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Falun Gong colludes with 'Taiwan Independence' forces

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Bai Yizi

It has been a long time that "Taiwan Independence" forces and the Cult of Falun Gong colludes with each other and regards each other as the last straw. They form an interest group to carry on destroying activities against China for their own unexplainable purposes.

Supporting the Cult of Falun Gong is one of the most important parts of "Taiwan Independence" strategy of Taiwan Administration

In recent years, the overall strength of Mainland China has been increasingly enhanced, and the international status and influence are also promoted steadily. When comparing with the strengths between two sides of the strait, the Mainland is of obvious advantage, and its ability to prohibit "Taiwan Independence" is greatly upgraded. In order to disturb the unification, Taiwan administration tries to use Falun Gong to engage in sabotage activities against China. "Taiwan Independence" activists like Lv Xiulian(Vice-President) said publicly that their purpose was to make the Chinese leaders "feel uncomfortable". After the Chinese government banned Falun Gong according to the law, some people of Taiwan administration and "Taiwan Independence" force connived and supported Falun Gong in the dark.

On December 23, 2000, Lv Xiulian attended the activity of "Falun Gong Communication Conference in Asia and Pacific Region" held in Taipei and delivered a speech.

On December 21, 2001, Chen Shuibian(President) sent a congratulation letter to "Falun Gong Fa Conference in Taiwan, 2001".

In July 2002, Taiwan politicians attended the "candle light commemoration" organized by Taiwan "Falun Gong" organizations, and Lv Xiulian delivered a speech through kinescope once again and encouraged "Falun Gong" to keep going on.

On January 11, 2004, Falun Gong held "Falun Dafa Learning Communication Conference, 2004" in Taiwan, Chen Shuibian and Lv Xiulian "wish the Conference a great success" through written congratulation letter.

On June 8, 2004, Taiwan Legislature passed a resolution of requesting "CPC should immediately release the arrested and detained Falun Gong practitioners and stop suppression against Falun Gong."

On April 10, 2005, when attending a "Seminar on tutors of healthy life", Lv Xiulian pretended to practice Falun Gong.

On April 27, 2006, Chen Shuibian expressed through "A-Bian Internet Newspaper" that, "CPC should investigate the organs harvesting incidents of Falun Gong practitioners" and attacked CPC with human rights issues. On October 13, Lv Xiulian met with David Kilgour and David Matas, the two Canadians who fabricated "Independent Report on China's harvesting organs alive of Falun Gong Practitioners", and incorrectly relayed the deceit of "organs transplantation" of Falun Gong.

On July 1 this year when Chinese government held ten years' anniversary for the return of Hong Kong, Falun Dafa Academy of Taiwan organized hundreds of followers to make trouble in Hong Kong, but their entries were denied by Hong Kong Custom and they were repatriated. On July 12, Chen Shuibian met personally with Zhu Wanqi and other representatives of Falun Gong practitioners who were repatriated by Hong Kong government and showed support for Falun Gong. He said, "the world cannot be peaceful before CPC collapse completely……I appreciate Falun Gong practitioners' untiring support for human rights……I always support the endeavors of Falun Gong practitioners".

Falun Gong had attacked our country's communication satellites for many times and tried in vain to destroy the social stability. Since "Falun Gong" activists attacked SinoSat satellite on June 23, 2002 for the first time, it had disturbed the Chinese civilian satellites for a lot of times. Almost on every important occasions and festival of China, they try to make trouble. And the signal source of attacks towards SinoSat satellite came from Taiwan region.

Actually, the reason that Falun Gong organizations dared to disturb satellite signals in Taiwan, and Falun Gong organizations expanded and acted wildly against law and public opinion in Taiwan was the support and connivance of Chen Shuibian administration. In Taiwan, the government not only allowed Falun Gong to "legally" register, but also provided the stage and outlay. As to the issue of disturbing satellite, Taiwan administration even provided direct material and technical support. It was reported that one of the transmitting sources of disturbing our satellite was in Yangming Hill, where the electronic monitoring station of Taiwan Military Intelligence Bureau is located. Therefore we can understand to what a large extent Taiwan Administration supports "Falun Gong" organizations in Taiwan.

