Communist Party of China, Zhang Ronggong stated openly that their purpose was only to win Taiwan's general elections in 2008." All these reports, being incomplete and incorrect, have violated Mr. Zhang Ronggong's rights and reputation. Here we apologize for these reports in order to ensure a right understanding of the facts. At the same time, we show our earnest apologies to Mr. Zhang Ronggong.

This incident ended with Falun Gong's begging for pardon. But it has revealed clearly how Falun gong, a cult which claimed it would not engage in any politics, was blinded by lust for money and served like a dog and a horse to Taiwan secessionists. In fact, Falun Gong has always acted evilly in collusion with such Taiwan secessionist organizations as Taiwan South Society, Japanese Cherry Society and The Union of Taiwan Education Naturalization. In 2006, Chen Shuibian's government in Taiwan has met many challenges and the scandal "State Confidential Expense" would be exposed thoroughly. All these political factors would surely exert great influences on Falun Gong's future sources of money.

On July 7, 2006, Epoch Times issued a letter of apology, admitting it has defamed Janet Fan, clergywoman at Christian church for Chinese of Melbourne Salvation Army. It turned out that Epoch Times had published an anonymous article to viciously denigrate the clergywoman Janet Fan. So this clergywoman charged Epoch Times with slander. Falun Gong whose principle was to bully the weak and fear the strong, dared not to offend Christians, so they apologized quickly so as to avoid more troubles.

In Moscow, Falun Gong tried to make troubles incessantly. On June 30, some Falun Gong practitioners gathered in front of China Embassy to give the so-called performance of "harvesting organs alive". The local police immediately rushed to the spot and took them back to the police station, detained them and further charged them of illegal gathering.

In 2006, a small case also drew our attention unexpectedly. This was a divorce case involving American citizen Christopher and his wife Wu Hongliu, a Falun Gong practitioner and also a journalist at Epoch Times. Christopher filed a divorce lawsuit. Because he, a normal man, couldn't stand any longer his wife's all kinds of eccentric actions. Then the custody of their children became the focus of the case. Christopher had his lawyer send a court summons to Li Hongzhi who was living in St. James. Christopher had his clear reasoning that he was afraid that his children would become Falun Gong practitioners one day and hence his children's' bright future would be doomed.

This summons really scared Li Hongzhi. Just imagine if his law-body appeared in the court, all the supernatural powers claimed by him would be identified as whopper. If he appeared in the court, what would he do, to spread Falun Gong or defend for himself? Though Li Hongzhi could manage to avoid being on the court this time, how about next time? Since Falun Gong has caused countless lawsuits, it is hard for Li Hongzhi to successfully evade the legal punishment every time.

In 2006, a new scene in world courts is that Falun Gong has constantly become defendants instead of the former plaintiffs. Of course, as a cult that always defies the society and laws, it will surely be attacked wherever it goes, for not any country will allow it to act wildly against law and public opinion. Therefore, Singapore and Vancouver have set very good examples for the world; that is to resort to laws to fight against cult and maintain social stability.

6. Falun Gong: isolated abroad, disgusted by all.

In 2006, Falun Gong has made many troubles in many countries and has fed up people with the unreasonable harassment. So attacks and criticisms on Falun Gong have come up frequently.

On January 5, You Yifeng, chief director of Tainan Sight-seeing Association, couldn't help releasing an open letter to Falun Gong on the Internet. He appealed to Falun Gong to respect Tainan's tourism and take into consideration the survival of Tainan people who are engaged in tourism. And he urged Falun Gong not to hang banners of protest at every scenic spot. At the same time he called for more netizens to sign to support him. No wonder this chief director felt indignant. All kinds of so-called propagandistic movements launched by Falun Gong in places of interest and scenic spots have greatly disgusted the tourists and resulted in the sharp decrease in tourists in Tainan. In fact, Falun Gong has become the most serious source of pollution in many tourist attractions all over the world.

China Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles did not allow Falun Gong to participate in Spring Festival's parading because the Commerce couldn't tolerate Falun Gong any more. As a matter of fact, Falun Gong's malicious behaviors have been detested by overseas Chinese all through the world.

From April to August in 2006, Falun Gong practitioners in Kemenangan of Djakarta in Indonesia came to the Chinatown to distribute leaflets and perform the so-called "harvesting organs alive", which badly disturbed local people's life and business environment. Many overseas young Chinese angrily tore town Falun Gong's banners. People living around directed by the Chinatown leader strongly requested the government to prohibit Falun Gong practitioners from making trouble in the Chinatown.

