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Evolution of cult Falun Gong's doctrine

2007-12-27 Author:By: Da Gong

Thedoctrine of cult Falun Gong  is inconsistent and logically contradictory. By analyzing its typical works such as "China Falun Gong (Revised Edition)", "Zhuan Falun",  "Teaching the Fa WhileTouring North America" and "Nine Comments on CCP", it can be learnt that the doctrine of cult Falun Gong had undergone four stages, namely "Buddhist Qigong", "Falun Fofa", "three things" and "systematic anti-CCP". Focus of the doctrine was different at different stages. At the stage of "Buddhist Qigong", its focus was "spreading the Gong"; at the stage of "Falun Fofa", its focus turned to be "spreading the Fa"; at the stage of "three things", its focus shifted to "telling the truth" and things like that and; at the "systematic anti-CCP" stage, it focused on what the cult alleged as "eradicating the evil regime". Although focuses of the cult doctrine at different stage might be somewhat overlapping, the basic evolution course is quite clear. This article will therefore discuss the evolution of the doctrine of cult Falun Gong in such a clue. It is open for comments.

1. Falun Gong was not born to be cult. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, has learnt to practice "Chanmi Gong" from Qigong master Li Weidong and "Jiugongbagua Gong" from another Qigong master Yu Guangsheng. In this sense, Falun Gong was based on Qigong, which according to Li Hongzhi, was Buddhist Qigong in the higher level. In addition, Falun Gong has registered in China Qigong Scientific Research Association as a Qigong school. In order to spread Gong, Li Hongzhi compiled a booklet "Falun Gong" with the help of others. The 15-page-booklet "Falun Gong" is about 6000 words, including three parts, namely introduction of Falun Gong, Basic ways of practicing and spiritual cultivation. In September 1992, Li Hongzhi added some more material to the booklet and renamed it "China Falun Gong". The booklet is about 13000 words. In April 1993, Li Hongzhi had "China Falun Gong" formally published by Military Yiwen Press. The book is over 80,000 words and is divided into four chapters. In December 1993, the book was republished by Military Yiwen Press with the name of "China Falun Gong (Revised Edition)" and of over 84,000 words. According to Li Hongzhi, the Revised Edition of China Falun Gong has simply revised the first edition, cut off the parts of Falun Gong Rules and Cases Manifesting the magic power of Falun Gong and added Q&As. It also changed the preface "New Realm of the Rotating Falun - Mr. Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong Founded by Him" to "An Introduction to Mr. Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong Founded by Him".

"China Falun Gong (Revised Edition)" is composed of five chapters. Chapter one is  an introduction. It mainly argued that: Qigong is prehistoric culture-it "isn't something invented by this civilization"; Gong potency "is developed through the transformation of the form of substance called virtue (de), and through cultivation of character (xin-xing); practice can help to "open the third eye" for the practitioner so that he may have remote viewing ability; Qigong healing, which "eliminates the root cause of illness", is better than medical treatment and "Buddhist Qigong" is of no relation with Buddhism-"they take different paths and they are different disciplines with different requirements". In this chapter issues such as The Side-Door Awkward Ways, Martial Arts Qigong, Reverse Cultivation and Gong Borrowing, Cosmic Language and Spirit Possession are also touched upon. Chapter two is Falun Gong. It mainly argues that: "Falun" (wheel of Law) is "a miniature of the universe"; "Falun Gong is Buddhist Gong"; Falun Gong is higher level of practicing. It further introduces the characteristics in Falun Gong practicing (the law refines the practitioner, cultivating the main consciousness, doing the exercises regardless of direction and time, cultivating both spirit and body and without motif).

