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[Review] CCTV Topics in Focus: Falun Gong seeks glories by selling homeland


After the reelection of seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) held on May 3, the United States failed for the first time in holding a seat, which reminds us of a famous Chinese saying, a just cause gains great support, an unjust one gains little. We still remember clearly that during the 57th session of the UNHRC concluded in Geneva not long ago, China has, once again, foiled the tenth anti-China attempt tabled by the United States. But in order to cooperate with the anti-China vote, the organizations of Falun Gong cult put on a series of farces in Geneva.

(35") Geneva located in south Switzerland is a city with international influence, favorable climate, and beautiful natural scenes. It's the home of 243 international organizations including the United Nations Office and Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). Palais des Nations in northwest of Geneva is the headquarters building of the United Nations Office at Geneva and the venue where the UNHRC holds regular meetings. There is a big wood chair with a broken leg on the lawn close to its south entrance, reminding everyone visiting the place of the damages caused by the landmines, and the square is also known as the Broken-Leg Square. This year, before the opening of Geneva Conference on Human Rights, the US government announced another anti-China vote and, as its supporter, Falun Gong organization hired people to participate in the half-day collective practice at the square everyday during March 17 through 19 even in spite of the rain. The purpose was to publicize the anti-China vote and to add more pressure on Chinese government. The representatives of China Association for Cultic Studies and religious community also arrived in Geneva before the conference and publicized a long scroll with the sloan of “Advocating Science and Rejecting Cult” and a million signatures during the other three half-days at the same square. In addition, they also handed over No. 100 long scroll to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

(1'50") WANG Yusheng, Secretary-General, China Association for Cultic Studies: “Falun Gong practitioners gathered there on the morning and our delegation would go there showing the long scroll with a million signatures against the cult and safeguarding human rights on the afternoon. Then on the second day, we would go there on the morning and they did it on the afternoon. It's interesting; when they went there practicing and doing promotions, it rained heavily, but when we were there, it was fine and shiny. So we always joke about it and say it's because the heaven would support a just cause while the only things Falun Gong gets are wrath of God and resentment of men.”

(2'20") In addition to collective practice at the square, Falun Gong organization also held several press conferences at Geneva during this period of time and their spokesman is Zhang Erping. But they kept it a secret of both the time and venue and distributed invitations in secret as well. What's more, Chinese journalists finally making it to the press conference were stopped by the practitioners.

Falun Gong Practitioner: “Sorry, you must be invited to get in; only those with invitations are allowed in.”

LI Jingchen, Journalist of Xinhua News Agency in Geneva: “But I don't need an invitation to get into this hotel; everyone can go in there.”

Falun Gong Practitioner: “Then we'll call the police; please call the police.”

(3'18") But one hour later, no policeman showed up. They have people guarding the entrance of the press conference and this strong man is definitely a guard. Some people walked off shortly after the press conference started and a journalist of Xinhua News Agency in Geneva was one of the witnesses.

LI Jingchen, Journalist of Xinhua News Agency in Geneva: “I came across Zhang Erping, the spokesman of Falun Gong organization. He knew me and, at the sight of me, he was angry and said to me, you can't stay here, get out, for only foreign reporters are allowed here. My foreign colleagues weren't happy about it; but since they insisted, I had to leave. I met my friends and other Chinese reporters outside the door. Then the reporters of a Swiss Television coming to the press conference organized by Falun Gong interviewed us. So we took the chance and held an outdoor press conference against Falun Gong.

(4'37") Our reporters accepted the interviews in both English and French, revealing the truth about Falun Gong to the public.

HUANG Liangde, Chief Journalist, China Radio International in Geneva: “Falun Gong organization held several press conferences during the Geneva session on Human Rights; but they did it in secret. Why is that? He said they were afraid of Chinese reporters and learned the lesson from the failure last year. But the truth is that, what he said are all lies and they are cheating, because we know the truth about Falun Gong. He was afraid that Chinese reporters would ask questions. That's why they held press conferences in secret, telling lies to western journalists, cheating with things that are not real.”

