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Things about Li Hongzhi on his giving classes at Kenli in 1994

2010-04-15 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Song Jianfeng

My name is Song Jianfeng and my hometown is Kenli County in Shandong Province. I once worked at Kenli County Development Area. At that time, the development area administrative committee had just founded and was eager to jump at any opportunities that could help it with its promotion campaign. They invited Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong who claimed to be able to help people build up physical health, to give lectures at Kenli. At the order of the leaders, when Li Hongzhi ran his classes at our county, I and another person were in charge of the reception and accounting work.

The class held at the county's hostel started from the second to the ninth day of the first lunar month in 1994, lasting from 19:30 to 22:00 in the evenings. Li Hongzhi took the daytime to visit local units including Shengli Oilfield. There were 420 students and most of them came from Dongying City, Shengli Oilfield, and surrounding towns, with a few coming from other places. The tuition fee was 50 yuan each student. There was a family from Beijing, the parents and their 14-year-old daughter. I remembered it was at three o'clock early on the morning of the fifth or the sixth day of the first lunar month when a staff surnamed Liu on duty on the second floor woke me up and told me that someone jumped out of the building. I hurried out and have a look together with Liu. I saw the girl from Beijing lying on the ground crying. She didn't answer our questions so I looked up to the third floor. The light of one room there was on and I knew it was the room of the family from Beijing. But the parents didn't go downstairs. Later on, I learned that the family would discuss after attending each class given by Li Hongzhi. That day, they might disagree with each other during the discussion and the girl jumped out of the window. Some said it might be her parents who pushed her out. She landed on a tree before falling onto the ground; otherwise she would have been dead.

Then I went to talk to Liu Guirong, the accounting manager of Li Hongzhi and about 35 years old. I told her to ask Li Hongzhi to take a look at the family. Liu went into the room of Li Hongzhi and came back within two minutes. "Master Li said the three from Beijing were nuts and he could do nothing about lunatics," she told me. "Refund their tuition and get a car to send them to the railway station. There's a train to Beijing at 6:40." We were outside the room of Li Hongzhi and heard him talking to Liu Guirong. "The three from Beijing are nuts and I can do nothing about lunatics," he said. So I recommended Kenli Hospital to the parents but they didn't take my advice. "No needle, no medicine, no hospital," they said and refused to leave, insisting on attending the class. Liu Guirong was irritated and angry, and insisted on their leaving. In the end, they finally agreed to head back to Beijing.

During the training session, Li Hongzhi and his people also sold books, badges, and tapes. There were prices printed on the books and the price for badge and tape is five yuan each. They trusted us to sell these things, for they didn't want the disciples to know they were making money. Liu Guirong kept all the money.

After Li Hongzhi left, the chief of local assistance center was in charge of selling the books, badges, and tapes. He would remit the money to Li Hongzhi regularly at his own expense.

(Kaiwind.com, September 11, 2009)