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When did Sun Faquan break his leg?

2016-05-03 Source:Kaiwind Author:By Jun Zheng

On June 17, 2011, one of Falun Gong websites published a piece of news, saying that on the evening of Lunar October 23, 2002, Sun Faquan, the head of the Police Station of Yang'a Village, Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City of Henan Province, was hit by a motorcycle with his small intestine and one leg badly broken. According to this news, Sun Faquan hated Falun Gong practitioners very much, often went to Falun Gong practitioners' homes and searched around for Falun Gong books, tapes and videos. 

Sun Faquan now is the instructor of police inspector brigade of Yuanyang County Public Security.

Seeing Sun walking fast and vigorously, the rumor of "breaking a leg" is broken immediately. He is strong and full of energy. Facing this rumor, he is peaceful with a little furiousness, "I have been on the list of Falun Gong's 'evil men' for a long time. This is not rare. The website cooks up stories and spreads them around all day long. It said that I broke one leg. Look, my both legs are good. How fine are they! "

Sun was once deputy director of the Yang'a Village Police Station. One night in the fall of 2002, Sun Faquan was on duty to arrest a thief. During the chase, he was crashed by an unexpected motorcycle, and one of his legs wounded. He was sent to the Yuanyang People's Hospital, and healed after some rest in hospital.

This common thing then was described by Falun Gong websites as the bad karma of Sun Faquan.