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What kind of dance competition can 'New Tang Dynasty Television' hold?

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Bai Yizi

In the Spring Festival Evening of 2007, the dance "rainy alley in a small town" performed by the Front Line Cultural Troupe of Nanjing Military Region was welcomed by the audiences. In the dance, the soft and beautiful dancing gestures of southern Chinese girls, the beautiful scene of southern China in the rainy season and the Chinese ethnical dances itself have left people a deep impression. Our country always pays attention to the development of ethnical dances and holds dance competitions from time to time so as to select and bring up professional dancers.Since 1985, the "Peach-Plum Cup" Dance Competition has been held for eight times. Just after the fourth CCTV Television Dance Competition has ended, the sixth "Water Lily Award" Ethnical and Folk Dance Competition has already started up. Chinese dances greatly enrich the cultural lives of people and promote the socialist spirit civilization construction. However, a "NTDTV" recently emerged, it declared by internet and other media that they would hold an "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" and delivered invitations everywhere, which deluded a lot of dances fanciers. Then, what on earth the competition entitled "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" is?

I. The exact details of "New Tang Dynasty Television Station".

The words "New Tang Dynasty" came from "Recalling Chang'an", the doggerel of Li Hongzhi, in which he wrote, "The country is not Tang Dynasty anymore, but the spirit of Chang'an still exists. Where can we find Tang Taizong? Dafa will release the souls of people of Tang Dynasty". Li Hongzhi implied that he was the reincarnation of Tang Taizong, Empeor Li Shimin. The head of  of NTDTV claimed that the "Zhen Guan Governance" of Tang Emperor Li Shimin brought the China Empire at that time into a glorious time; therefore they named their television station as "New Tang Dynasty" by adopting the meaning of this historical symbol in hope that Falun Gong was able to bring the Chinese culture to another peak.

We can find the background of "NTDTV" through "Wikipedia": "NTDTV claims itself an independent, non-profit Chinese language television co-sponsored by oversea Chinese, but the reports, programs, and position of the television station lean to Falun Gong, oversea democratic activists and other organizations and people suppressed by CPC. It also focuses on negative reports about China; on the other hand, since its programs include Falun Gong contents - 'Nine Commentaries on CCP' is an independent program, this television station is considered of having Falun Gong background", "Renascence Net of Falun Gong also discloses that NTDTV is the media of Falun Gong practitioners". When answering the questions of followers in New York on April 7, 2007, Li Hongzhi admitted publicly that Epoch Times, NTDTV, Sound of Hope Radio are media of Falun Gong and he instigated Falun Gong practitioners to "get involved in politics righteously" by making use of these media.

It was this television station that interviewed Chen Chong, an American Chinese movie actress and obtained her family photo by deceiving manner in August 2003, and then made use of the interview to propagandize Falun Gong. On January 19, 2004, Chen Chong wrote a letter to American "The Chinese Press" on the issue of being cheated and utilized by "NTDTV", in which she pointed out, "I have no interest in Falun Gong and do not understand it at all. I never agree with the operation style of Falun Gong organizations. Since I do not know the relationship between 'NTDTV', 'Epoch Times' and Falun Gong this time, I am cheated and utilized by Falun Gong organizations. I revolt against it even more. Morally, it is a wrong behavior that 'NTDTV' and 'Epoch Times' propagandize for a political view or a religion by cheating people, and it should take the legal responsibility. Hereby I clarify that I do not agree with or sympathize 'Falun Gong' and I will take legal measures against related persons and organizations."

On December 5, 2006, Chinese embassy in America released a warning to public through its website, in which the embassy pointed out, "'NTDTV' was set up in 2000. It calls itself an 'independent public media' which 'serves for Chinese people around the world', actually it is just the mouthpiece of the Cult and anti-Chinese propaganda, which is directly controlled by 'Falun Gong'. Except few news and teleplays, this television focuses its programs on the propaganda of heresies of 'Falun Gong'. And it publicly sings the praises of Li Hongzhi, spreads rumors and attacks Chinese government."

II. The exact details of "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition"

On March 10 this year, "NTDTV", the media of Falun Gong released an announcement, in which they claimed that they would hold an "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" in New York in late May and the competing items would be Chinese classical dances. It also propagandized the competition through Falun Gong media such as Epoch Times and Ming Hui Net.

From the "constitution of the competition" released by NTDTV we can find that, the "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" is held by NTDTV and co-held by Epoch Times and Sound of Hope Radio. The judges of the competition are professional Falun Gong practitioners, who come from the institutions directly under Falun Gong and know nothing but opposing Communism and China. All the directors of the television station and the actors of New York "Divine Performing Arts of Fei Tian Dance School" of Falun Gong are not famous.

In order to attract more participants, the media of Falun Gong sent out invitations to a lot of people and set up many awards. They promised in their advertisement that the competition would be divided into four groups and seven participants of each group would be awarded. The bonus for championship of each group would be 10 thousand US dollars, and runner-up would be 3 thousand, while the third place would be 1 thousand. And they would accommodate and provide related costs for the participants who could pass the initial examination.