On June 29, people from five towns around the Chinatown in Djakarta held a large gathering. Many important figures attended the gathering, including presbyters from friendly religious branches, delegates from Islam Council, delegated from the first party in Indonesia Professional Group Party, the second party in Indonesia Democratic Fight Party, National Mission Party and National Regeneration Party. The shops and bookstores threw away the pamphlets distributed by Falun Gong. There were many people distributing to the passersby the discs about the evil nature of Falun Gong. Local people put up banners both in Chinese and Indonesian to show their contempt and hatred for Falun Gong. They stated that they strongly refused any actions of Falun Gong in the Chinatown.

On August 5, the conflicts between Falun Gong practitioners and overseas Chinese in Djakarta escalated. The angry masses drove away Falun Gong practitioners out of the Chinatown for those practitioners intended to perform the so-called "harvesting organs alive". Some Falun Gong practitioners acted shamelessly, and they were pulled or lifted to the police station nearby. Finally, those practitioners had to make confessions and received severe admonishment.

Besides Chinese quarters, the majority of Chinese students abroad gave a wide berth to Falun Gong. But Falun Gong has always regarded universities as a potential place to recruit more followers. In particular when student unions held reelections, Falun Gong would plot carefully to launch many movements. In late half year of 2006, University of Pennsylvania would elect a new chairman for its student union. In order to win more votes, Falun Gong has arranged for university students free movie together with free food and drinks; and Falun Gong even promised openly that it would provide a large sum of financial support for students, scholars and student union if Falun Gong practitioner were elected chairman of the student union. On December 15, 400 Chinese students abroad went to vote. These seemingly slack and apolitical students haven't taken Falun Gong seriously. Finally a top student won with the overwhelming votes while the candidate from Falun Gong was defeated totally. In fact, such kind of incident has occurred in many universities.

In 2006, what frightened Li Hongzhi most may be the protesting voice from international Buddhism circle. One important trick of Falun Gong is just to pirate the Buddhist terms in his fallacies and take advantage of Buddhism's social reputation and image to spread its cult heresy. Now more and more people have realized that Buddhism is completely opposite to Falun Gong.

In late April, celebrities of Buddhist circle from all over the world gathered at Foguang Mountain in Taiwan. Master Xingyun, a guru in Buddhist circle, chaired the 23rd World Buddhists Sodality. This Sodality has passed ten declarations and stated clearly "Buddhism should be protected from being stained by Falun Gong, and Buddhism will fight against Falun Gong which has pirated the Buddhist term Wheel of Law to do harm on Buddhism." This solidarity also appealed to all the Buddhist followers in the world to condemn Falun Gong.

On May 10, United Nations International Buddhism Conference was held in Thailand. The Joint Communiqué passed in the Conference pointed out clearly that "Falun Gong was against Buddhist fundamental tenets."

In fact, several years before China Government outlawed Falun Gong, it was Buddhism circle that first condemned Falun Gong as cult heresies. One Buddhist once teased that Li Hongzhi would only be a small monster compared with widely admired Master Xingyun.

Wang Wenyi, the so-called "image ambassador" of Falun Gong, made hysterical performances at the south lawn of  the White House, the whole world has seen through what kind of rascal Falun Gong is and what malicious farces Falun Gong have played. Maybe President Bush would also feel ashamed of having this kind of clowns in America. In 2006, Chinese leaders have paid many formal visits to foreign countries and China's influence has reached every corner of the world. It is proved that what Falun Gong has plotted and instigated with much ado is only to remind every country that the cult Falun Gong should be "specially treated".

7. Cultural Performances Promoted by the Cult Falun Gong Have Met Cold Recognition.

As a fatuous cult without much knowledge of cultures, Falun Gong's cultural activities sound really antic and absurd. Li Hongzhi, trying to pose as a lover of culture, resorted to cultural performances to spread Falun Gong, which is a great shame to the world culture.

Falun Gong Australian "Brightness Troupe" has never made public its real purpose in the performances. The Troupe tried to blindfold the audience in the name of spreading Chinese culture. In 2006, this vulgar, crude and nondescript Troupe has met cold treatment and great contempt. Soon it will disappear from the view sight of Chinese people.

Since 2004, Li Hongzhi has begun to stake all on the Chinese New Year Spectacular held by New Dang Dynasty Television in order to raise his reputation and collect more money. In January 2006, on the occasion of Chinese lunar New Year, American President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair wrote letters of congratulation to all Chinese people as usual. Falun Gong tended to perpetrate a gigantic fraud and claimed in Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty that these letters were directly for Falun Gong's Chinese New Year Spectacular. What a foolhardy lie! Of course, Falun Gong has really received a letter of congratulation which was from its benefactors Chen Shuibian and Lu Xiulian.