Chapter three is Cultivation of Character(xin-xing). It mainly talks about the meaning of character; loss and gain; cultivating truth, kindness and tolerance simultaneously; ridding yourself of jealousy and attachments; karma and eliminating karma; practicing meddling by wicked entities; a person's underlying base and awakening capacity and; a clear and still mind. Chapter four is the Falun Gong Practice System. It mainly explains the five sets of movements and their respective verses. The five sets of movements are: 1. Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms (verses: The Mind and Body Join Together. Move or Become Still According to the Energy Mechanisms. As Tall as Heaven and Incomparably Noble. The Thousand-Armed Buddha Stands Upright.); 2. Falun Standing Stance (verses: Wisdom is Enhanced and Powers Strengthened. The Heart is Harmonized and Body Lightened. As if in a Wondrous and Enlightened State. The Falun Begins to Rise.); 3. Coursing Between the Two Poles (verses: The Body is Purified. The Law Unlocks the Top and Bottom Energy Passages. The Heart is Kind and the Will is Strong. Reaching the Zenith of Heaven and the Nadir of Earth.); 4.Falun Cosmic Orbit (verses: The Revolving Law Reaches the Void. The Heart is Clear Like Pure Jade. Returning to Your Original, True Self. You Feel Light, as if Floating.) and; 5. Reinforcing Supernatural Powers (verses: As if With Intent, Yet Without Intent. Hand Movements Follow the Energy Mechanisms. As If Empty, Yet Not Empty. Move or Become Still With Ease.) The first four sets of movement belong to "dynamical gong" and the fifth belongs to "static gong". Chapter five is Questions and Answers. It mainly gives answers to the questions of the Falun Gong practitioners about "Falun", "Falun Gong practice system", "character", "the Third Eye" and "hardship". E.g. "What does the Wheel of Law look like?", "Can we do the exercises when it thunders?", "What is a person with 'great spiritual inclination'?", "Does an open Third Eye release energy?", "How should we deal with hardships?", "Where did the original mankind come from?" It can be concluded from the content of this book that its emphasis lies in explaining the way of practice aiming to spread the Gong.

Li Hongzhi made it clear in "China Falun Gong(revised Edition)" by saying, "Getting out of the mountain, I just want to guide those who practiced Gong for many years but without any improvement to high levels so that they may be enlightened as early as possible and guide all the practitioners to high levels; and to help to clarify the bad phenomena in the Qigong community as well as from the other space so that the righteous law can be spread and Qigong may develop soundly on the right way." Therefore we can see that Li Hongzhi's "getting out of the mountain" was to promote the "sound development" of Qigong. In the first chapter of the book, Li Hongzhi said, "In China, Qigong arts have a long history that dates back to ancient times...The two upright systems of Qigong cultivation, the Buddhist system and the Daoist system, have made public many great methods of cultivation that before were taught in private. The Daoist ways of cultivation are unique, while the Buddhist system has its cultivation methods. Falun Gong is an advanced cultivation method of the Buddhist system." In this paragraph, there are two elements that deserve our attention. For the first, both Buddhism and Taoism are "upright systems of Qigong cultivation"; for the second, "Falun Gong is an advanced cultivation method of the Buddhist system." These two elements were in fact completely denied by Li Hongzhi in his "Zhuan Falun", a book published later than "China Falun Gong". This further proves that Li Hongzhi doesn't keep his words and may deny what he said before. In the appendix of the book, the Research Society of Falun Dafa introduced Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong founded by him by saying, "he sets the following principles for the creating of Falun Gong: First, Dafa shall be self-giving; second, Dafa has supernatural power; third, Dafa shall conform to truthfulness, compassion and tolerance; fourth, Dafa shall ensure absolute security in practicing...he summarized the advantages and disadvantages of various Qigong schools in the Qigong history and then integrated their souls into Falun Gong." It has already proved that the principles-- "being self-giving", "having supernatural power", conforming to "truth, compassion and forbearance" and "ensuring absolute security in practicing"--are nothing but sheer lie. On the one hand, Li Hongzhi said in the second chapter of this book that "Falun Gong is higher level Buddhist Qigong"; on the other hand, he said here that "souls of various Qigong schools are integrated into Falun Gong". Obviously they were contradictory. Not to mention such contradictions, it could be concluded from the above-mentioned argumentation that Li Hongzhi still believed that Falun Gong was a kind of Qigong and that he didn't deny Qigong but just depreciating other Qigong schools to boast Falun Gong. In Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, Li Hongzhi said, "When our first book, China Falun Gong, was written, its contents were in some respects similar to low-level Qigong. The second book, China Falun Gong (Revised Edition), is much superior Qigong. Now I'm organizing the entire Fa that I've taught. When it's put on paper later on, it will be the Dafa that guides our true cultivation. A lot of terms will be corrected in the new book." The new book that Li Hongzhi referred to is "Zhuan Falun". In the article "Awakening is Essential for Further Advancement", Li Hongzhi also admitted, "China Falun Gong, including its revised version, is only a transitional material in the form of Qigong for people to understand at the beginning." Li Hongzhi was certainly aware of the fact that China Falun Gong (Revised Edition) is utterly different from "Zhuan Falun". He even gave explanation to the Falun Gong practitioners the discrepancy in other books.

