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Essence of NTDTV and its 'Chinese New Year Gala'


The New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) in the United States is recently vigorously publicizing and selling tickets for the so-called "Chinese New Year Gala" that it plans to stage in Washington D.C. in order to inveigle the public into watching the show.

The Falun Gong organization preaches anti-humanity, anti-science and heretical fallacies and exercises extreme mental manipulation on followers. It is nothing but a cult. Li Hongzhi, the chief ring leader of Falun Gong, says that the mankind has been destroyed 81 times, that the earth is about to explode very soon, and that he is the only savior of man. He says that the earth is the dumping ground of the universe, with the United States being the largest of all, and that by practicing Falun Gong, one could cure any disease without the need to seek medical assistance or medication. He even claims that the Holocaust of Jewish people by Hitler was a result of the changes in celestial phenomena. While preaching Falun Gong cult doctrines, Li Hongzhi committed numerous crimes that endangered the society, violated human rights and destroyed lives. According to incomplete statistics, over 1,000 practitioners died because they followed Li's teachings and refused to seek medical treatment for their illnesses. Several hundred practitioners committed self-mutilation or suicide. Over 30 innocent people were killed by mentally deranged practitioners of Falun Gong. Just like the "People's Temple", "Branch of Davidians" and "Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in the United States, Falun Gong is a cult organization harmful to the society and violating human rights. It is a cancer of the modern, civilized society.

To protect the human rights of the general public in China, the Chinese Government outlawed Falun Gong. This was endorsed by the whole society. However, this cult has found breeding ground in the United States, where it is surviving and developing. In addition to continuing to cheat the public and preach cult doctrines through various means, the Falun Gong cult organization in the United States degenerated into an anti-China political organization. It fabricates stories of "persecution", attacks and slanders the Chinese Government, files false charges against the Chinese Government institutions and officials and harasses Chinese Embassy, Consulates and visiting delegations. Working hand in glove with other overseas anti-China forces, it clamors for overthrowing the Chinese Government, undermines social stability in China and attempts to create troubles for the normal development of China-U.S. relations.

NTDTV was set up in 2002. Claiming to be an "independent public media organization serving Chinese people all over the world", it is, in essence, a mouthpiece of Falun Gong used for cult and anti-China propaganda. Peppered with limited news and teleplays as a camouflage, NTDTV programs concentrate on undisguised preaching of Falun Gong cult doctrine to eulogize its founder Li Hongzhi, broadcast anti-China programs such as the so-called "nine commentaries on the Communist Party of China" and spread slanderous rumors against the Chinese Government.

In recent years, NTDTV staged the so-called "Galas" during the Chinese New Year festival in the name of showcasing the Chinese culture and the oriental charm in order to draw performing artists and groups who are unaware of the nature of the "Gala" and inveigle public audience into watching the show. However, the "Galas" were patchworks of programs with low artistic value and full of implied preaching of cult doctrine and attacks on the Chinese Government. They were, in fact, a sheer political tool used by Falun Gong organization to expand its influence and spread cult and anti-China propaganda. They were an insult and distortion of the Chinese culture and a deception to the audience.
(Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America, June 12, 2005)