In the process of preparing for New Tang Dynasty Chinese New Year Spectacular, Falun Gong has tried every means to attract more audience and promote the box office. Besides the large-scale advertisements and so-called experts' boasting, Falun Gong would naturally send a large number of tickets to Falun Gong practitioners and their family members. So the majority of the audience is insiders of Falun Gong. Even in this way many seats remained unoccupied. So Falun Gong had to invite the elderly people in a rest house to make up the number. This kind of vulgar performance was not appealing to westerners. Most of the Chinese refused to give unprincipled praises on hearing that Falun Gong organized this performance. One netizen offered good advice to Falun Gong that "why not inviting Master Li Hongzhi to be present in the Chinese New Year Spectacular to use his magical power to cure cancers? In that case there will be full house for every show."

On February 25, Falun Gong's Chinese New Year Spectacular entitled "Myths and Legends" was held in hall of Paris conference center. Because Falun Gong has advertised the party under the camouflage of spreading Chinese culture and promoting China-France communication, many people were kept in the dark and more than one thousand spectators were present for a time. But when they found that the low quality performances were to spread Falun Gong openly and "Taiwan president Chen Shuibian" "Taiwan delegates in France" were advertised in the playbill, most of the audience took a tumble and left the hall ahead of time.

The cult Falun Gong has long lost fundamental emotions and aesthetics of common people. Supported by its backstage bosses, Falun Gong tried to use these poor Chinese New Year Spectacular to compete with the performances by Chinese top artists. What a shame! It is doomed to be humiliated everywhere.

8. Trying in Vain to Destroy China's Cultural Exchange with the Outside.

In early 2006, what scared Falun Gong a lot was the theatrical performance "The Same Song" from the Mainland of China.

In the eyes of Falun Gong, China's cultural communication with North America and China's wishes at Spring Festival for overseas Chinese are all regarded by Falun Gong as infringement to its power base. In addition, Falun Gong couldn't have a "phoenix" standing beside the "crow" of Chinese New Year Spectacular by NTDTV.

The performance "The Same Song" became famous as early as in 1990 for its beautiful melody and affectionate singing all over China. At that time Falun Gong was not born. But most absurdly, in order to disturb the performance "The Same Song", Falun Gong's media such as Epoch Times and Minghui Net have published articles successively to denounce "The Same Song" as "bloody songs" "singing of devils". Zhang Erping, the spokesman of Falun Gong, pretended to expose the inside stories of "The Same Song". Then rumors about "The Same Song" went everywhere that "the organizing body met great trouble" "much audience returned the tickets" and "many singers declared to quit the performance", and so on. Falun Gong even tried to bully singers of "The Same Song" by claiming that they would suffer from thunder blow, diseases or traffic accidents if they took part in the performance. How childish and foolish the tricks are. Guan Guimin, a chief leader of Falun Gong, ignored his own bad reputation and accepted the order to instigate defection from actors of the Mainland. The so-called prominent figures of Falun Gong jointly signed to show protest. They also arranged for some practitioners to demonstrate in front of China's Embassy in America. Epoch Times spread the rumor that American FBI has set out to investigate Sino-America International Cultural Media, the organizing body of "The Same Song" and would repatriate the leaders of Sino-America International Cultural Media. Finally Falun Gong asked the cult lawyer Terri Marsh to charge "The Same Song" and its directors. Clearly Falun Gong has been utterly discomfited by the performance "The Same Song".

In spite of all the malicious tricks by Falun Gong, all the actors of "The Same Song", including the actors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, have participated in the performance on time. The performance has got great success. In Toronto, almost all the Chinese gathered at Rogers Center and enjoyed the cultural feast from the motherland. The netizens have sung highly of this performance. Moved by the familiar songs, much audience couldn't help shedding tears and thundering applauses were heard throughout the whole performance. The local TV stations even broke rules to broadcast the whole performance live.

In New York, the popularity of "The Same Song" was even reinforced. The hall's capacity for 6000 spectators could not meet the increasing demands. The queue for buying tickets has extended to two blocks. The audience was all impressed by its quality performance and brilliant stars. Love for motherland has been demonstrated and responded thoroughly.

It is no wonder that Falun Gong has tried to prevent the performance "The Same Song" at any cost.