Supporting "Taiwan Independence" forces is the basis of Falun Gong's survival

The Cult of Falun Gong was penniless after fleeing to foreign countries. In order to linger on, they did not hesitate to trample national interests and served as the hatchet man of anti-China forces. They needed supports of money, technology, stage and they wanted further development. Chen Shuibian administration provided Li Hongzhi with these things. In order to show their appreciation to "Taiwan Independence" forces, Falun Gong ringleaders in Taiwan, led by Zhang Qingxi, publicly called on Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan to support Democratic Progressive Party during Taiwan "Election" in 2004 and became one of the unwavering voting sources of Democratic Progressive Party. Recently, as Chen Shuibian administration held "UN Referendum", Falun Gong propagandized it through its media such as Epoch Times and echoed "Taiwan Independence" forces at a distance.

There is only one China in the world, Taiwan and Mainland China belongs to the same country, and China's sovereignty and territory  integrity cannot be divided. This is a fact that Chen Shuibian and Li Hongzhi cannot change no matter how they boast "Taiwan Independence". Those degenerates who tried in vain to split their own county will not escape from historical punishments.

Moreover, Falun Gong regarded Taiwan as its base of holding political activities against Mainland China. They frequently held various kinds of political meetings of attacking and stigmatizing Mainland China, delivered a large amount of "Falun Gong" propagandizing materials to Mainland China which were produced in Taiwan, attacked websites in Mainland and dialed disturbing calls, sent practitioners to make trouble in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland, and beleaguered groups and persons who came to Taiwan from Mainland.

"Falun Gong" and "Taiwan Independence" forces share a common goal of wrecking and disturbing China by all means

For the purpose of putting grit on the road of unification, the splitting forces in Taiwan didn't hesitate to make use of the Cult, which was disgusted by people, to reject unification and split China.

Olympic Torch is the highest symbolization of Olympic spirit and the Olympic Torch Relay is the celebration of peace and friendship of all human beings. However, the Taiwan administration disobeyed the regulation of "Olympic Charter", treated Olympic Torch Relay in Taiwan as a political issue and rejected and disturbed the Torch Relay Route agreed by BOGOC and Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee. As a result, the Olympic Torch cannot be relayed in Taiwan and produced an abominable precedent that a member of IOC deny the arrival of Olympic Torch. The Taiwan administration denied the relay of Olympic Torch in Taiwan and regarded Olympic Games as a political issue. Moreover, Taiwan Independence activists, led by Lai Qingde, a legislator of Democratic Progressive Party, established the so called "CIPFG" together with Falun Gong and held "Human Rights Torch Relay" so as to reject Beijing Olympic Games.

Like splitting forces in Taiwan and foreign anti-China forces, Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Gong" organizations are not willing to witness a stably developing China, a rich and peaceful China, a civilized and progressive China and a unified and powerful China. They are just expecting chaos of the world, frightened by the flourish of Chinese nation and the happy life of Chinese people.

Another important intention of the collusion between Chen Shuibian administration and Falun Gong is to cater for the intention of "westernizing" and "differentiating" China of anti-China forces, and to serve as the hatchet man of subverting the Communist China.

When American Heritage Foundation set up "Victims of Communism Monument", they congratulated each other. "Taiwan Independence" activists and Falun Gong regarded Edward McMillan-Scott, the vice-chairman of European Parliament who carried on anti-China activities everywhere as a distinguished guest.

The mighty history goes its way, and no forces can hinder the progressive path of China. Any behaviors of hindering and destroying the great renaissance of China, any behaviors disobedient with the interest of Chinese people are determined to end up in failure.

(Kaiwind, September 30, 2007)