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Ms. Chen: “I’m going to be a good mother and good citizen again”

2021-10-11 Source:http://www.chinafxj.cn/ Author:Lin Zhongyuan

I am Chen Guilian, 65 years old. I went astray into the Falun Gong cult when seeking treatment for my rheumatism and arthritis. However, instead of curing my disease, Falun Gong had made me lose my original dream and destroyed my happy family.

I used to be an elementary school teacher at the Children's School of Fangchenggang Port Authority in Guangxi Autonomous Region. After getting obsessed with the Falun Gong cult, I deviated from the normal track of society, becoming indifferent to my relatives, hostile to the government, and increasingly isolated in mind and life. Although my family often tried to persuade me to quit the evil cult, I was too obstinate to be awakened, repeatedly refusing to accept their education and help.

Chen Guilian started a new life now

Suffering from rheumatic arthritis, accompanied by severe pains in my hands and feet, I joined the Falun Gong cult On July 21, 1997, under the influence of its members, who boasted that practicing Falun Gong could cure all diseases. Due to my regular exercise and the psychological suggestion from Li Hongzhi, I felt my physical condition improved and thus regarded Falun Gong as a miraculous practice. Then I practiced Falun Gong every day, mistakenly putting my hopes on Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi to cure my illness and prolong my life. I worshipped Li Hongzhi more and more and kept practicing Falun Gong as my fellow practitioners did. However, it hadn't caused my disease to disappear automatically.

One night, I had an illusion after practicing Falun Gong. I suddenly felt that the "millennium-old ghost" was trying to eat me. To drive away diseases and ghosts, I studied Falun Gong’s “scriptures” day and night under the influence of Li Hongzhi’s heretical fallacies, trying to pursue “supernormal abilities.”

In 1999, the Falun Gong cult was banned by the government. However, I was still obsessed with the evil cult and couldn’t extricate myself from it. Every day, I was in a state of being half-asleep and half-awake, i.e. the hypnotic state as we know it. I carried out Li Hongzhi's orders without any doubt, paying no attention to anything else. Instigated by Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong cult, I believed that I could defy all laws on earth with blessings from Falun Dafa and the "Lord Buddha of the Universe.” Finding I was so obsessed with Falun Gong, my husband tried to persuade me to quit it, but I remained unmoved and even resented him. As a result, my husband divorced me, while my daughter ignored me as if I was a stranger to her. That year, I was punished according to law for disturbing social order.

Interview scene

After I returned home, a former fellow practitioner came to me. At that time, I had realized that what Li Hongzhi preached was pure nonsense. But that fellow practitioner told me all I had to do was to practice Falun Gong as required and that it could keep me fit and cure my diseases. Having practiced Falun Gong for some time, I was not quite convinced of Li Hongzhi's heresies. Later, all my thoughts went to Li Hongzhi’s scriptures. Little by little, I believed in Li Hongzhi's Falun Dafa without a shadow of a doubt. Then I began to refuse to take medicine for my disease. Sometimes, I did feel uncomfortable, still plagued by severe pain in my hands and feet. However, my first thought was it was because I hadn’t practiced hard. So I was deceived again.

In 2002, I distributed pre-copied Falun Gong propaganda materials while attending a classmate reunion in Qinzhou City, Guangxi, for which I was punished by law for the second time. However, I still didn’t realize that my acts were illegal. I saw all my classmates as bad people, insisting that “Falun Dafa was good.” After I won release from prison again, the relevant government departments were still very concerned about my medical treatment and housing problems. Under the support of higher authorities, the Fangchenggang Municipal Government borrowed 30,000 yuan from the Fangchenggang Port Group's Critical Disease Relief Fund to buy basic pension insurance for me. Also, it found a low-rent house for me at the Shagang immigrant resettlement site in Port District so that I could live in a fixed place at my old age without any worries.

However, I still hadn’t eliminated superstitious thoughts in my mind. Instigated by my fellow practitioners, I went back on the road of the Falun Gong cult. In 2015, I was sentenced according to law for the third time. During my sentence, the police officers from Guangxi Women's Prison took very good care of me. They conducted heart-to-heart talks and exchanging views with me regularly. The help and education staff explained the Shurangama Sutra to me, which made me realize that what the Sutra said was totally different from what Falun Gong preached. It can be said that Falun Gong is an evil cult wrapped in Buddhism. Besides, I found out the contradictions in Li Hongzhi's heresies and gradually came to realize the truth.

I feel regret for what I did in the past when thinking of my life in prison. There are two births: one is the physical birth, another is the spiritual birth. When I strayed into the Falun Gong cult, I didn’t know that the "scriptures" of the Falun Gong cult had exercised mind control over me, making me willing to follow the evil cult. Falun Gong is really harmful to people! Never read its books!

My daughter came to visit me before my release from prison. The sight of my daughter touched my heart a lot. After my physical recovery, I’ll volunteer to help and educate those Falun Gong addicts and refute Li Hongzhi's heretical fallacies through my own experience.

I was jailed several times, but the relevant departments never stopped helping me because of it. They repeatedly sent cadres to visit me in Guangxi Women's Prison, bought me fruits, and gave me money for living expenses. I was deeply moved by them, who were so kind to me.

The books Chen Guilian reads every day

Now I have returned to normal social life. Some of my former fellow practitioners have already died of illness, and practicing Falun Gong hasn’t allowed them to reach consummation and ascend to heaven. After receiving education and help as I did, many of my fellow practitioners have realized that Li Hongzhi was a big liar and that he himself would also be ill, hospitalized, and get old naturally like all of us. I no longer worship Li Hongzhi, the leader of the Falun Gong cult. At ordinary times, I’ll study traditional culture, natural science, and so on in earnest. Through in-depth study of the concept of scientific treatment and health-keeping, I have understood the cause of my illness and built up the confidence to overcome it. I will repent and turn over a new leaf. I will also erase the shadow on my daughter's heart with my love and make up for the trauma inflicted on her soul. I’m going back to being a good mother and a good citizen again.