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Fallacies of Falun Gong

2007-12-06 Author:By: Bai Yizi

1. Doomsday Theory

---The earth has been destroyed for 8 times. ("Li Hongzhi`s speech at the Auditorium of State Construction Material Commission").

---One time I traced it back carefully and found out that there have been 81 times when the mankind was total ruined. ("Zhuan Falun").

---Human society today is indeed full of all the ten sins. If man continues to decline, he will face elimination, a thorough elimination, which is called, "extinction of body and soul" ("Falun Fofa: Fa-teaching in Sydney").

---Please tell everyone around you that the present time is near the point of extinction for the human race. All devils will emerge this time, according to Shakyamuni.

---I have found that the mankind has experienced 81 calamities in the past, and each time only a few people survived.

---Mankind on this earth faces inexorable doom. Our planet should have been totally destroyed last year. It is I who had made the destruction postponed by 30 years.

2. Cursing the human race as rubbish

---The human race, as a whole, is deteriorating, and there are devils everywhere.

---The human race, while developing to the present stage, has become distorted and is full of evils. Hence, the gods have completely lost confidence in mankind. This is one of the major reasons why the gods do not care about human beings any more.

--- Bad people fall off in the universe, dropping into the central part of it, which is the Earth. Consequently, the Earth serves as the rubbish heap of the universe.

---People are all dropped from different spaces in the universe. ("Zhuan Falun Volume II")

---Humans descend here from various levels because of their wrongdoings ("Falun Fofa: Fa-teaching To the European Fa Conference")

---In the eyes of beings in very high realms, the humankind is like rubbish. ("Falun Fofa: Fa-teaching at the First Conference in North America")

---If you look around, you will find that the human world today is extremely terrible, full of vicious persons.

---The reason why you were born on the earth was not merely to be human. You should have the goal of gaining complete understanding about the world and the rest of the universe, so as to escape confusion and return to the other world. However, there are some people who fail to do this. As a result, they have to be born into the world again according to the doctrine of samsara, until the world comes to an end. That's why the earth has experienced many catastrophes.

---And finally they drop to the level of ordinary people. When they get to this level people are supposed to be destroyed and eliminated.

3. Claiming that Li Hongzhi is omnipotent

---Right now I'm the only person in the world who is publicly spreading the orthodox law. I have done something that's never been done by anyone before. What I'm teaching is an enormous truth about the universe. ("Zhuan Falun")

---I have countless law-bodies. My law-bodies are so numerous that they are beyond calculation. Therefore, I can look after as many people as I want, maybe the entire human race. ("Falun  Fofa: Fa-teaching in Sydney").

---None of you, my disciples, or masters of other schools of Qigong, has law-bodies. As far as I know, I'm the only one in the world who has law-bodies.

---I have countless law-bodies, who look exactly like me. They are in another space, and can change their sizes limitlessly and freely.

---I am the main body, but they (the law-bodies) have the ability to do things independently. They can look after you, protect you, help you to practice, and do other things. They are actually embodiments of me. That is how I can protect you.

---Most of my law-bodies wear the kasaya, and they have curly, blue hair, as blue as a sapphire.

---Today, the human society is extremely chaotic and dirty. Human beings are stained with too much karma and evil thinking. But I can rid you of all that, and install in you the bright golden wheels of law, together with many other things included Falun Dafa, so that you can cultivate yourselves and purge your hateful, dirty bodies…This is a precious chance never met before since remote antiquity; you are incomparably lucky to have it.

---The wheel of law, which I install in a practitioner's abdomen, revolves 24 hours a day. It automatically helps the practitioner in his or her practice. In other words, although the practitioner is not practicing all the time, the wheel of law is cultivating the practitioner without stop.

---The principles that I have taught about are the characteristics of the universe. As for these theories, you may have either read all the books in the world or studied all the subjects on earth, you still cannot acquire them. ("Falun Fofa: Fa-teaching in Sydney")

4. Claiming science to be cult

---Science ruthlessly strikes like a big club at the most vital thing that protects humanity—morality. On this note, science is not an upright religion.

---Because of its shallowness, this science has caused the degeneration of morality in human society.

---The new generation raised on modern science dauntlessly kills, commits arson, and does bad things. This is the biggest disaster that science has brought to us

---Why have computers developed so quickly and why has the human brain suddenly become so sharp? All of this has been carried out by aliens controlling the human mind. Aliens have registered everyone who knows how to operate a computer. As to our students, I've cleaned all of that up for them, so that they won't be interfered with by aliens when they use computers. (Falun Fofa:Fa -teaching at the Conference in Europe")

---Today's science has been imposed on humankind by alien beings. ("Falun Fofa: Fa-teaching at the Conference in Singapore")

5. Claiming that religion is helpless in saving people

In the guise of "Law of Buddha", Li Hongzhi usurped some religious terms and distorted Buddhism. His heretical ideas are in essence anti-religious. Li Hongzhi called his "Falun Dafa" the "highest Law of Buddha" and the "orthodox law" superior to all religions. In order to make the practitioners of "Falun Gong" have total faith in "Falun Dafa" and abide by the doctrines of his heretical cult, Li Hongzhi forbade the practitioners to believe in any religion.

---I recognize that religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, also Judaism and some other religions in history were upright. But today people are no longer able to use their original human nature and ancient mindset to understand those religions. People in religions brag about themselves, flaunt their credentials to have others believe in them, or even become politicians. Are these religions still upright? I tell you this because I fear that you may be hampered by those religions, which can't save you. ("Falun Fofa: Fa-teaching at the First Conference in North America")

---The existing religions cannot save people from torment any more. They cannot help you attain self-cultivation, and so are on a low plane. Why should you want to adulterate the "Falun Dafa"? You must shun the things on a low plane because they will cause confusion in the body you have cultivated or disarrange the things you will get from practicing "Falun Gong". Otherwise you will not be able to return home, but will undermine the road for your advance.

---Some religions have come into being in this century. No, not only this century, over the past few centuries many new religions have appeared. Most of them are fake.

Leaders of China's religions circles pointed out that not only Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Dafa" do have nothing whatsoever to do with religion, but also their heretical ideas are directly go against religious doctrines, and are therefore anti-religious.