To sum up, although Li Hongzhi decorated it with the term of "an advanced cultivation method of the Buddhist system", Falun Gong at this stage is essentially a kind of Qigong--"Buddhist Qigong", no matter in terms of social context in which Falun Gong emerged or from the content of China Falun Gong (Revised Edition) as well as from Li Hongzhi's assertion. Besides, although Li Hongzhi advocated to "cultivate both spirit and body" and talked about "improving the character", he still focused on spreading "the way of practicing" and "the essence of practicing".

2. In December 1994, the 190,000-word book "Zhuan Falun" was published by China Broadcasting Press. The book "Zhuan Falun" cut off the last two chapters in China Falun Gong (Revised Edition) and kept the first three chapters with great modification. One of the most noticeable changes in "Zhuan Falun" is that it adds a preface "On Buddha Law (Lunyu)". Besides the preface, "Zhaun Falun" is divided into nine talks. Sections such as Truly Guiding People Up to High Levels, Different Levels Have Different Laws, One Standard Alone Determines if Someone is Good or Bad: Whether He is Able to be True, Good, and Endure are organized in the first talk, highlighting its purpose of "spreading the Fa and saving people" and the fallacy: "Truth, compassion and forbearance is the nature of the universe". The first chapter of China Falun Gong (Revised Edition) is reorganized in the third talks in "Zhuan Falun" with some expansion. As for the second chapter of China Falun Gong (Revised Edition), except that the section Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong is organized in the first talk with certain modification, other sections are expanded and organized in the fifth talk with sections such as the Qimen Practices, Buddha Image Consecration and the Subject of Sorcery. The third chapter of China Falun Gong (Revised Edition) along with sections such as Martial Arts Qigong and Qigong Healing and Hospital Healing in Chapter Two and sections such as Thought and the Falun Cosmic Orbit in Chapter Three are reorganized in the fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth talks of Zhuan Falun respectively. Many more content are added in these talks, e.g. Buddhist Anointment, Placement of the Mysterious Pass, Male-Female Dual Cultivation, Showing Off, Being Too Engrossed, On Killing, On Eating Meat, Bigu Fasting, Stealing Qi, Gathering Qi, Qigong and Athletics.

