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Inefficiency of Li Hongzhi's medical power in Changchun

2008-03-12 Author:By: Shi Chen

Mr. Zhang's father, who had retired from the Electric Utility Bureau of Changchun, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1993. He went to see Li Hongzhi for many times without seeing any doctors. Later, when he could hardly breathe, he went to Li Hongzhi for another time. Li Hongzhi told him that: "Your disease has been cured. I have 'covered' it and the difficulty in breathing was only temporary. You will be OK in a few days." Yet Mr. Zhang's father died a couple of days later. They went to argue with Li Hongzhi. He equivocated,"There was some obstacle in the patient's body that my power could not reach the root of the disease. If you cultivate yourselves painstakingly, you will not be ill because the evils will not attack you." Mr. Zhang said: "Every time I wanted to reckon with him, Li Hongzhin could always find some excuse for himself. After my father's death, I did not believe in his fallacy any more."

 Mme. Liu was a cadre in the Changchun Branch of Railway Bureau, her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1993. Mme. Liu attended the teaching classed of Falun Gong and went to Li Hongzhi's home for her daughter's disease. Although Li Hongzhi assured the mother that the tumor has been removed and the cancer was cured, later the girl suffered from shock when she was practicing Falun Gong. She was sent to the hospital and was found out that the tumor was still there. The mother began to doubt the supernatural medical power of Li Hongzhi, while he argued that: "You go to the hospital and do not totally trust me, so the tumor comes back again."

Chen Fada, who worked in the arts center of the masses of people in Changchun, suffered form cerebral thrombosis in 1992. After staying in hospital for medical care, he has recovered really well and could take care of himself again. Yet he was so keen to recover that he attended the class of Falun Gong accompanied by his wife. He even went to Li Hongzhi's home for medical treatment in person. After pretending to scratch for a while above Chen's head, Li Hongzhi said that the thing growing on the head had been burned by his power and that he could leave the hospital because his power collided with the therapies of hospital. Chen believed in his fallacy and rested all his hope of being healthy again totally on Li Hongzhi. However, this resulted in the deterioration of his disease. The doctor told him that his disease was deteriorated because he had given up medical care. Chen Fuda became a plant man later. Every time Chen's disease was mentioned, his wife would say: "We were deceived by Li Hongzhi. Taking so much money from us, he still failed to cure my husband. It is all wrong for us to believe in him."

In the summer of 1994, Li Hongzhi's father-in-law was suffering from lung cancer. When he was dying, he allowed Li Hongzhi to use his supernatural medical power for the first time because of his thirst for life. Less than half a month after Li Hongzhi's treatment, his father-in-law passed away in spite of the hope of his family. The inbeing of Li Hongzhi's "supernatural medical power" is clearly exposed by this affair.
Li Hongzhi tried to cover the inbeing of his "supernatural medical power" by cheating. In the beginning, he made up a miracle to cure a humpback by clapping on it several times in Changchun. However, the man was still bowed and often walked in the park after Li Hongzhi's treatment. This fact, added by his notoriety of not curing his own father-in-law, aroused the suspicion of his followers in Changchun. Li Hongzhi dared not to treat any patients in Changchun any more and went to the suburban areas of other cities to accumulate wealth under the cover of curing diseases. Since he knew that he was not good at curing diseases, later he entered politics and tried to confront Chinese government after he went abroad.

(Facts.org.cn, March 12, 2008)