In fact, Falun Gong has also tried to prevent another important event from happening. That is the foundation of "Great Wall Platform" in Canada. This Platform is jointly launched by China CCTV, Shanghai Oriental Satellite TV, Beijing TV, Guangdong South Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Jiangsu TV and Fujian South-East TV.

With the increasing number of Chinese immigrants and the improvement of social status of overseas Chinese in Canada, Canadian TV network with its single language, lack of programs and poor contents has fallen far behind the growing demands. On January 7, 2006, more than 70 representatives for Canadian overseas Chinese and students studying abroad jointly put forward to CRTC an application for the entry of "Great Wall Platform" into Canada. If approved, this suggestion will surly benefit the whole society and is expected to get its approval on January 16. However, it was postponed because of the unreasonable protests from Falun Gong and some Canadian anti-China politicians. Falun Gong claimed that "Great Wall Platform" would become the ideological infiltration from China. Epoch Times published a series of articles and interviews to warn Canadian Government. One article issued at Falun Gong "European Yuanming Net" even instigated Falun Gong practitioners to protect Canada like armed soldiers.

On March 31, CRTC declared that from this very day to May 3 it would solicit public opinions concerning "Great Wall Platform" again. So on April 26, a press conference was jointly held by Canadian Chinese Professional Association, North American Chinese Language and Cultural Communication Association, Canadian Chinese Students Association, Canadian Chinese Youth Association and many Chinese Fellow Associations to support "Great Wall Platform". 12 Chinese media in Toronto also jointly expressed their support for "Great Wall Platform". They appealed that "Great Wall Platform" would help all Canadian Chinese to relieve the homesickness, help old people divert from loneliness and help Chinese children learn Chinese better. Waves of support from Canadian Chinese clearly revealed the public opinions.

On December 22, CRTC declared finally that "Great Wall Platform" launched by 9 China TV Stations was approved to be aired in Canada. The whole Chinese society was immersed in a festival atmosphere. The newspaper Toronto First included "Great Wall Platform" and "The Same Song" into "the Top Ten News in Chinese Society in 2006". Falun Gong had nothing to do but feel totally depressed and weep all alone in a corner.

9. Spreading Justice via Internet.

The fast expansion of Falun Gong at the very beginning is directly due to the wide application of Internet. Since 1995, Li Hongzhi has begun to rely on Internet to spread his fallacies, give instructions and establish organizing network. After he went into exile in America, Falun Gong has wholly focused on the management of its "virtual kingdom". Besides its own websites, Falun Gong has made several practitioners regularly visit all the main overseas Internet forums. Informed of any hearsay about the criticism against Falun Gong, they would rush into mass action to fight back. So Falun Gong is confident of its dominance on Internet.

In 2006, more criticisms against Falun Gong have been made on Internet. Many net friends at home and abroad decided to make head against Falun Gong. So a large number of new net names sprang up and they cut a figure and forcefully defeat Falun Gong in every public forum. Every time when it was ashamed into anger, Falun Gong would routinely defame those net friends as web spies. In the Internet war of 2006, Falun Gong's biggest gaffe and most foolish action was to order circularly the arrest of "Sigh", a frank and forthright net friend. Falun Gong's mental fragility, fear and misjudgment can only make a laughingstock of itself before the public.

In 2006, the overseas Internet forum "www.hardkingdom.com/freshrain" has gathered many experts with independent thinking and become the main think tank for the exposure of the cults. www.cultnews.com established by American Rickroth has brought to people more enlightenment. And www.exposingthefalungong.org started by Samuel personally has presented people with more new insights. Zhou Jinxing, president of Overseas Chinese Daily, has specially set a webpage www.chineseperee.com to expose Falun Gong after his victory over Falun Gong in a lawsuit. A closer investigation will find that many websites of overseas media, for example httpww.kpfa.org, have begun to issue articles to criticize Falun Gong. Under these circumstances, Li Hongzhi seemed to be helpless, having no audaciousness and strength to besiege all the media any longer.

In China, www.tianjian.cc should be regarded as the pioneer in exposing and attacking Falun Gong. www.kaiwind.com set up in late 2006 is an up-and-coming website to fight against Falun Gong. This website has got support from a large number of experts and scholars, among whom some have been the "old rivals" of Falun Gong. In spite of many inside stories revealed and sharp criticism made on kaiwind, Falun Gong dared not to counter and confront with www.kaiwind.com so as not to attract more attention. So what awaits Falun Gong is just more heavy blows.

