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What is Falun Gong


How did the Falun Gong come into being?

The founder of the Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, said:

However broad the universe is, it is smaller than me. I take charge of the whole human race.

In 1992, Mr. Li Hongzhi combined two kinds of traditional Chinese Qigong that he had learnt with motions from Thai dancing and created Falun Gong. He subsequently proclaimed that he had developed Falun Gong millions of years ago and spread Falun Gong to people on several previous earths.

Mr. Li Hongzhi explained that Falun Gong practice would prevent illness. In the beginning, in order to accumulate wealth, he held classes to teach Falun Gong to his followers and "cured illness" using his "own energy and power."

However, things went wrong when he "cured illness" through his "own energy and power," because it encouraged many sick people to delay proper medical treatment and they died as a result.

In order to get himself out of trouble, Mr. Li stopped "curing illness" with his "own energy and power." Instead, he began to ask his follower to learn his theory, which could help them treat themselves and escape the bounds of mortality and the corruption of human existence. Of course, every follower had to buy his books and tapes to learn his techniques!

Why did over 300 practitioners commit suicide?

Over 300 practitioners killed themselves by such means as burning or hanging themselves, jumping from high buildings, slashing their wrists or jumping into rivers. Why?

Mr. Li Hongzhi told them:


My followers who achieve nirvana can fly to heaven with their bodies. Those who do not want to keep their bodies can transform them into rainbows and fly away.

You will be a god if you ignore your life. Otherwise, you will remain a mere human.

Elites with a very high realms of thought regard human beings as rubbish.

Changes of astronomical phenomena caused many people to be killed in the Nanjing Massacre and by Hitler.

Why were more than ten innocent practitioners murdered?

Mr. Li Hongzhi said:

Human beings are deteriorating, devils are everywhere.

With disturbance by devils, you cannot practice.

These devils should be killed.

Who broke up the families of Falun Gong practitioners?

Family harmony is considered the most ideal happiness in Chinese tradition. However, families of Falun Gong practitioners have been hurt, and there have been no exceptions.

Mr. Li Hongzhi said,

"Self-realization means self-improvement through crucifixion. It depends on whether you can abandon emotions and desires. If you can not break away from these emotions, you are not qualified to reach self-realization."

Who dares criticize Falun Gong?

Since 1994, some former Falun Gong insiders have started revealing the truth about the deceit and illegal money-collection by the Falun Gong and the unusual deaths of its practitioners. These revelations were covered by the media.

Mr. Li Hongzhi said:

"Laws made by humans have rigidly regulated and stifled people. People have been controlled like animals and there is no way out."

An ordinary person in pursuit of nirvana must go through a real trial, otherwise his efforts cannot count. But since there are so many followers pursuing this, it is better for them to go together than to go one at a time. Actually, I think the number of people involved is far from enough.

There were over 300 sieges of people who criticized the group in different parts of China before the Falun Gong was banned by the Chinese Government in late July 1999.

Why do two million practitioners dare not see a doctor?

Mr. Li Hongzhi said:

Taking medicine while practicing Falun Gong means not believing that Falun Gong is able to cure illness. If you believe, why do you need to take medicine?

I tell you, if one of our practitioners has some bodily discomfort, it is not disease. Disease is a manifestation of "sin," and hospitals are unable to get rid of your sin.

Wars, plague and natural and man-made disasters are ways to get rid of human sin.

Over two million Falun Gong practitioners in China were convinced by Li Hongzhi's words. They did not see a doctor or take medicine when ill, which caused more than 1,400 deaths.