When talking about the purpose of the first "NTDTV International Chinese Classical Dance Competition", Li Hongzhi said, "no matter what the evil Party does, it is a roguish government. It just occupies the limited territory of China and what it does is just limited to China. However, the competition of NTDTV will be a world and international competition. The awards of an international competition, no matter what kind of international activity it is, would be international awards."

Actually, this competition is just the way of hopeless Falun Gong to linger on. It wants to cheat dancers who don't know the truth by acting as the representative of Chinese traditional culture, holding the banner of promoting Chinese culture and alluring people with international competition.

The real purpose of them is to oppose Communism and China. On April 26, China News Net reported the letter of China Association for Cultic Studies ation to Dancers' Association of China, in which it appealed Chinese dancers, domestic and foreign youths who were interested in learning Chinese dance to see clear the essence of "world Chinese dances competition" and not be cheated by "Falun Gong". When realizing that the shell game would be debunked soon, the irritated Falun Gong organization released the threat to China Association for Cultic Studiesin April 27, "we hope members of CPC and every level of anti cult association, and people related to the case to realize the situation that CPC will collapse soon, and do not choose to be buried with CPC." Epoch Time, the media of Falun Gong clamored on April 29, "the beginning of International Chinese Classical Dance Competition will expose the camouflage of CPC. People will know the essence of CPC's party culture naturally; therefore CPC can no longer decorate its essence of Marxism Leninism with Chinese culture and can no longer survive." Thus, the reactive nature of Falun Gong is clear and the real purpose of its "dance competition" is also known by the whole world.

III. What kinds of dance competition can "NTDTV" holds?

As a kind of dancing arts of China, Chinese classical dance was abstracted, neatened, improved and created by professional dances from one generation to another based on Chinese traditional ethnical and folk dances. After the artistic practices for many years, it has become a kind of dance with a certain model meaning and classical style. Classical dance was firstly founded in 1950s, which was once called by some people "operatic dance". As early as in 1954, Chinese classical dance subject was established in our country, and there is Chinese classical dance department in Beijing Dancing College. In recent years, Chinese classical dance has made great contributions for promoting and spreading Chinese ethnical dancing arts.

It is not  wrong to hold the Chinese classical dance competition and such kind of competition are often held in China. However, as a professional competition, it should be provided with following qualifications:

The first is the universality of competition participants. After China Association for Cultic Studies wrote letter to Dancers' Association of China and clarified the essence of the "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition", dancers of Mainland China, domestic and foreign young dancing favorites who knew about Falun Gong would not attend the competition. However, the root of Chinese classical dance is in China and famous experts and dancers of Chinese classical dance are also in China. Without the public parcitipation, the competition is just like a tree without roots and a river without source.

The second is the authority of competition organizers and judges. There are a lot of dancers associations in the world, among which NATD, IDTA, International Federation of Dancers, NDCA, WWDDSC and so on are associations with great influences. As to the judgment of Chinese dances, the most authoritative one is the Dancers' Association of China, which was established in July 1949. At present this association has nearly 5000 members and 32 sub associations, and its affiliated institutes include Academy of Ethnical and Fold Dances, Academy of Dances of Minorities, Academy of the History of Chinese Dances and so on. The most authoritative persons researching Chinese classical dance are Professor Li Zhengyi and Professor Tang Mancheng of Beijing Dancing College. As to the dancers of China, Yang Liping, who becomes famous because of "The Spirit of Peacock" and the producer and main actress of the large scale original song and dance collection "The Impression of Yunan Province" (the international title is "Shangri-La") shall be the leading dancer. However, the organizers of this "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" include no international professional dancers' association and the judges include no experts of Chinese classical dances. This kind of competition has no difference from Nobel Prizes awarded by Li Hongzhi to participants.

The third is the recognizing degree of public. "Falun Gong" is a cult organization banned by the Chinese government in July 1999. According to incomplete statistic data, more than 1000 "Falun Gong" followers died because of denying medical treatment in China, hundreds of practitioners killed or crippled themselves and more than 30 people were killed by "Falun Gong" followers. "Falun Gong" is a cult which seriously endangers the society and violates human rights, and it is also a cancer of modern civilized society. Li Hongzhi, the hierarch of Falun Gong claimed that human beings had been destroyed for 81 times, the earth would explode soon and only he could save human beings; he also claimed that the earth was the biggest garbage station in the universe and the United States was the biggest dump in the earth. He even claimed the slaughter of Jews by Hilter and Nanjing slaughter were just the results of changes of celestial phenomena. It is also Li Hongzhi, who is good at boasting and knows nothing about dances talked about Chinese classical dances with his followers on April 7. It seems that he is the best expert on dances in the world. Artists always pay attention to moral character and artistic ability, organizations and persons without artistic moral will not last long. Falun Gong is a recognized roguish group and cult organization. May I ask who will support Falun Gong except western anti-Chinese forces and Taiwan Independence activists? How many people recognize Falun Gong out of the 6 billion population of the whole world? Once you take the awards issued by Falun Gong organizations, it means you are involved in Falun Gong, which would be a scandal you can not get rid of. We appeal domestic and foreign dancers to see clear and not be cheated by Falun Gong.

(Kaiwind, April 30, 2007)