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Minor illness turns fatal as woman obsessed with Falun Gong “miracles”

2021-08-24 Source:http://www.chinafxj.cn/ Author:Hou Chunxiao

The Tomb Sweeping Day was coming. Fei Xueying's grave was covered with green melancholy grass. Buried under a layer of earth, she could no longer hear the call of her husband and daughter. Only the boundless sky and the luxuriant grass could hear the tearful words of her loved ones. Shi Fuqi, her 70-odd-year-old husband, sobbed, "Darling, you are gone, but I miss you so much! So do our children! It is Falun Gong that has killed you!"

Shi Xiujun, Fei Xueying's daughter, knelt in front of her mother's grave, saying with tears in her eyes, "Mom, if you hadn't practiced Falun Gong, you must be still alive now, and how happy we would be when my younger sister and I came home and stay together as a family. During your lifetime, you refused to take the medicine you were advised to take. Why didn't you follow the advice?"

Indeed, it was the evil cult of Falun Gong that had killed Fei Xueying.

Fei Xueying, born in May 1944, was a village woman in Jiejiang County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. She and her husband raised five daughters. Growing tea and rice is the main source of income for her family. Sometimes, the couple worked away from home. As a typical rural woman, Fei Xueying was hard-working, kind-hearted, considerate towards her husband, and full of love for her children. She worked day and night in order to create a happy life for her family. When her husband worked away from home, she took the family burden upon herself at home. Therefore, everyone in her village would give her a thumb-up when speaking of her.

Unfortunately, she came across the evil cult of Falun Gong on the journey of her life. In May 1997, Fei Xueying, who worked in town then, was deceived into joining the cult under the brainwashing of the Falun Gong cult members. According to what they told Fei Xueying, if you practiced Falun Gong, you wouldn't need to take any injections or medication for your illness, as Master Li Hongzhi would help you "eliminate karma" and let you get well on your own. Besides, Master's "law body" would protect Dafa disciples 24 hours a day, so no harm would come to you as a Dafa disciple. Moreover, one person practicing would benefit the whole family. Since Falun Gong had such magic power, Fei Xueying, who loved her family so much, felt that she should believe in Falun Gong and practice it, not only for herself but also for her family.

From then on, Fei Xueying no longer concentrated on her work but spent most of her time on various activities held by the Falun Gong cult organization. She constantly attended Falun Gong gatherings to experience the illusory "energy field," "Falun shield," and Master's "law body protection” while practicing in a group setting. During her endless studying of the “Fa," she vainly sought to ascend to a higher level, gain gong (spiritual energy), and ascend to heaven. Bewitched and deceived by the Falun Gong cult, she and her fellow practitioners distributed Falun Gong propaganda materials to pedestrians and played Falun Gong videos for them time and again. As she made more “advancement” in “cultivation,” she gradually immersed herself in such "beauty of Dafa” as “heavenly world" and "consummate Buddhahood." Later, in order to be a "true cultivation disciple," Fei Xueying simply gave up her job in town and devoted herself to practicing Falun Gong and spreading the “Fa.”

Fei Xueying’s husband and daughter were very worried about the discomforting changes that had taken place in her, persuading her repeatedly not to get obsessed with “Master” and “Dafa”, in the hope that she could live happily with her family as before. However, Fei Xueying, who had been completely brainwashed by the heresies of the Falun Gong cult, refused to follow the advice of her family. Instead, she regarded their well-meaning advice as an obstacle that prevented her from "attaining Buddhahood," and considered her family members as ignorant "ordinary people.”

"A heavenly world full of gold" fabricated by “Master” Li Hongzhi convinced Fei Xueying that she could go to heaven in her next life. Such heresies took over her soul, so she no longer had her family and loved ones in her heart, but obstinately stuck to her wrong opinions and sank deeper and deeper into the abyss set by "Master" Li Hongzhi. Since becoming a "Dafa disciple," Fei Xueying had turned into a quite different person. During the busy farming season, she was no longer seen working in the fields.

According to Shi Fuqi, Fei Xueying became more indifferent to her family's persuasion with her increasing obsession with Falun Gong. She not only abused her family members but even beat them. While she made “further advancement” and "ascended to a higher level,” her family suffered an increasingly uncomfortable life.

After learning that Fei Xueying had been cheated into joining Falun Gong, the anti-evil-cult volunteers visited her at her home many times.  They tried to persuade her by presenting the facts and reasoning things out, hoping that she would believe in science and return to normal life. Regrettably, their repeated effort still failed to awaken her to reality because she was too deeply poisoned by the Falun Gong cult.

Her long-term "cultivation" in a blind way, coupled with the irregularity in the diet caused by her “spreading the Fa” outside over a long time, made her previously good health deteriorate day by day. She was bestowed with good health for laboring under the sun in the past. But now, the evil cult of Falun Gong had ruined her healthy body.

Fei Xueying didn’t realize her error in the slightest then. She firmly believed that Master had some kind of "magic power," that Master would help her eliminate karma, and that Master’s “law body" would protect her from any problems. With her mind filled with these heretical ideas, Fei Xueying insisted on not taking any injections or medication for her illness, let alone go to hospital for examination and treatment.

According to Shi Shujun, Fei's second daughter, Fei's foot was once bitten by a dog and bled a lot. Shi Shujun wanted to take her to hospital for treatment, but she refused. Later, Fei's other daughters all came to persuade her, but she still insisted on not going to hospital, saying that she would be fine under the protection of Master's Fashen (law body). After a few months, her wound slowly healed despite no treatment.

Later, in order to “ascend to a higher level,” Fei Xueying began to "study the Fa" at home and "spread the Fa” outside, with a sick body that had been “cleansed by Master.” Soon after, another unfortunate thing happened. One day in the following year of 2014, Fei Xueying fell on her way out and hurt her foot and neck.

The fall was not serious. As long as Fei Xueying received proper treatment, she would be fine after a few days of rest. However, Fei Xueying insisted on not seeking any treatment, which caused her condition to worsen continuously. Meanwhile, she was foolishly waiting for “Master” to exercise his “magic power” to bless her with peace and safety. Finally, in November 2014, she died while “practicing cultivation.”.

Thus Fei Xueying was taken to a path of no return by the Falun Gong cult. Shi Xiujun, Fei’s eldest daughter, said that her family members couldn’t understand why her mother gave up her family after getting obsessed with Falun Gong. They saw clearly from Fei’s experience how the Falun Gong cul killed a person. Therefore, they volunteered to come forward and share the story to warn people to stay away from evil cults. Shi Shujun, Fei Xueying’s second daughter, said, "I hope people won't get obsessed with Falun Gong like my mother!"