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CCTV Topics in Focus: A cult encouraging self destruction and homicide


While publicizing their heretical theories, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong organization propagandize again and again that human beings living today are terrible and there are demons all over the world. He demands that his disciples should go up to the heaven and save people so as to achieve the so-called consummation. Being affected by the heretical ideas and under the strong spiritual control of Falun Gong, some practitioners suffered mental disorders, lost control of their behavior, and even ended up killing innocent people.

(34'') In January 1999, after Falun Gong was banned by the government as a cult, Dong Ning, a 26-year-old practitioner in Weihai City of Shandong Province, believed that it was high time for him to achieve the consummation and started to plan a murder before committing suicide. He tried to "save" Liu, his fellow practitioner working at the same factory, by attacking him with a 2.5kg hammer but failed. Then he turned his eyes to his family. On the afternoon of the same day, Dong hacked at and injured his father cooking at the kitchen.

Father of Dong Ning: I turned around and went out. I had no idea what hit me from behind. I was not sure whether it was a strike or a hack. All I knew was that it was an attack. I rushed out and ran toward the door. I was like this; then I dodged and he slipped and fell down. At that time, I saw the knife in his hand and dashed forward to get it. He was beneath me and got the knife in hand; I grasp it with both hands and, look, that's the scars of the knife, three scars. I gripped tightly the knife and he hacked at my hand, right here, here's the scar. My kitchen knife is a big one and made of iron, there's no wood.

(2') During the fighting, Mr. Dong finally brought his son under control and the young man's plan of "saving people" failed once again. After the incident, Dong Ning told the police officers that all he thought about during that period of time was to kill and to achieve consummation. He believed it was the time and it was possible that he had more powers than Li Hongzhi in near future. "Once I kill someone, I'll be the biggest in the whole world," recalled Dong later. "I was so excited then that the only thing in my mind was consummation, consummation, and consummation."

Dong Ning also said that all these ideas didn't come out of nowhere and that the source was the heretical ideas advocated by Li Hongzhi, such as to be a better person, to achieve consummation, and to have faith in Falun Gong.

Li Hongzhi: As practitioners, what will we gain? We'll gain what ordinary people can't get, that is, your level is raised, you'll eventually obtain a True Fruition, and you'll reach Perfection and Consummation. That's what we gain. Of course, it's not right to focus on the gain, thinking about nothing but what have I gained today, what will I gain tomorrow, and how many years does it take for me to become a Buddha. In my opinion, that's attachment.

(3'08'') Dong Ning determined to achieve his consummation by taking away the "master souls" of others and, believing in the attachments advocated by Li Hongzhi, turned his eyes to Jiang Wencai, a 76-year-old retired executive and his neighbor, after two failures. At the night of the same day he attempted to kill his father, Dong broke into the house of Ms. Jiang and waved the knife at her.

Jiang Wencai: He took me by the neck with one hand and held a knife in another hand and stabbed me. I was totally confused and felt dizzy. Oh, my! I was shocked at seeing the blood. I covered the wound with one hand and called for my son.

Son of Jiang Wencai: I saw my mother on the floor and he was taking her. They were in the kitchen. I rushed toward him and took him by the neck. I threw him to the living room and we had a fight.

The neighbor called the police and the officers came and took Dong Ning. At that time, the son of Ms. Jiang had fought with and been severely wounded by Dong. The results of medical examination show that Ms. Jiang had 15cm and 8cm long wounds in cheeks cut by Dong Ning with a fruit knife and both were penetrating wounds. Later on, Dong Ning tried in vain to commit suicide by cutting open his wrist so as to accomplish the so-called consummation.

(4'24'') Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong cult turn a normal youth into a homicide being obsessed by the idea of saving people by killing them so as to achieve consummation, which make rational people indignant.

Factory Manager: Falun Gong and its theories definitely cause damages to people. Dong Ning used to be quite alright, you know, not a trouble-maker. But since he learned this, he's been on a wrong road. All he wants to do is to send someone away, to kill someone. In this sense, Falun Gong distorts human nature.

Son of Jiang Wencai: It's so evil, for it endangers the entire society. It's just simple as that. See what happened to us; we're innocent but still had no way to avoid such kind of hurts. Li Hongzhi is a scum and I think the government does the right thing to get the thing done.

(5'08'') Similar scene occurred one year later at Dasheng Village of Lanhe Town, Panyu City in Guangdong Province, where Yuan Runtian, a local practitioner, injured at the night of February 6, 2000, Huang Daisheng, a fellow villager from a family receiving five basic assurances.

Huang Daisheng: At just a few minutes past eleven at night that day, I was going to bed and all of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in the face. It felt like being cut by something. I was shocked and thought it was a brick. I wiped the face with a hand and realized it was a knife. Someone wanted to kill me with a knife. Before I knew it, there was blood all over my face.