(5'22") On the evening of March 21 local time, Falun Gong organization held a hearing at University of Geneva, another important event during the US Human Rights session supporting anti-China vote and giving pressure on Chinese government. They had invited some VIPs including Swiss officials, but when they saw none of them showed up even if they postponed the starting time again and again, they had no choice but to recruit some practitioners to take up the empty seats. Several delegates of China Association for Cultic Studies also managed to attend the hearing and Doctor Zhang Ning of law was the first asking questions. She said Falun Gong controlled people's mind and was responsible for 1,600 deaths in China, including those burning themselves at Tian'anmen Square and even a 12-year-old girl. “How do you explain these tragedies?” She asked. Totally unprepared for this kind of question, the organizer stopped her, saying no Chinese and the question must be put in French. Dr. Zhang then asked the same question in French but the organizer claimed that those burning themselves were not practitioners. Being unable to handle the situation, the organizer sent people to push the reporters of CCTV out of the conference room and the hearing finally concluded in haste.

(6'37") WANG Yusheng, Secretary-General, China Association for Cultic Studies: “In my opinion, the activities that Falun Gong organized during the 57th session of the UNHRC at Geneva show clearly that they are willing to be used as a tool by anti-China force in the west. To be more specific, they are seeking glories by selling the homeland, for whatever Chinese people and Chinese government are determined to accomplish, such as applying for hosting the Olympics and for joining in WTO, they would oppose to it.”

Rev CAO Shengjie, Vice President, China Christian Council: “On our way to the conference, we would always see them gathering for practicing or distributing promotion materials. But in a couple of days, they just disappeared and we wondered what had happened. Then we knew that they'd gone to Lausanne, the headquarters of International Olympic Committee. They protested against China in applying for hosting the Olympic Games. In this sense, Falun Gong has become a tool used by the US government against China.”

(7'33") Since we made careful arrangements and adopted effective measures, Falun Gong organization failed in accomplishing the task of publicizing anti-China vote for the Americans in early days after the UNHRC meeting started. With the supervision of US advisors, they changed their plan and decided to make a bigger stir in Geneva just before the voting of anti-China bill. They gathered their men from the US, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on April 18 and sent a mission team to the airport to meet these practitioners before helping them settling down in several designated hotels. They wore the same dress and badges of Falun Gong and claimed that they didn't know each other and came to Geneva at their own expense. Since their gathering hadn't got the approval from Geneva authority, they had to choose public places such as parks, lakeside squares, and streets. They usually divided into small groups of three to five people, with one or two practicing Falun Gong and the other talking to the passengers and distributing promotion materials.

(8'31") ZHAO Yuan, President, Swiss Federation of Overseas Chinese: “At the UN Square, by the Lake Leman, which is also known as Lake Geneva, and at may other memorial squares, you can always see these practitioners in ugly yellow clothing. They greatly disturbed the local people in Geneva as well as the visitors by forcing them to accept their promotion materials and their long talks about Falun Gong. Even we had been bothered for many times and therefore some overseas Chinese questioned or even criticized their acts. But what they got in turn were brutal attacks and irrational abuses by the practitioners.” What the practitioners said and did have caused antipathy among the overseas Chinese and dissatisfaction among the locals.

(9'36") Hotel Manager, Geneva Kydon Hotel: “At reading the report about self-immolation of Falun Gong practitioners at Tian'anmen Square, people will remember the mass suicide committed by the followers of the Solar Temple in Switzerland six years ago, a tragic incidents resulting in more than 50 deaths. It's a pity that, as a victim nation of the cult and instead of learning a blood lesson, the Switzerland gives permission to Falun Gong, the same cult as the Solar Temple, to gather in public places and to publicize its ridiculous and harmful theories. This is not right; it's immoral and we're angry about it.” These people not only work for Falun Gong organization, but also for Tibet separatists and anti-China force.

(10'13") ZHANG Wanhai, Deputy Director-General of UNA-China: “They give their materials to everyone they see and even to us. One day on my way to the conference I came across a woman in the dress of Falun Gong organization, she handed out a pamphlet to me and I thought it was about Falun Gong. But when I took a look at it, I found it was about Tibet. I was surprised and asked her why a Falun Gong practitioner would work for Tibet separatists. She was apparently embarrassed and went away saying nothing.” At the café outside the conference room, Zhang Erping, who claimed himself as the leading disciple of Li Hongzhi, met with the representative of US government attending the UN conference on Human Rights, Tibet and Xinjiang separatists, as well as anti-China activist Wei Jingsheng. He also talked to the representatives of many other nations as well as journalists on anti-China vote.

(11'06") Reporter: Which organization helped Wei Jingsheng and Zhang Erping in arriving in Geneva?