A browse of more than one hundred websites of Falun Gong reveals that all the articles are from Epoch Times. In 2006, some websites has closed completely, and some has paralyzed totally. Falun Gong's prime time on Internet has been over.

10. Falun Gong: Utterly Isolated and Bounding for its Death.

On May 9, 2006, Li Hongzhi revealed a new lection entitled "Getting out of death pass". In this lection Master Li seemed to be generous to the transformed practitioners. He claimed that he would forgive all the practitioners who have betrayed him. He said, "As your master, I will only remember what progress you have made instead of your wrongdoings" "from the moment on forget your dirty past and return to Dafa openly". How kind and magnanimous Li Hongzhi sounded!

However, why wasn't Li Hongzhi lenient to those "traitors" from the very beginning and consistently? In his lection "Suffocating Evils", he ground his teeth to curse the transformed practitioners, "no matter how much they have done to Dafa, they have long prepared to destroy Dafa and confuse the other practitioners. We should see them clearly and get rid of this kind of hidden danger from our practitioners." He even denounced maliciously, "Whoever betrays Dafa will go into hell and receive ceaseless punishments to compensate for their evils to Dafa." Now why did Li Hongzhi stoop to please his former followers?

In fact, as the hierarch of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi has to conduct a census in his "Falun Kingdom". Since Falun Gong was outlawed, 95% practitioners have been successfully transformed and resumed the normal life. Many of them also advise others by using their won experience to warn people of keeping far away from Falun Gong. Dan Lin's biographic literary work "The Dream of Heaven" described in detail what kind of mental conflicts she has undergone in the process of being transformed into a normal person. Some former important figures of Falun Gong also turned their weapon around and struck Falun Gong, such as Wang Jindong and Hao Huijun who used to face death unflinchingly by burning themselves in Tiananmen Square, Li Chang and Ji Liewu who used to be Li Hongzhi's right hands. With time passing by, such leading figures as Feng Lili died successively. So the number of Falun Gong practitioners is decreasing sharply. If there were not a follower, how could Li Hongzhi survive?

The inane promise of consummation cannot attract people to gather around the Wheel of Law any longer. Thought that the former 95% practitioners have been transformed, they should have some emotions for Dafa, so why not beg them to change their views and return to Dafa? So this explains why Li Hongzhi tried to persuade the transformed practitioners to "get out of death pass".

Anyway, Li Hongzhi has told the truth that Falun Gong has really been stranded in a death pass. His generosity only means that he spoke from his heart when he realized death was near.

It goes without saying that Falun Gong, like water without a source, will go nowhere. The weak and decrepit Li Hongzhi, together with his overseas followers who all harbor sinister designs and keep intriguing against each other, has set out on the anti-China journey. They are surely bounding for death.

I have summarized "Top Ten Defeats" of Falun Gong in 2006. But I don't think it is means Li Hongzhi is only unfortunate in 2006. In fact, Falun Gong is going downhill fast and nearing its ends. Maybe this is also decided by celestial phenomena.

Now China is becoming strong peacefully and is devoted to leading one fifth of the world population to affluence and civilization. Nothing can prevent China's progress except its own faults. In today's world, cooperation is necessary for every country, and any cooperation without China is only engaged in idle theorizing. Under the inertia of cold war thinking, some anti-China groups will act evilly in collusion with Falun Gong. However, if people were really forced to choose between great China and trifling Falun Gong, the result will surely disappoint those anti-China groups. The world people are sensible enough to support China. Most importantly, the rampancy of cults has first done great harm to national interests.

At present, China has come to its prime time for the past one hundred years and China is undergoing great changes constantly. Every Chinese has the duty to contribute to the well-off China. But the cults are only the stumbling blocks. All through Chinese history not a regime or government could depend on a cult to be prosperous and stable. The greatest danger of Falun Gong is not to be hostile to Communist Party of China, but to torment people, destroy families and endanger society. In future China will continue to get rid of its backwardness and shortcomings. And cults are no doubt the most backward and dirtiest stuffs. Anyone who gathers around cults in the name of seeking brightness will lose all moral principles and be deserted by the masses. We should not forget that Falun Gong is also the flunky of Taiwan secessionists.

Of course, in 2007, Falun Gong's overseas backstage bosses will go on sponsor the "money-burning pot" of Falun Gong and entice Falun Gong to stage more of its foolish farces. So how to cope with the upgraded edition of Falun Gong in a time of Internet and globalization requires us to learn much and take more actions. But anyone with saneness will agree that the black sheep Falun Gong will not go any farther.

(Kaiwind, January 1, 2007)