All the above-mentioned changes cannot indicate any great changes. The more revealing fact lies in its modification in its contents. On Buddha Law is indeed a queer writing that indicates certain essential change. The preface "On Buddha Law" (the Chinese term Lunyu is in fact a piracy of The Analects of Confucius) defines Falun Gong as "Buddha Law" instead of the term "Buddhist Qigong" as in China Falun Gong (Revised Edition). It claims in the article, "Nothing is as profound as Buddha Law. Of all teachings in the world it is the most wondrous and highest science...there is nothing that Buddha Law cannot explain - it thoroughly unravels all mysteries, from those of particles and molecules to those of the universe, from small things to great things. It is a different discourse at different levels on the nature of the universe - to be True, Good, and Endure - at different levels, what Daoists call 'the Dao', or what Buddhists call 'the Law'... Buddha Law can allow people to thoroughly understand immeasurable, boundless worlds. Throughout all the ages, only one thing has been able to explain perfectly the human race, the many material dimensions that exist, all life, and the entire universe: Buddha Law." On many occasions, Li Hongzhi depreciated Buddhism in boasting "Zhuan Falun". In "On Buddha Law", he said, "Buddha Law is not limited to the little portion in scriptures, which is only Buddha Law's initial-level Law." In "Zhuan Falun", he further said, "Buddhism's Law doesn't cover the entire Buddha Law - it's just a tiny little part of Buddha Law." In "Zhuan Falun (Volume II)", there are even more words that depreciated Buddhism. For instance, "Buddhist dissertations are only one of the smallest parts of Buddha law", "Lessons from Buddhism", "Zen Goes to Extreme" and other articles directly defamed and depreciated Buddhism. Li Hongzhi even collected his "scriptures" and compiled the book "Falun Fofa Scriptures". In the book,there are many articles that defamed and depreciated Buddhism. For instance, in "the Buddha Law and Buddhism", he said, "Buddhism cannot represent the entire Buddha Law....It is the mighty Buddha Law that creates Buddhas, and not Buddha Sakyamuni that created the Buddha Law. Buddha Sakyamuni perceived the Buddha Law,enlightened up to the level of his Attainment Status...How different is modern Buddhism from Brahmanism in its later period? " Since Li Hongzhi has said on many occasions that Brahmanism in its later period tended to be a cult, here by comparing modern Buddhism to Brahmanism in its later period, he just indicated that modern Buddhism was also tend to be a cult. In fact, the kind of Buddhism that Li Hongzhi knew was not upright Buddhism but "True Buddha School" founded by Sheng-yen Lu. Sheng-yen Lu, a Taiwanese Buddhist who claimed himself as "Living Buddha Lian-shen" and "Grand Master", founded "True Buddha School" in 1971 and migrated to Seattle of US in 1980s'. He has written more than 100 books such as Ling Xian True Buddha, The World of Spirit, The world of the Third Eye, The Ling Xian Rainbow Practice, The Mahamudra Guide Book and The Super-sensory Capabilities of Souls. True Buddha School has more than 300 branches around the world with more than two million followers. When Li Hongzhi paid a visit to his sister Li Ping in Thailand, he got to know True Buddha School and assimilate from it many terms such as the "third eye" and "large hand signs". In fact, True Buddha School is not Buddhism but "side-door fringe ways" according to real Buddhists. Since Li Hongzhi himself said that he did not read Sutra, he certainly had no right to comment on Buddhism, but he just ran off at the mouth and defamed Buddhism discretionarily with an aim of boasting "Falun Fofa". Li Hongzhi said in "Zhuan Falun", "whether we're talking about inside China or abroad, I'm the only one who's really transmitting a practice that takes you to higher levels...Right now I'm the only person in the world who is publicly spreading a true teaching. I have done something that's never been done by anyone before, and I've made this available to everyone during the Age of the Law's End...I've unveiled a mystery of the ages, the secret of secrets that absolutely couldn't be told, I've revealed the inside story of all the different cultivation ways in history...If I can't save you nobody can." In the article "Buddha Law and Buddhism"(the book "Falun Fofa Lections"), Li Hongzhi said, "Now I come to the world once again to teach the Fa-- the fundamental law of the universe." In the article "Dafa Can Never be Plagiarized", he said, "My disciples! I have been repeatedly saying that imparting Dafa to human beings is already the greatest mercy to them. This is something unprecedented in billions of years!" In "Zhuan Falun (Volume II)", Li Hongzhi said, "The Teachings in Buddhism are the Weakest and Tiniest Portion of the Buddha Fa...Falun Dafa has for the first time throughout the ages provided the nature of the universe - the Buddha Fa - to human beings; this amounts to providing them a ladder to ascend to heaven." In "Falun Fofa: Teaching the Fa in Sydney", Li Hongzhi said, "I have done something nobody did in the past, and I have opened a big door. I have done something even greater. That is, I have made public all the principles of cultivation practice as well as the elements for completing cultivation. In addition, I have talked about it very systematically. This is why the gods at very high levels have said, "You have left man a ladder to heaven-- Zhuan Falun." In the article "Awakening in Essentials for Further Advancement", Li Hongzhi said, "this book of Fa represents the nature of the universe and is the true manifestation of the mighty Buddha Law. It is what I originally had - that which I recalled after attaining Enlightenment through cultivation practice. I then made it public in ordinary human language, and I taught it to you as well as to those in heavens, thereby rectifying the universe with the Fa." In many other Fa Teaching Conferences such as in Changchun, Singapore, Europe, USA, Switzerland, Sydney, New Zealand, Li Hongzhi didn't ever mention "Buddhist Qigong" but "Falun Fofa".
As for Li Hongzhi, Zhuan Falun should be the most important scripture compared with other Falun scriptures. The term "taking Fa as your master" appeared in "Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa" means taking "Zhuan Falun" as their master. In "Zhuan Falun", Li Hongzhi said, "What's inside this book of mine combines the Law I taught in several classes. All of it is my words, every sentence is my words, and they were transcribed from the tape recordings word by word, and copied down word by word. It was done with the help of my disciples and students. They transcribed my words from the recordings, and then I revised the book over and over again. All of this is my Law - what I teach is just this one Law."