ZHANG Wanhai, Deputy Director-General of UNA-China: “That's because all the NGOs establishing consultative relationship with the UN are entitled to participate in the UNHRC meeting. So the pro-democracy activists such as Wei Jingsheng, the Falun Gong practitioners such as Zhang Erping, and Tibet separatists, they can attend the meeting in the name and as the members of NGOs with consultative relationship with the UN. This also shows clearly that they actually work for the anti-China force in the US, for the Americans paid their bills and gave them opportunities to attack China.”

(11'57") Thiab, Vice Chairman, UN office at Geneva (UNOG) Correspondents Association: “I believe the reason why Falun Gong came here during the session is to support the anti-China bill proposed by the US. They treated the reporters attending the press conference with free dinks and free food; I wonder where they got the fund. The UNHRC meeting lasts six weeks, it requires a large amount of money and they must have someone behind them. I talked to China delegation and read some materials; I'm now sure that Falun Gong is a cult doing great damages to human society and should definitely be banned.”

(12'26") ZHANG Wanhai, Deputy Director-General of UNA-China: “During the War of Resistance against Japan during 1937 through 1945, I heard that there were lots of traitors. Today, to tell the truth, I see them with my own eyes. These people would oppose anything that Chinese government advocates and be for anything that American government advocates. They would ignore facts and actual situations and the only thing they have done is to seek glories by selling the home country. In this sense, they are traitors in a real sense.” At eight o'clock on the evening of April 17, the night before the final voting on anti-China bill, some practitioners appeared on the lawn across the street facing Palais des Nations.

SUN Zhonghua, Commissioner of International Affairs, China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF): “Their intention was clear and they wanted to talk to the representatives attending the meeting at Palais des Nations. Next morning on our way to Palais des Nations, I noticed those people standing or sitting on the lawn there. It was such a mess and I saw many others shook their heads at the scene too.”

(13'31") April 18 is the day that the UNHRC votes on the anti-China bill. On the morning, since Geneva authority had made it clear that it would not approve the mass gathering proposed by Falun Gong organization, hundreds of practitioners gathered at the square after resorting to other organizations for an official registration and approval, making the final efforts for the anti-China vote. At the conference hall, pro-democracy activist Wei Jingsheng and Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Erping were among the reporters and echoed the voice of US representatives.

LI Jingchen, Journalist of Xinhua News Agency in Geneva: “It seemed that they were expecting the possibility of success at the conference and talked cheerfully with each other before the meeting.”

At 5:52 on the afternoon of April 18, Chinese delegate proposed “no act” to the anti-China bill proposed by the US, which was adopted with 23 yeas, 17 nays, 12 abstentions and one absence, which means the anti-China bill proposed by US government was voted down. At the announcing of the final results of votes, the delegates applauded and representatives of friendly nations stepped out to shake hands with Chinese delegates, congratulating Chinese government on another success against hegemonism and power politics. The Falun Gong practitioners were disappointed and left without saying anything.

(14'46") LI Jingchen, Journalist of Xinhua News Agency in Geneva: “This is the 10th anti-China bill proposed by the US to the UNHRC; at realizing another failure, these people left the conference hall and so did the practitioners gathering at the square outside.”

ZHAO Yuan, President, Swiss Federation of Overseas Chinese: During the past two sessions of the UNHRC, Falun Gong practitioners were willing to be used as a tool by anti-China force in the west and they have become traitors to China and Chinese people. China should therefore crack them down and allow no room for their survival in any forms.”

(15'36") Shortly after the conclusion of the 57th Session of the UNHRC, the US was no longer a member state of next UNHRC. According to the established rules, the UNHRC is composed of 53 member states, which are elected according to the regional quota decided by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The membership term is three years and one third of the members will be re-elected every year. This year, three seats of western countries were re-elected and on May 3, after 54 members of the ECOSOC cast votes in secret, the US ranked the fourth among four candidates with only 29 votes and was therefore lost its membership in the UNHRC for the first time in half a century. This is no surprise considering the unjust causes the US has initiated in a long period of time, which results in little support in international community. The result shows that the hegemonism and power politics the US forces on human rights fail in winning the heart of people.

(16'39") the ugly show put on by Falun Gong practitioners in cooperation with anti-China force in foreign countries during the 57th session of the UNHRC once again shattered the lies of Li Hongzhi about not participating in politics and revealed the truth about the nature of Falun Gong as a cult and as a tool used by the US. The just cause is unconquerable and the anti-China attempt of the US is doomed to be a failure. To make things worse for American anti-China force, the US even lost its membership of the UNHRC, which is a clear evidence showing that the international community refuses to adopt the anti-China bill and that Falun Gong organization serving as the vanguards will face the same miserable ending in near future.