Huang was sent to hospital by fellow countrymen and, according to the results of medical examination, Huang had a 12cm long knife wound in right cheek, lost three teeth, and had more than 20 stitches. And the murderer is Yuan Runtian, a 21-year-old just graduating from a local technical secondary school at the time when she committed the crime.

(6'12'') Police Officer, Lanhe Town Police Station, Panyu City, Guangdong Province: As for the criminal motive, she said Li Hongzhi, Master Li and her teacher, asked her to do so; if she didn't do it, Master Li would let her die.

Yuan Runtian told the police officers that she had been so involved in Falun Gong that she finally did such a thing. "I practiced Falun Gong and went to extremes as a result, that's why I committed the crime," she admitted. After she was arrested, policemen found a large amount of illegal publications about Falun Gong from her house. Several of her fellow villagers told the reporter that Yuan Runtian used to be a lovely girl, full of energy and being popular in the village. She was admitted by Guangzhou Light Industry School in July 1995 and was one of the two students studying in Guangzhou city that year.

Reporter: Do you remember Yuan Runtian as a freshman back then?

Chief Teacher of Yuan Runtian: She's unsophisticated, upright, and an activist in both the class and the school. But everything changed when she started to practice Falun Gong in 1996 and in less than a year, she had read Zhuan Falun by Li Hongzhi for several times.


Reporter: When you read Zhuan Falun, what impressed you the most?

Yuan Runtian: To bring people to a higher level.

Reporter: To bring people to a higher level, what do you think about it?

Yuan Runtian: I think, eh, he told me to save people, to save people by getting them away from five basic elements. That's what he said.

The so-called "bring people to higher level" advocated by Li Hongzhi is actually leading people to death; and "saving people" is actually killing people. Being brainwashed by the heretical ideas of Li Hongzhi, Yuan Runtian had changed completely and gradually developed an illusion on "saving people".

Yuan Runtian: Suddenly, my visual organ, my optic nerves saw a man and he told me to do one thing. Later on, he came and asked me to do some things, but I was reluctant to go. It's beyond the limits of forbearance and he said if I didn't go to do it, he would "chop me up there". That's exactly what he said, to threaten me.

Reporter: So you feel there's this shadow controlling you?

Yuan Runtian: Yes.

Reporter: What does he look like?

Yuan Runtian: Round and fat.

Yuan Runtian said the man following her around day and night in her illusion and asking her to "save people" to the heavenly paradise is Master Li Hongzhi.

(8'40'') Police Officer, Lanhe Town Police Station, Panyu City, Guangdong Province: In her mind, all she thought about was Li Hongzhi, Master Li, telling her to kill Huang Daisheng. He threatened to kill Yuan Runtian if she didn't go to kill Huang. She believed in his heretical ideas and they're nonsense.

At last, Yuan Runtian believed in going up to a higher level from the so-called "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" to "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" and waved knife at innocent people with the ridiculous excuse of "saving" them.

Mother of Yuan Runtian: To support her at the school, we are in debt to many relatives. Falun Gong ruins my daughter and so many other people.

Vice President, Guangzhou Light Industry School: I think this case tells us that Falun Gong is really harmful and ruined many people. Our school is based in Guangzhou and recruits students from Guangdong Province. Yuan Runtian was going to graduate soon at that time. When we found she was obsessed with Falun Gong and developed illusions, she was about to graduate and could have got a good job, for her major was company management, financing, and marketing. As for a girl, that's a great major and she should have found a good job. But she practiced Falun Gong, we read the newspaper and knew she injured someone with knife. We were shocked at the news. But I know everyone getting involved in Falun Gong will get hurt, both mentally and psychologically. The girl believed in Falun Gong and it ruined her.

(10'18'') Both Jiang Wencai living in Weihai City of Shandong Province and Huang Daisheng in Panyu City of Guangdong Province were injured by practitioners and they were much luckier in comparison with an old couple in Renqiu, Hebei Province. On November 25, 1999, Zhu Zhenhu and Huang Daju were killed by Zhu Changjiu, their son and a practitioner. On early morning that day, a neighbor found to his horror that the couple in their seventies lay in blood on the ground of their own courtyard.

Fellow Villager: When I hurried to their house, I saw the old man lie right here facing the ground and there was a big hole in the back of his head, with brains all over. His wife was here, her feet was here and her head there. There's a big cut in her cheek and another one over here. We got a car and rushed them to hospital. But the old man had already been dead and the old lady passed away on the way to hospital.

The police officer got the call and came quickly.

Police Officer, Renqiu Police Department: I got into there and saw the old couple in blood. There was blood all over the ground and I found a hammer and a pair of scissors on the site. The medical examiner proved later that both victims died from brain damages caused by certain heavy object.

(11'46'') With the reports of the locals, police officers arrested the suspect, Zhu Changjiu, who turned out to be the son of the dead couple.

