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HK government will not allow Falun Gong to abuse freedoms, Tung

2007-07-26 Source:Xinhuanet

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Tung Chee Hwa stressed Wednesday the SAR government will observe closely the activities of the Falun Gong in Hong Kong, and will not allow them to abuse Hong Kong's freedoms and tolerance to affect public peace and order in the SAR or in the mainland.

Tung said in a statement that the annual Fortune Global Forum, to be held in Hong Kong next month, is to attract the world's top investors, to enhance Hong Kong's international image and promote economic development, and to create more employment opportunities for Hong Kong people.

The SAR government has noticed some public activities held by Falun Gong members, Tung said. "Clearly such activities go beyond purely religious activities or physical exercise and represent a deliberate move to undermine the relationship between Hong Kong and the central government," he said.

"These activities interfere with the smooth conduct of the Forum, go against the interests of the HKSAR and its people, and are unacceptable to the community," Tung stressed.

(Xinhua, April 25, 2001)