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Vicious 'Three Quits' is doomed to failure

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Lu Feng

In China, July 1st is a glorious date as it is the birthday of Chinese' ruling party CCP and the commemoration day for China to have finally ended its history of colony and Hong Kong to have return to Mainland China. Since July 1st is such a date that marks the rebirth of China, it is remarkable to any Chinese people.

July 1st, 2007 is particularly encouraging to Chinese as it will witness CCP seventeenth congress, a milestone meeting that will record the ambitious "harmonious society" construction into Chinese modernization history. It will also witness the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's returning to Mainland China-a great event that delivers such a message to the world that the scenario of "one nation, two system" has achieved great success.

All these great events clearly indicate the coming of Chinese flourishing and prospering.

The cult Falun Gong, however, just attempts to bring bad luck to China as well as its people. On such a glorious day as July 1st, it showed off its frightful face by wantonly instigating "three quits".

The "three quits" of Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi's monarchy dream

Under the instigation of Li Hongzhi, US based Falun Gong made waves in agitating "three quits"-CCP members quitting the Party, Chinese Communist Youth League members quitting the League and Young Pioneers quitting the organization-with an vicious aim of "breaking down CCP, destroying CCP and disintegrating CCP". As long as CCP breaks down, Li Hongzhi can lead his followers return to China to take over power and change the nature of Chinese government.

Such allegation is not just sensation. On October 26, 1997 when Li Hongzhi visited East Imperial Tombs of the Qing Dynasty, he compared himself to the reincarnation of Emperor Kangxi, saying, "Three hundred years  passsed like water, Old palaces and desolate tombs fill the eyes with sorrow; None could foresee my return to the world today, One day the righteous Fa will spread for eternity." On December 22, 1997, Li Hongzhi concocted a doggerel Recalling Chang'an that goes "How the landscape of Qinchuan has changed, Chang'an now lies buried in the earth. Gone is the Celestial Empire, its glory and mighty, in the blink of an eye centuries have passed. Where now can Emperor Taizong be found? Dafa is here to save the people of Tang." This time he compared himself to the reincarnation of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, dreaming of becoming an emperor as well. When he first went to US, he declared undisguisedly to his followers, "Suppose that I, Li Hongzhi, had chosen in this life to be an emperor and to lead a group of subjects to cultivate. Would that work? Yes! It definitely would! (Applause)" ( Li Hongzhi:"Teaching the Fa at the 2000 San Francisco Fa Conference ").

Li Hongzhi's vicious purpose in founding the cult was thus fully revealed. In 1999 right before fled to US, Li Hongzhi instigated the "4.25" incident in besieging Zhongnanhai. The "4.25" incident as well as any other seamy incidents and the "three quits" instigation are all served to realize Li Hongzhi's dream of seizing power in China and become an emperor so that a bright people's republic China may turn to a dark imperialist China dictated by Falun Gong and the great Chinese people may therefore be ruled by such a buffoon like Li Hongzhi.

How obvious is Li Hongzhi's wild ambition!

CCP is strengthening and its members are increasing

Can Li Hongzhi realize his dream? Facts are the best answer.

CCP is a powerful ruling party. When CCP held its first congress in July 1921, there were only over 50 members. As the saying goes, "A single spark can start a prairie fire", CCP developed very fast. In April 1927 when CCP held its fifth congress, CCP members increased to 57,000-a thousand times more than that of five years ago; right before Chiang Kai-shek launched three times of "besiegement" of the Red Revolutionary Bases in Jiangsi province, CCP member increased to 300,000. After the "anti-besiegement" and Long March, there were only 40,000 CCP members in 1937 because many CCP members sacrificed for Chinese revolution. During the anti-Japanese War, however, with many more patriots joined in, CCP members increased rapidly and reached over 800,000 in 1940. In April 1945 when CCP had its seventh congress, CCP members reached 1.21 million, laying a strong foundation to the victory of Chinese revolution. No matter how hard it might be either domestically or internationally, CCP succeeded and will succeed in leading forward the Chinese revolution and its development. The history testifies indisputably that CCP is invincible. Since 1945, there has never been any major depletion of numbers in CCP members.

A buffoon like Li Hongzhi kicked against the pricks by instigating the so-called "three quits" as he compiled two vicious scriptures "Turning the Wheel once Again" and "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World" on February 15 and 17, 2005. In order to make up the number, they blurred the term Chinese Communist Party, Chinese Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers, taking the number for those who quitted the League and Young Pioneers for over age as the number of "three quits". At present, there are 130 million Young Pioneers in China, covering the majority of the Chinese youngsters ranging from 6 to 14 years old. A large part of Chinese people less than 50 years old has been Young Pioneers after the liberation of China. In the meantime, there are now about 87 million League members ranging from 15 to 28 years old and there are several hundred millions of people who has been League members since the liberation of China. With such an immense number, it is so unbelievable that Falun Gong only patched up over 20 million "three quits" cases. Isn't it ridiculous?!

