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Guangming Daily's commentator: Criticism on fallacies of Li Hongzhi


Core of 'doomsday theory' is anti-society and anti-government

--Criticism on the fallacies of Li Hongzhi

While trumpeting his ridiculous fallacy of "Falun Dafa", Li Hongzhi brought forth a "doomsday theory" for his unspeakable political purposes, declaring that the end of the world was coming and the mankind was about to "perish". This is what we should refute firmly.

According to Li Hongzhi, "Now...the society is going downwards as a whole..." "If you turn round to look at man and the human society today, you will feel the real terror! It is really terrible! The human society today is full of sins..." "If the mankind keeps going down, it will be faced with perishment, thorough perishment. That will be the ruin of both body and spirit, which is truly horrible!" He also pretentiously said that the human civilization had undergone at least 81 "periodical changes". Confronted with such a gruesome and terrible social reality, where is the way out for the mankind? It seems to Li Hongzhi that no government is able to solve these problems. The entire mankind is not be able to solve them, of course neither could the government led by the Communist Party of China. Only Li Hongzhi himself and his "Falun Dafa" could, because he is the master of the entire universe, and his "Falun Dafa" is "super-normal science", a super dharma to save the human society.

However, it is not difficult for people with some common sense to realize that the "doomsday theory" of Li Hongzhi is nothing more than a scary trick for creating social panic. Is the mankind really going to perish? Is the earth really going to perish? Of course not. Science research has shown that in the process of the development of the solar system, there are possibilities of collision of planets, but that would only happen billions of years later. At a time of advanced science development as it is today, the purpose of Li Hongzhi to scare people with such nonsense is just to disturb the mind of people and destroy social stability.

Is the social reality "full of sins"? This is another ignorant absurdity of Li Hongzhi. It is no secret that there do exist some problems in the present society, some of which being rather serious. Generally speaking, in any stage of the development of the human society, there are some social problems in different degrees. It is in the process of continuously solving these social problems that the human civilization achieves constant developments and advances. This is common sense of the development of human society. Specifically speaking, for our country, in the past half century, the past 20 years in particular, the great achievements of reform and opening up have been the focus of world attention and are not to be denied by anyone. The "doomsday theory" of Li Hongzhi entirely negated the social development, the constant improvement of men's quality in the process of historical development, as well as the tremendous changes that our country had undergone.

The purpose of Li Hongzhi to trumpeting the "doomsday theory" is very obvious, that is, to oppose the society as well as government. He opposes not only the socialist society, but all societies; not only our government, but all governments. Isn't it true? According to Li Hongzhi, as he is the only one to solve the problems of the present society and the mankind, the only way out for the entire mankind is to follow Li Hongzhi obediently, obeying his arrangement and guidance and unconditionally sacrificing one's body and soul and everything to Li Hongzhi. Then, when the whole human race is about to perish, you would be saved by Li Hongzhi to the heaven. On the face of this, the fallacy of "doomsday theory" is a mockery of Li Hongzhi towards the entire human race and society as well as the human civilization, and it is also one of the ideological bases for his attempt to develop political forces contending with our Party and government.(Guangming Daily, July 26, 1999)

Purpose of slandering science is to fool the public

--Another criticism on the fallacies of Li Hongzhi

Slandering, defying, and totally negating science is one of the major characteristics of Li Hongzhi as well as one of the main contents of his "Falun Dafa". This is also the one thing that reveals altogether the mean tricks played by Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Dafa" to fool the public by trumpeting superstition and blindness for his unspeakable political purposes.

Science is the ladder for human development, and science and technology are primary productive forces, which have been proved by numerous facts, the tremendous changes that have taken place in China since the reform and opening up in particular. However, Li Hongzhi publicly declared that "the existing science is not science, for with such science the profoundness of the universe can never be detected"; and that "the existing science of mankind has actually been developed on a wrong basis, in which all the perceptions of the universe, the mankind, and life are wrong, so in the field of practice and cultivation, we don't recognize the existing science at all, taking it as a mistake". Then what is science? According to Li Hongzhi, "'Falun Dafa' is the highest science", and its practitioners are "the most advanced scientists". Such is absolutely balderdash and nonsense!

What is science? No answer to this question could be found in those huge books compiled by Li Hongzhi and vaunted as "scriptures". The scientific knowledge of Li Hongzhi is practically nothing. For instance, it was he that called the reaction of nuclear fission as "nuclear fusion"; it was he that called ferro as "ferro molecule"; and it was he that regarded light-year in astronomy as a unit of time. Moreover, it was he that claimed that "2 million atoms line up to form a molecule"; it was he that had no idea of "gravity" and "weightlessness"; and it was he that declared that "2.7 billion, or less than 3 billion Milky Way galaxies form this 'small universe of ours'". That would be enough! It is too ridiculous for such an echt illiterate of science to talk about science without shame and declare that he himself was the representative of the "highest science"!

Actually, Li Hongzhi himself is very clear of his blindness in science at the bottom of his heart. Therefore, he had to snap true science, completely negating it, so as to fabricate some illusory things such as "the end of the world", "karma force", "garbage station" of the universe, "there are human beings in sands, including the black, the white, and the yellow", etc. Anyone who believes in him would be made dizzy, dazzled, and mad, and finally to obediently follow his way: he said that diseases could be cured without taking medicine, so you should not take any medicine; he said that illegal gathering was "taking people to higher levels", so you would have to go on demonstration against the government; he said that "to promote the 'Dafa', one should never mention the things learnt before", so you would have to quote his words as "Master Li Hongzhi said that" and apotheosize him as the "Buddha". So far, the true face of Li Hongzhi could not be clearer: he was making every attempt to create ignorance and cheat the public, taking advantage of which for the purpose of organizing political forces to confront the Party and the government, destroying the stability and unity of the society, and messing up popular feeling as well as the social order.

(Guangming Daily, July 27, 1999)