In "Essentials for Further Advancement", Li Hongzhi said, "The book Zhuan Falun was finally published after three revisions made by me...This book of Fa is not only learnt by human beings. It is learnt by wider and higher existence as the universal nature is indeed departed in the greater celestial bodies." In "Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa", Li Hongzhi said, "no matter how many more scriptures we publish, they are merely supplementary materials to Zhuan Falun. Only Zhuan Falun can truly guide your cultivation. It contains inner meanings that go from the level of ordinary people to incomparable heights. As long as you continue to cultivate, Zhuan Falun will always guide your elevation in cultivation." In "Zhuan Falun Fajie", Li Hongzhi said, "Now the third book Zhuan Falun is published. It is the book that guides us cultivating." After "Zhuan Falun" was published, Li Hongzhi emphasized the importance of "studying the Fa", especially of studying "Zhuan Falun". In "Zhuan Falun Fajie", Li Hongzhi said, "At the same time, if you want to grasp this Fa well - and I would say that you have to have a thorough understanding of this book and this Fa - you need to study the Fa. You shouldn't just do the movements. If you do the movements all day and forget everything that the Teacher said, then you won't be able to cultivate. What would be there to guide you? So you should all read the book a lot, study the Fa and read the book like you do the movements daily, and read the book every day. Only then can you be guided to be a good person, only then will your character improve through cultivation, and only then will your Gong increase...If you want to cultivate, you have to study this Fa well. Our Falun Dafa's book, Zhuan Falun, has been published. It's based entirely on the content of my lectures and is presented in full. So you can rely on this book for cultivation in our school." In "Falun Fofa: Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe", Li Hongzhi said, "A book is simply black ink on white paper. I'll know what it's about after I read it once. Every book in human society is like that since they're limited to merely superficial knowledge and they lack any inner meaning; you know what they're about after giving them just one read. Yet this book is different, as it provides guidance for people's cultivation. If you want to improve yourselves in this Fa, you have to keep reading the book. Only then can it guide your cultivation." Many lections in "Essentials for Further Advancement" talked about "learning the Fa", e.g. "Broad and Immense", "learning the Fa", "what is wisdom", "Correction", "Awakening" and "Handling Handwritten Copies of Scriptures". In "Seeking Discipleship with Teacher", Li Hongzhi said, "A person who truly cultivates will gain things naturally without pursuing them. All of the Gong and Fa lie in the book, and one will naturally obtain them by reading Dafa. Those who learn it will change automatically, and they will already immerse in the Dao when they read the book over and over again.

3. After the book "Zhuan Falun" was published, everything should have been clear and there should not be new "Fa". Li Hongzhi should therefore teach the Fa within the frame of "Zhuan Falun" and any new doctrines should be regarded as "evil Fa"--just as Li Hongzhi himself said in "Teaching the Fa at the Close of the Falun Dafa Conference", "I have already taught you My Fa thoroughly and in-depth. If I go on teaching, it will not do any help but interference...but I just want to tell you all that 'Zhuan Falun' can really help you in your cultivating. Other books are just complementary to 'Zhuan Falun'. Therefore we should cultivate in the guidance of the book 'Zhuan Falun'. " Since the Chinese government had banned on Falun Gong and judged it as a cult based on the facts, Li Hongzhi had kept silent for a period of time. But some time later, he started to preach the Fa. The Fa that Li Hongzhi preached this time however, is different from the previously ones. This time he proposed "three things", namely "studying the Fa", "telling the truth" and "sending forth righteous thoughts". Now let's analyze how Li Hongzhi carried out his "three things" and what he said about them.

The first time when Li Hongzhi began to talk about the "three things" is on December 29, 2001 on "Teaching Fa at the  Fa Conference in Florida, USA", on which occasion he said, "I think these three things are all I'll talk about. One is your Fa-study, one is sending forth righteous thoughts, and the other is about why clarifying the truth is extremely important." Before that, the "three things" have been mentioned on certain occasions. This time, Li Hongzhi talked about all of the three things in detail with a focus on "telling the truth". As mentioned above, "studying the Fa" has been highlighted on any possible occasion since the publishing of "Zhuan Falun". "Telling the truth" was first mentioned in the lection  "Digging out the Root" that was published on July 6, 1996, in which Li Hongzhi said that "collectively presenting facts to someone" is "one of the numerous forms of existence that Dafa gives to mankind at the lowest level", considering that "under extremely special circumstances, however, Dafa disciples adopted that approach from the Fa at the lowest level is an act that harmonized the Fa at the level of mankind" which should be recognized. In the lection  "Stability" that was published on June 13, 1999, Li Hongzhi said, "With regard to the information the students have on how the relevant regions or the relevant departments have directly or covertly interfered with and disrupted Falun Gong students' practicing, and with regard to the situation in which some people used their power to stir up a Falun Gong 'incident', to put a broad segment of the people and government in opposition to one another, and to thereby gain politically, the students can report these cases through the normal channels to different levels of the government or to the country's leaders." In fact, by saying that Li Hongzhi affirmed and supported Falun Gong members illegal besiegement of  local governments, media and even central government. In the lection "Local Dafa Societies" that was published on July 20, 2000, Li Hongzhi said, "it is certainly upright to appeal to the Chinese government our real situation in peaceful means...In one year's time, you have done nothing wrong in telling the people and the government the truth and appealing to them...I hope that in the future you shall not ignore the importance of studying Fa during the time you tell the truth and appeal to the government." In the lection "Sense" that was published in August 2000, Li Hongzhi asked the Falun Gong practitioners to "validate the Fa with sense; clarify the truth with wisdom and; spread the Fa and save people in mercy." In the lection "Serious Edification" that was published in September 24, 2000, Li Hongzhi asked the "Dafa disciples" in very severe tone to "get out", "validate the Fa in Beijing" and "clarify the truth among the people" regardless of the danger. In the lection "Suffocate the Evil" that was published in October 21, 2000, Li Hongzhi said, "All of the students who are clarifying the truth today in order to validate Dafa have done really well. I have thoroughly affirmed this."