Police Officer, Renqiu Police Department: He defended himself by saying that Falun Gong was the reason of his killing. According to the theories of Falun Gong, the inevitable hour had come for his parents and killing them would bring them to a happy paradise. After murdering his parents, Zhu went out and said to a villager that he had killed his parents and was now under the protection of Master Li Hongzhi. Then he put the palms together and made an act typical of Falun Gong.

(12'18'') Zhu Changjiu used to have a happy family and enjoy a prosperous life; being affected by the ridiculous anti-human theories of Li Hongzhi, he believed that all in this world were so-called demons and to live is to suffer.

Zhu Changjiu: All living people suffer and there's nothing left after one passes away. That's a blessing. I suffer because I killed them; if I didn't do it, they'll suffer.

According to the logic that Zhu Changjiu believes in, to kill his parents is to save them out of the man's world and to enjoy a better life in the heavenly paradise.

Police Officer: Where did you get all these theories?

Zhu Changjiu: From Falun Gong.

As a follower of Li Hongzhi and a believer of Falun Gong, Zhu Changjiu deprived with his own hands the lives of the parents bringing him up, resulting another tragedy in this world Zhu Changjiu said he started to practice Falun Gong in 1996. According to his relatives and fellow villagers, before he became a practitioner, Zhu was a smart and dexterous young man. With the help of his elder brother, Zhu built his own house with five rooms. Then he had two lovely daughters and offered free services to villagers with the wireless knowledge he learned from the books and an electrical motor. What impressed most villagers the most is that, before practicing Falun Gong, Zhu Changjiu was a filial son to his parents.

(13'42'') Elder Brother of Zhu Changjiu: He used to be filial; when my mother was ill and needed fluid infusion, he would always be with her and take care of her. He's a good son.

But everything changed in the summer of 1996 after Zhu bought from local market a book entitled Zhuan Falun and written by Li Hongzhi.

Police Officer, Renqiu Police Department: Since he started to practice Falun Gong in 1996, he has become increasingly eccentric and unwilling to associate with other people.

Zhu Changjiu started to practice Falun Gong and determined to "go up to a higher level". He would shut close the door and practice for hours. He was no longer a hardworking husband and left the courtyard wall half finished.

Reporter: Among all the theories of Falun Gong, what impresses you the most?

Zhu Changjiu: Theories on temperament.

In his opinion, the temperament is the belief on and confidence in Falun Dafa, which is clearly explained by Li Hongzhi, his master.

(14'48'') During the process of practicing, Zhu Changjiu believed in all the heretical ideas said by Li Hongzhi, thinking that the demons are all over the world and to live is to suffer. So he finally ended up waving knife and hammer at his own parents, believing that this is the only way to save them and to help them reach the heavenly paradise. A filial son became a cold-blooded murderer with his hands covered by the blood of the mother whom he used to support with the same hands. It's just another tragedy caused by Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi. What make people feel worse is that Zhu Changjiu adheres stubbornly to errors and doesn't show any repentance.

(15'22'') Reporter: Do you regret doing what you have done?

ZHU Changjiu: No, I regret nothing; I have no regrets

Reporter: But you killed your parents, how come you don't regret it?

Zhu Changjiu: I didn't kill them; you don't get it. If they didn't bring me to this world, I would not kill them, that's for sure.

Parents gave birth to him and he would kill them for that. The ridiculous logic reflects at least one fact, that is, Falun Gong is a cult for encouraging self destruction and homicide. Li Hongzhi should be condemned because of this.

Dong Ning, Yuan Runtian, and Zhu Changjiu are merely three examples of practitioners killing others to achieve consummation and to go up to a higher level. Before Chinese government banned Falun Gong as an illegal organization on July 22, 1999, there is another typical case of Li Ting, a practitioner in Chengde City of Hebei Province, killing his parents with a knife on March 20, 1999, by claiming that they were demons.

On April 8, 1998, Wang Anshou, a practitioner in Xintai City of Shandong Province, killed his father with a spade because the old man wanted to stop the son practicing Falun Gong.

On February 26, 1998, Wu Deqiao of Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, stabbed Shen Yuzhen, his wife, to death for she tried to prevent him from practicing.

On August 23, 1998, Wang Xuezhong, a student practitioner in Jiahe County of Hunan Province, stabbed his father to death by telling others that his father was a demon.

(16'50'') These are merely a few cases recorded in piles of files and the bloody fact is that, as a cult, Falun Gong encourages people to kill.

All these facts tell us that, just as many other cults in the world, Falun Gong and its leader Li Hongzhi are anti-society and anti-human. They brainwash the followers with heretical theories and ideas, encourage them to extinguish human nature and kill the innocent including even their own parents. All these show clearly that their so-called "consummation" is to ruin people, and so-called "saving" people is actually killing people.