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Introduction of Falun Gong

2016-02-18 Source:facts.org.cn

Falun Gong is a destructive cult that emerged in China in the early 1990s, whose founder Li Hongzhi boasting that it was a universal law and the most supernatural science. As a matter of fact, Falun Gong is a creation of Li Hongzhi and is based on Chinese Qigong exercises such as "Chan Gong" and "Jiugong Bagua" as well as Thai dancing.

Li Hongzhi used the supposed aim of "keeping strong and fit" as bait to lure some people into Falun Gong and then manipulated the practitioner`s mind with fallacies such as "doomsday" and "consummation." More than 1,700 people have died as a result of practicing Falun Gong.

After the founding of Falun Gong in 1992, Li Hongzhi created the Falun Dafa Research Society in Beijing and assumed the role of chairman, himself. Later on, he successively set up 9 general stations for the teaching of Falun Gong, more than 1,900 smaller teaching stations and more than 28,000 practicing stations around China, forming an integrated organizational system for Falun Gong. These stations and general stations, not legally registered at the relevant Chinese civil affairs authorities, carried out many illegal activities, preached superstition and fallacies, conned people, instigated and made troubles and disrupted social and public order.

In July 1999, the Chinese government outlawed Falun Gong in light of its criminal activities and in accordance with the public desire.