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Series contests of Falun Gong and 'culture passed by Gods'

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Qi Ke

In July of this year, "World contest of Chinese Dances" held by New Tang Dynasty Television Station, one of the media of "Falun Gong" ended in failure. In order to show its value of existence to its behind-the-scenes boss, the ever weakening foreign "Falun Gong" organizations had to ceaselessly fabricate a series of contests entitled with "world", "great contest" and so on, including contests of Chinese vocality, martial art, violin, piano, gymnasium, cooking, design of Chinese dresses, canvas, photography and so on. What worth noticing was that, these contests unworthy of the names or the titles were held in the name of "reviving the traditional Chinese culture passed by gods". NTDTV claimed, "The purpose of the series of contests was to revive the traditional Chinese culture passed by gods". Therefore, this article tries to make a brief analysis about the "culture passed by gods" of Falun Gong and the relationship between the "culture passed by gods" and the contests and religions.

"Culture passed by gods" is a distortion and trample against religious culture

What is the "culture passed by gods" propagandized by Falun Gong, and what is the connotation of "culture passed by gods"?

We can find related explanations by reviewing Li Hongzhi's lections in New York City on April 7, 2007. Li Hongzhi said, "Sakyamuni passed his lections and Jesus also taught his doctrine, however, they just talked with sub-soul, one of people's souls. People would not understand, and the outside people and his main soul can not be changed. The purpose of allowing people to talk about how Sakyamuni passed his lections was just to establish the culture of human beings." "In addition, they should also tell people what is the most important, what is god and Buddha, what the doctrine is and what the different gods are at the same time they establish the culture and in the process that people get to know the world. How to establish the culture? The answer was that the gods allowed people to realize it by coming to the world and release people's souls from purgatory," "The history was just a process of establishing the culture gradually and providing people with modern thoughts and behaviors. Today, when human beings enter into the last step, gods will allow people to understand the doctrine. That is to say, the appearance of Sakyamuni and other gods in the history is the appearance of the culture passed by gods".

From this jumbled and ridiculous "lection" of Li Hongzhi we can find that, the "culture passed by gods" propagandized by Falun Gong is a distortion and trample against religious culture.

Religion is not only a kind of world view and ideology, but also a kind of cultural phenomenon at first. Religion reflects real life in the way of dissimilation and is materialized to a kind of social system and cultural and living style. Religious culture is a creation of human being and an important part of diversified cultures of human beings. Religious conception emerged in the Middle Stone Age, when the social productivity was greatly developed and human beings had owned wisdom with abstraction and generalization capability, and original religions came forth at the same period. Religious culture, whose emergence, development and evolvement was gestated in the history of religion, was a characteristic of religion. Every traditional religion in the world had its excellent and characteristic culture. And religious culture should be respected and the distortion and trample against it should be inhibitive.

Li Hongzhi was so madcap and irresponsible that he distorted the religious culture as a "culture passed by gods" with the purpose of making preparation for people to accept his lections. According to Li Hongzhi, the emergence of both Sakyamuni and Jesus was just the preparation for his lections. And the reason people were not able to understand the doctrine of Sakyamuni and Jesus was to "allow people in the last phase of the history to understand his lections". The inclement heresies of Li Hongzhi were the annotations for his "culture passed by gods". Falun Gong's "culture passed by gods" not only distorted and trampled religious culture, but also greatly derogated the image of religious gods and the social status and functions of religions, thus it greatly harmed the religious sensations of religious people. What a ridiculous act that NTDTV regarded the "culture passed by gods" remarked by Li Hongzhi as the last straw of its series contests.

Falun Gong had on other way but to hold the banner of "culture passed by gods"

People may wondered, why the series contests held by NTDTV, the mouthpiece of Falun Gong did not show its brand of Falun Gong, but to hold the banner of "culture passed by gods" without mentioning Falun Gong at all? However, it was not difficult to find the answer with a serious analysis on the realistic circumstance of Falun Gong.