"What they have done is absolutely correct--there's no doubt about this." On December 9, 2000, Li Hongzhi delivered "Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America", in the lection, Li Hongzhi talked about "telling the truth" in details. He said, "Whether your going to Tiananmen, your clarifying the truth to people in other environments, or your spreading the Fa and exposing the truth about the evil to people outside China, it's all magnificent, because you are one entity."

It was in 2001 that "Sending righteous thought" appeared. In the New-Year's day, 2001, Li Honngzhi published a lection "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance". In this lection, he said, "If the evil has already been beyond redemption, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it...Eradicating the evil is for rectifying the Fa instead of merely an issue on cultivation." At that time, Li Hongzhi didn't indicate to stop and eradicate "evil" by means of "sending forth righteous thoughts". Since the problem was pointed out, Li Hongzhi had to arrive at a good solution. Finally he got an idea of stopping and eradicating the evil by means of "sending forth righteous thoughts". On April 24, 2001, Li Hongzhi published a lection "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful". In this lection, Li Hongzhi said, "The evil beings are being destroyed in large numbers in the Three Realms and the human world...And the overall situation that has appeared, in which Dafa is persecuted in the human world, is caused by the large-scale, severe occurrence of these students being persecuted because they have attachments...Why should you, a Dafa disciple, fear the evil ones when enduring persecution? The crux of the matter is that you have attachments. If not, do not endure passively, and face the evil people with righteous thoughts at all times...Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don't have supernormal abilities. But no matter whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person's True Thoughts come forth they are very powerful." This is the first lection of Li Hongzhi that mentioned "sending for the righteous thoughts". Later, Minghui Net published articles such as Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts, Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Again, Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts for the Third Time, and Eradicating the Evil to fuel the ridiculous "sending forth righteous thought". When Li Hongzhi's book "Teaching the Fa in the Canadian Fa Conference" was published, many Falun Gong practitioners asked about the gesture of "sending forth righteous thoughts", whether there was any difference between male practitioners and female practitioners, whether they should use lotus flower palm and whether they should put the palms together when the process was over. With the approval of Li Hongzhi, Minghui Net published a photo about Li Hongzhi "sending forth righteous thoughts" and explained: single up palm with the right hand; no difference between male practitioners and female practitioners; no restriction on lotus flower palm; no need to put the palms together when the process was over. Li Hongzhi further required that since June 10 that year "Dafa disciples around the world should collectively send forth righteous thoughts once a week in the set time to eradicate the evils in the three realms that disrupted Dafa." The set time is at 5, 6 and 7 o'clock on each Sunday for five minutes. On July 16, 2001, Li Hongzhi published the lection "The Effect of Righteous Thoughts". In this lection, Li Hongzhi fabricated many stories to encourage the Falun Gong practitioners "sending forth righteous thoughts".He said, "At present, the places where the evil is able to do bad things, though, are places that have not been reached by the Fa-rectification's massive changing-force. These are exactly the places where Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts take effect...The effect you've had eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts is truly significant. A great number of evil beings have been eliminated, and some have been partially eliminated. This has knocked the life out of them, has eradicated the evil in many dimensions not yet reached by the Fa-rectification, and has had the effect of eliminating and frightening the evil persons."