As Li Hongzhi was patching up the figure for "three quits", to the galling of the Falun Gong followers, CCP members increased enormously, a factual increase that is different from the "three quits" figure patched up by Falun Gong.

As is indicated below, since the culture revolution, CCP members have kept increasing.

In August 1977 (the eleventh congress) over 35 million

In September 1982 (the twelfth congress) over 39.65 million

In October 1987 (the thirteenth congress) 46 million

In October 1992 (the fourteenth congress) 51 million

In September 1997 (the fifteenth congress) over 58 million

In June 2002 (the sixteenth congress) over 66.355 million

At the end of 2005 70.8 million.

Number of the Party members in 2006 is twice of that in the eleventh Party congress. While it doesn't mean that the more the better for the ruling party, so CCP has been prudent in its enlargement, a principle necessary to keep the Party's advancement. Generally, party members absorbed account for 20 percent of the applicants. In particular, in recent years, CCP had extensively educated its members to keep advancement, focusing on improving quality of the Party members in a time when number of Party members is rising. In the meantime, great efforts have been made to rationalize a balance Party member structure in the spectrum of age, literacy and social distribution; the notion of clean government as well as serving the people are widely adopted and implemented among the Party members. These measures positively serve to strengthen the ruling party. There might be some shortcomings and problems for the ruling party as well, but all these problems and shortcomings will certainly be overcome as the Party further develops.

Quality of the party is improving. For instance, among the newly joined Party members in the last five years, 75.2% are less than 35 years old, female members, members with middle or high level education and minority nationality members account for 25.4%, 78.6% and 7.8% respectively. These newly joined Party members are fresh blood to the party who are more than ready in adapting to the needs of the future Chinese socialist development.

In 2005, 2.47 million new Party members were absorbed into CCP, among which the age of 1.98 million members are less than 35 years old. There were altogether 17.67 million applicants for CCP in the same year. Number of newly joined Party member, members less than 35 years old and applicants for CCP all recorded certain increase compared to that of last year.

The coming seventeenth congress will have 2220 representatives. Reason for an increase of 100 representatives for the seventeenth congress is that CCP members have increased for over 6 million since the sixteenth congress.

The irrefutable facts testify that the "three quits" farce instigated by Falun Gong had little social impacts.

How could sprite succeed in bewitching the public?

Before Li Hongzhi became famous, he has been a slow coach. In the band, he didn't ever strive for excellence. Therefore Li Hongzhi lost chances to be selected as actors while his colleagues successfully caught the chance when deferent levels of art troupes came to choose actors. For example, Jiang Dawei, a famous tenor singer who had been colleague of Li Hongzhi, was recommended into China National Song & Dance Ensemble and later assumed as its director. Li Hongzhi, however, had to work as a clerk in the cereals and Oil Company. Because he was lost in superstition ways, Li Hongzhi spoiled his limited talent in playing trumpet and finally went wrong in amassing money by means of hawking his fallacies.

Since he has just been "forced" to "join in the League", how could Li Hongzhi understand the "Party"? According to Li Hongzhi, his joining in the League cauterized on his skin with a "beast mark". Isn't it too late for him to abruptly recall that he should clear up his "beast mark" for which he had been carrying for decades? Might any one with clear sense follow such a hollow man when he came out to instigate "three quits"?

Among the 20 million "three quits" "beast mark bearers" patched up by Li Hongzhi, how many cases are authentic? In 2005, 44738 CCP members were forced out of the Party as it implemented the guideline of managing the party with strict standard. Although it is impossible for 20 million Party members to have quitted CCP, the 44738 members must be among them! In fact, these disqualified members are cleared up by CCP instead of "quitting" CCP as Falun Gong alleged.

It is simply right for Li Hongzhi to have witnessed that CCP members, Youth League members and Young Pioneers are three active forces for Chinese socialist construction and communist pursuit. The first force- the great and glorious CCP- is the vanguard that leads Chinese people in socialist construction and communist pursuit; the second force-the young and energetic Chinese Communist League- is an initiative and fearless commando; the third force is the Chinese Young Pioneers that will take the responsibility for Chinese socialist construction in the 21 century. For a Chinese, he will have three steps in his growth and improvement, namely Young Pioneer, Youth League member and CCP member. For China, the three organizations are indispensable pillars supporting its overall social mansion.

(Kaiwind, July 9, 2007)