After escaping to foreign counties, the ringleaders of Falun Gong actively acted as the political tools of westernizing and differentiating Socialist China, and plotted a series of inclement activities of spreading the cult and damaging Chinese government's image connived and supported by western anti-Chinese forces and foreign hostile forces. For instance, bringing accusation against Chinese people falsely, disturbing the visits of Chinese high-profile leaders, rejecting Olympic Games, and instigating "three quits"; holding hideous performances of "torture exhibition" and "harvesting organs alive ", holding demonstrations by sitting quietly in front of the Chinese embassy and "promoting Fa" collectively in public places; "learning Fa" (mental control), "sending righteous thoughts" (mental curse) and "telling the truth" (rumors and insults). All these activities, which were welcomed only by western anti-Chinese forces and foreign hostile forces, but were despised, detested and rejected by more and more social institutions, organizations, and public, fully exposed its cult nature of anti-human beings, anti-society and anti-science. Falun Gong was so crazy about the favor of western anti-Chinese forces and foreign hostile forces that it underestimated the intelligence of foreign people. Since it angered the public, it ran into walls everywhere. Therefore, Falun Gong had to change its banner and plotted a series of contests, in hoping of displaying its value, lingering on and keeping opposing Chinese government.

The backbone staffs of NTDTV knew clearly who their boss was. But they also knew that the series of contests, which they endeavored to plot, would face the danger of abortion if they continued to resort to the flagrant Falun Gong. However, they may cheat more people to attend the contests by changing their banner. In addition, the banner itself would not be important; the most important thing was to spread the heresies of Falun Gong. In another word, Falun Gong had on other way but to hold the banner of "culture passed by gods" in the series contest of NTDTV.

Counterfeiting religion and endangering religion is one of the important characteristics of Chinese cults

In October 1999, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate of China defined Cult like this: Cult is "a kind of illegal organization established in the name of religion, Qigong and so on, bewitches and cheats people with heresies it fabricates and spreads, and develops and controls members so as to endanger the society." The definition of the two Supreme Institutions pointed out the fraudulence and illegal character of Cult with the most compact language. And "counterfeiting religion" is one of the most fraudulent characteristics of Cult.

Religion and Cult are extremely contradictory like water and fire, and religion is the natural enemy of Cult. Essentially, the difference between righteousness and devil only exists in the category of religion. Cult was firstly used in religion and religion was especially sensitive to Cult. In addition, the definition of Cult by the law and the political power  was based on religion, which has been regarded as righteous. Some Cults established their organizations falsely in the name of religion and attracted believers by making use of religion. However, they defamed religion and ruined the image of religious gods on the contrary; some cults even enlarged their army of believers by mixing with, corrupting and even disintegrating religion.

The battle between religion and cult is extremely sharp and complex. A person in Qing Dynasty once gave the most classical narration of the opposition between religion and cult, "there are Buddhism and Taoism on the surface, while actually there are no Buddhism and Taoism; it opposes Buddhism by attaching to Buddhism and opposes Taoism by attaching to Taoism." In the narration, "there are Buddhism and Taoism on the surface" means that cult counterfeits religion; "while actually there are no Buddhism and Taoism" means that cult is spreading false Buddhism and false Taoism; "it opposes Buddhism by attaching to Buddhism and opposes Taoism by attaching to Taoism" means that the devil emerges by attaching to righteousness, and righteousness and devil are at daggers drawn.

Falun Gong is a cult attached to religion. Falun Gong calls its doctrine "Buddha Law(or Fo Fa)". However, it is just heresies distorted and made up from concepts of various religions. In addition, after the emergency of the cult, it desperately defames the value of traditional religions, which greatly defames and insults the gods worshiped by these religions. On February 28, 2007, in the "new lection" entitled "eliminating all the frantic gods completely in the Three Realms who have attended the Fa-Rectification", Li Hongzhi declared war to all religions. Falun Gong's attack towards religions reached its climax, which was condemned by people. The queer and wild behavior of Falun Gong startled the whole world. Li Hongzhi said, "It is a necessary step to completely eliminate all the frantic gods in the three realms who keep people from being saved and realizing the truth. We should eliminate them no matter what kind of outside figures they are, whether they are material or not," "we should completely eliminate the frantic gods who control religions and oppose Dafa follower's savaging people."

Li Hongzhi, the hierarch of the cult, is a very good instructor and the "new lection" of Li Hongzhi is a very vivid material which can show people the evil side of the cult. For more than ten years, Li Hongzhi showed us the danger of the cult brought to the human kind, the society and our country, and the "new lection" of Li Hongzhi showed us the great threat of the cult to religions. People tend to reach such an agreement: the cult is a deadly poison to all the human beings, societies, countries and religions; it not only disturbs countries and governments, but also disturbs common customs and morale. People's lives, societies, countries and religions could not be peaceful if the cult is not eliminated. Every people should attack evil activities of the cult no matter whether it holds activities in the name of religion or Qigong, or holds series contests in the name of "culture passed by gods" like Falun Gong. Every nation, every country and every religion should not tolerate the cult and it is the common responsibility of human beings to reject Cult.

(Kaiwind, September 29, 2007)