In April 2002, Li Hongzhi delivered  "Teaching the Fa while Touring North America",in which he systematically explained on "the three things" . In its summary, Li Hongzhi said, "At present there are three major tasks: the first one is to give priority to Fa-study so as to better understand Fa and rectify Fa; the second one is telling the truth so as to have the public better understand Dafa; the third one is sending righteous thoughts so as to eradicate the evil by means of righteous thoughts. The task of rectifying Fa should not be done all by the Master as the Dafa disciples must act to destroy the old Fa as well. " In this lection, Li Hongzhi said, "I'll mainly talk about three things. The first one is that everyone should make a priority of Fa-study...The second thing is that we need to make a priority of clarifying the truth... The third thing is your sending forth righteous thoughts." Li Hongzhi added, "It is extremely important for every Dafa disciple to study the Fa well." Here he changed his previous assertion that "studying the Fa" are just for the aim of improving "the character", "level" and for "consummation", and relating "studying Fa" with "the celestial body" represented by the practitioner and saving the people in the celestial body. In this way, "personal consummation" in "studying the Fa" was diverted to "saving the people". What Li Hongzhi emphasized in this lection is "clarifying the truth", saying "You need to know that clarifying the truth is extremely important for Dafa disciples. You aren't just doing personal cultivation--your own cultivation is saving the beings in the gigantic cosmic bodies that you represent. When you clarify the truth you are saving even more and even larger additional cosmic bodies and the beings in those cosmic bodies, because this is the responsibility Dafa and history have bestowed upon you." Li Hongzhi modified his assertion on "telling the truth" as well to make it related to "saving the people". He further talked about the ways of "telling the truth", saying, "passing out flyers, making phone calls, using the Internet, going to the consulates, and using all different forms of media to tell the world's people the truth about Dafa and to expose the evil's persecution." About "sending forth righteous thoughts", Li Hongzhi said, "Sending forth righteous thoughts is another really magnificent thing for our Dafa disciples." He regarded "sending forth righteous thoughts" as the most effective means of "eradicating the evil", for which he fabricated a story, "Remember when you first started to send forth righteous thoughts? Those evil beings that were persecuting Dafa disciples came over immediately, lining up in formation and beating their drums. Through sending forth righteous thoughts for a period of time, you have cleaned out large quantities of those evil factors. Now when you send forth righteous thoughts, your Gong has to search all over for those evil things. As soon as Dafa disciples hold their palms erect they flee. Dafa disciples are able to righteously look the evil people straight in the eyes, and the evil people immediately try to avoid eye contact. That's because the righteous thoughts scare off the evil beings that manipulate the evil people, since they know that if they flee just a bit too slowly they'll be instantly eliminated by Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts. That's why the evil is now constantly contracting itself around where the evil is concentrated in China. The evil factors that are controlling people's minds in other parts of the world are in the final stage of being eliminated."

In a word, among the three things, "Studying Fa" has being often talked about, while "clarifying the truth" and "sending forth righteous thoughts" was newly created. In addition, content of "studying Fa" and "clarifying the truth" has been changed fundamentally--from personal "consummation" to "save the people". If "Dafa has already been taught"--just as Li Hongzhi claimed, there should not be any other Fa except for "Zhuan Falun". Does "the three things", that are obviously different from "Zhuan Falun", the "evil Fa"?!

4. While Li Hongzhi said that he "would not get involved in politics",but the cult Falun Gong didn't keep it away from politics. In Fact it got more and more deeply involved in politics and increasingly displayed its retroactive nature, which could be fully manifested in their activities ranging from besieging news media and government bodies to publicly publishing articles cursing others. In 2000, Li Hongzhi published a series of "lections" denouncing CCP overtly. In the article "In Reference to a Prophecy" that was published on June 28, 2000, Li Hongzhi said, "a few people with ulterior motives in the Central Committee of the CCP using their power to initiate a comprehensive, vicious suppression of Dafa and Dafa disciples. They have arrested people, beaten people, sent people to labor camps, sentenced people to jail, and destroyed the books; they have used the army, the police, secret agents, and diplomatic means; and they have used all radio stations, television stations, and the press to spread lies and carry out the persecution in a villainous fashion. Its overwhelming magnitude seems to threaten and bring down the heavens, while their evilness has spread throughout the entire world." In the lections such as Towards Consummation, Eliminating Your Last Attachments, Sober Edification, Eliminating the Evil, and articles such as Speech at the Western U.S. Fa Conference and Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America, Li Hongzhi overtly instigated Falun Gong practitioners to act against CCP and its governments despite the pressure and the concept of life and death--to "disclose the evil", "restrain the evil" and "eliminate the evil". In the lection "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" that was published on January 1, 2001, Li Hongzhi said, "If the evil has already been beyond redemption, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it." Li Hongzi also argued for Falun Gong's getting involved in politics. In the lection "No Politics" that was published on June 4, 2001, Li Hongzhi said, "as for those upright resisters who are against evil regimes wrecking the country and ruining the people, they are not for politics but saving the people of this world" and "saving sentient beings". By this, he meant that the retroactive political activities conducted by the Falun Gong cult were not "political".

