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Li Hongzhi’s fallacy puts Mr. Du deeply in debt

2020-11-30 Source:chinafxj.cn Author:Hou Chunxiao

The moment Du Yuezhong stepped out of the shadow of Falun Gong, he felt relieved of a heavy burden and suddenly saw the light. In his words, “I found myself getting happy all of a sudden.”

Falun Gong has brought him painful memories which he doesn’t want to relive.

Du Yuezhong, born in 1969, was an employee of Zibo Thermal Power Co., Ltd. In early September 1997, he suffered a sudden asthma attack at a young age. Although he received emergency treatment in a hospital, the lingering effect of the chronic disease remained. It was at this time that he was infected with a deadly “virus”: the Falun Gong evil cult.


One day, Du Yuezhong met a colleague practicing Falun Gong in a square. The colleague told him that he would not get sick as long as he practiced Gong hard. Besides, the colleague gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. As Du was eager to have his disease cured, he began to practice Falun Gong in a muddle-headed way. He realized through reading Zhuan Falun that the means of treatment in hospitals belonged to the “level of ordinary people” and his illnesses are “supernatural”; therefore, the hospitals were unable to play any role in curing him. As long as he practiced sincerely, "Master" would help him "eliminate the karma".

After a period of practicing, Du Yuezhong felt that his symptoms of asthma hadn’t been relieved. In the autumn of 1998, He suffered from asthma attacks again. As he firmly believed that "Master" was helping him "eliminate his karma", he never considered going to the hospital for treatment. Due to his long-term refusal of treatment or medication, his asthma recurred more often than before, not only in winter but also in spring.

Later, Du Yuezhong learned that an assistant at a Falun Gong practicing site died of cancer. The assistant was a young man, only a few years older than Du, but much more "advanced" than him in terms of “cultivation". Although suffering from an incurable disease, the assistant refused to go to the hospital for treatment. His wife had no choice but to forcibly send him to a hospital, where he still refused to be examined or treated, claiming that "Master" was helping him to "eliminate his karma".


Neither did Du Yuezhong reflect on his failure to “get rid of his disease by eliminating karma”, nor did he learn any lesson from the death of that young Falun Gong assistant. After practicing Gong and studying the “Fa” for a long time, Mr. Du had already lost his ability to think critically. All he thought about was “Master”, Dafa, “eliminating karma”, “reaching Consummation”, and his fellow practitioners.

After Falun Gong was banned according to law, Du Yuezhong’s mind was still under the control of Li Hongzhi’s fallacies. He continued to practice Falun Gong secretly, although he knew it was illega. Just when he thought that he would soon “reach Consummation”, the Falun Gong cult organization exposed its nature of obtaining money by deception. A fellow practitioner told Du Yuezhong that if he wanted to “reach Consummation” quickly, he had to eat "Falun Gong products".

Those so-called "Falun Gong products" were illegally-manufactured shoddy products. Just like the Fa-principles fabricated by Li Hongzhi, these “products” revealed their shoddy quality everywhere. To “reach Consummation” as soon as possible, Du Yuezhong began to buy and eat these “Falun Gong products”, which came from Shenyang and were not cheap at all. With the mentality of "trusting Master and believing in Fa", Du Yuezhong bought and “ate” a large number of these “products", which soon consumed all his family's savings of 20,000 Yuan.

However, the “blessings" Du Yuezhong received from “Master” in return was a heavy debt load, as he borrowed more than 60,000 yuan for purchasing those "Falun Gong products". Plus his own savings spent on “Falun Gong products”, the money Du Yuezhong was swindled of by Falun Gong organization totaled nearly 100,000 yuan. As a result, he landed himself in deep trouble, plagued by both poverty and illness, which made him feel dissatisfied with everything.


Talking about what he had encountered these years since he practiced “Gong” and studied the “Fa”, Du Yuezhong said, "It was all brought about by Li Hongzhi."