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Li Hongzhi denies seeing doctors


Li Hongzhi is the former employee of a food station in the North-East areas of China but he boasts that he never get sick in despite of the existence of a medical certificate of his appendix operation with his wife's signature on it.

According to the document, the People's Hospital in the province of Jilin admitted a patient named Li Hongzhi from the city of Changchun on July 8th 1984. He was diagnosed acute appendicitis. In that afternoon, a doctor carried out an operation on this patient. There was only one Li Hongzhi at the food station in Changchun that time who became "the Principle Universal Buddha" as well as the founder of Falun Gong later. If the operation was well done, we can conclude that Li Hongzhi had accomplished his historical mission only by having his appendix removed and tried to deny after that.

Every one must realize it is not that simple. Li Homgzhi has told us at what age he had mastered Dafa and he would never get sick. He didn't even know where the main entrance of the Dalian Hospital was located, he added. On July, 25th 1999, he told an American reporter: "I never go to the hospital for I never get sick." If he never get sick, why was his appendix removed by the People's Hospital in the province of Zhilin? The appendix would have remained in his body in this case.

I myself do think that Li Hongzhi shouldn't be mad over my claim because he can simply show us a medical certificate to prove that his appendix is still there. Although it is useless in the human body, an appendix should not be removed in no reason or he can show us his abdomen that there is no scar left by an operation at all! Just provide one of these proofs, the so-call evidence of the Chinese government will turn out to be falsehood. It is more important to show us the truth than meaningless retort.

As a matter of fact, Li Hogzhi is unable to provide a simple but direct proof to override the allegation of the appendix operation. A person like him with "peerless superpower" can not find out a single way to counter-argue, I wonder if he is would like an ordinary person like me to advice him what to do?

Li Hongzhi failed to keep his own appendix, how can you expect him to protect you? This is a message coming from the bottom of my heart to all Falun Gong practitioners: "Think it over before you get cheated."

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