In  "Deciphering the Last Three Stanzas of the Plum Blossom Poem" that was published on July 4, 2001, Li Hongzhi took off the mask that covered their retroactive political activities. In this lection, Li Hongzhi misinterpreted the Plum Blossom Poem, saying "Ten years ago, the game had already come to the point of defeat for the side of the wicked communist regimes...Ninety percent of its countries abandoned the evil communism. And that truly spelled imminent disaster for the evil Communist Party... The communist system has disintegrated, but on the surface its skin remains, and the Chinese government has inherited it... Their specific purpose is to use the superficial form of the malevolent CCP to keep hold of power...No matter how beautiful the 'best autumn scenery' is (which is also the party's final moment), autumn scenery naturally doesn't last long"..."In the lowest dimension of the heavens, CCP 'manifests as an evil red dragon..." In Bible, red dragon refers to Satan. In this lection, Li Hongzhi overtly cursed CCP.

In "Teaching Fa at the Fa Conference in Florida U.S.A.", that was published on December 29, 2001, Li Hongzhi said, "You said that that Party has to defeat Falun Gong. But how could Gods allow that? How could the CCP defeat the Law of the cosmos? If you fight with it, you will collapse." In "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston" that was published on April 27, 2002, Li Hongzhi said, "They have such a powerful state propaganda machine, they have consulates all over the world, and they have such an enormous army. What we face is an evil political gang of scoundrels like that who want to suppress us." In "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest--U.S. Fa Conference" that was published on June 22, 2003, Li Hongzhi ran riot in denouncing CCP, saying, "The Party has never admitted any of its faults to the people...Isn't the government awful? Shouldn't the government be eradicated?" Li Hongzhi went on his absurd argumentation by using the historic issues, saying, "Half of the Chinese people have been persecuted by the Party. Before the Party's political power was established, as you know, a lot of wealthy people had their homes ransacked and their property divided up, and they were even executed or sent off to prison. The 'Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries', the 'Three Oppositions and Five Oppositions', the 'Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries', the 'Cultural Revolution'--it persecuted a great number of Chinese people in these many movements. So when it's all added up, more than half of the Chinese people have been subject to various forms of persecution." Finally, Li Hongzhi brazenly and ferociously instigated the Falun Gong practitioners by saying, "Is there any reason for the party and its regime to exist? How should you eradicate such an evil old force with your own efforts? We shall eradicate party and its regime-- the general representative of the old forces if we hope to maintain our Fa."

From November 18 to December 4 in 2004, US based Falun Gong medium Epoch Times published a series of editorial "Nine Comments on CCP", including the first comment--What is CCP; the second comment--how did CCP rose up; the third comment--on CCP's despotic rule; the fourth comment--on CCP's force in counter against the universe; the fifth comment--Jiang Zemin and CCP using each other in prosecuting Falun Gong; the sixth comment--on CCP disrupting national culture; the seventh comment--on the history of CPP's slaughter; the eighth comment--on the cult nature of CCP and; the ninth comment--on the ganger's nature of CCP. Nine Comments on CCP is the most systematic retroactive political argumentation delivered by the Falun Gong cult organization. It more exhaustedly revealed the retroactive political nature of Falun Gong. Epoch Times clearly stated in its "announcement", "Nine Comments on CCP is a final judgment on international communism movement that has endangered the world for more than one century and in particular the Chinese Communist Party." The article stated overtly, "the global communist movement has long been spurned worldwide and CCP's going to its tomb is just an issue of time." The article even judged CCP as "cult", it instigated, "we need to comprehensively reflect and reveal the biggest cult organization that bears all evils in the world and through out the history, so that people that are still deceived by CCP can recognize its evil nature, clear CCP's baneful influence on their spirit, cast off the control of CCP over them psychologically and finally abandon their fantasy over CCP." By means such as distorting the real fact, tampering with the history and making use of historical issues, "Nine Comments on CCP" completely denied CCP and communist movement in a historic view. It even denied the history since China's liberation, especially the brilliant achievement and flourish China has made since the reforming and opening up. In conclusion, the article proposed its retroactive political slogan, "only if there is no CCP, there will be a new China; only if there is no CCP, there will be some hope for China; if there is no CCP, righteous and kind Chinese people will certainly restore historic refulgence." Epoch Times even indicated in its "announcement" that it would publish sequel of Nine Comments on CCP. It has also jointly held global article contest about Nine Comments on CCP with other media such as Boxun Net as well.

From "In Reference to a Prophecy" to "Nine Comments on CCP", Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong cult organization abandoned their assertion of "no politics". They gradually developed from chicanery for their involving in politics in betraying their assertion of no politics to overtly having retroactive political denouncing and cursing. As their masks was taken off, their retroactive political barking got improved and developed from fragmentary barking to systematical retroactive theory.