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CACA: Why does Falun Gong push 'Sujiatun organ harvesting allegation'?

2013-12-11 Source:Kaiwind

The so called "harvesting organs alive" propagandized by Falun Gong was just a part of its strategy of deceit. In March of this year, Falun Gong began to propagandize the rumor of "Sujiatun Concentration Camp". Falun Gong claimed that several thousand Falun Gong practitioners were detained in a hospital in Sujiatun district of Shenyang city in Liaoning province, and the organs of most of the practitioners were harvested when they were still alive and their bodies were burned afterward. Subsequently, Chinese government, American embassy in China and some foreign and domestic media investigated the accusation, which was proved to be a complete lie. After the Sujiatun rumor was disclosed, Falun Gong began to transfer the focus of rumor and claimed that there were a lot of so called "live harvesting organs" phenomena in other regions of China. The following are the related materials of the Sujiatun rumor.

The cause and the result of the "Sujiatun Concentration Camp"  

In the early March this year, the Falun Gong organization, whose headquarter was in America, deliberately proposed a new lurid rumor, the so called "Sujiatun Concentration Camp Incident" through its two media, "Minghui Net" and "Epoch Times". Falun Gong claimed that there was a concentration camp in Sujiatun District of Shenyang City in Liaoning province, in which there were more than 6000 Falun Gong practitioners detained, and two thirds of them were already dead. Their bodies were burned in the cremator of the concentration camp after their organs were harvested, which were sold illegally to domestic and foreign markets.

Then, surrounding the "Sujiatun Concentration Camp", Falun Gong organization magnified and boosted the rumor without restraint. They canvassed for politicians and publicly held "demonstrations to protest" in some countries, and made disturbances in front of Chinese embassies or consulates in these countries. In a word, they took use of every kind of method. What was especially despicable? On April 20, Wang Wenyi, a reporter of "Epoch Times" of Falun Gong made troubles on the spot by raising this rumor, in the welcoming ceremony held by American government for Chinese president Hu Jintao, which ashamed President Bush and was regarded as a "great embarrassment" (CNN) by some American mainstream media.

Falun Gong was good at fabricating rumors, which was a common thing for Chinese people and no one believed them. However, some people were still cheated easily in foreign countries. As to the rumor of "Sujiatun Concentration Camp", some western people believed it was a truth. Media and politicians of some countries blamed China because of a rumor fabricated by the Cult Falun Gong under the condition that they knew nothing about the truth. Some parliament members in some countries even asked their governments to protest against Chinese government. Actually, there was no need to refute such a ridiculous rumor. However, since there were some people who believed it without verification for various reasons, it seemed that we should disclose the essence of Falun Gong's rumor completely and allow people to see it clearly.

I. "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" was a fairy tale 

The so called "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" was just a rumor fabricated by Falun Gong organization. At the time the rumor was fabricated, it was full of contradictions. Therefore Falun Gong had to change the story for many times, but the more it tried to hide, the more it exposed.

At the beginning, Falun Gong claimed in its report that the "concentration camp" was surrounded by wired wall of three meters high, in which a large amount of bodies were burned ceaselessly. People with right judgment knew it was a deceit at the first sight. Why did no one know and report this large-scale "concentration camp" with the wired wall of three meters high for a long time in the urban Shenyang city in which eight million citizens lived? Since the deceit was so uncanny that it was questioned by many people when it was fabricated, Falun Gong changed its story soon. Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine (which was generally called Sujiatun Thrombus Hospital) became the "concentration camp" and Falun Gong publicized the photos of the hospital and the so called "cremator" in the hospital. By doing so, the place was given, but there were new contradictions. Because Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine was a hospital with fame, many patients from foreign countries came here to cure their illnesses. Everyone knew that the hospital only owned 300 sickbeds. There was no way for the hospital to accommodate more that 6000 people, even the hospital denied to treat any patient. Then, Falun Gong corrected itself by claiming that more that 6000 people were detained in the basement of the hospital, but in fact there was no basement in the hospital. As to the "cremator" publicized by Falun Gong, it was actually the boiler room of the hospital, the main function of which was for heating and sanitizing. The boiler room had many bright windows, through which one can see the lawn outside the window. The lawn was a public one and neighboring citizens took a walk here all day long. How did the hospital secretly, ceaselessly, abundantly burn bodies with such kind of facility in such a place? As to the rumor of "harvesting organs and illegally selling to domestic and foreign markets", it was a complete lie. People may ask: whose organs were harvested? In which hospital were their organs harvested? Who did the operations? To whom the organs were sold? If organs of thousands of people were harvested and sold out, why can't Falun Gong answer even one of the above questions? Since the deceit were too uncanny, even Wu Hongda, who lived abroad and called himself an anti-Chinese government "democratic activist" and an expert of "the issue of Chinese labor education", could not tolerate and wrote publicly to American Parliament to deny the authenticity of the deceit.

As regard to the Falun Gong rumor,the Chinese authorities concerned had refuted it for many times. The direct victim of the rumor, Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine, refuted the rumor and clarified the facts in its website "China thrombus disease research Net". In April 4, the spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry refuted the rumor of Falun Gong when answering the question raised by a AP reporter. In April 12, the government of Sujiatun District and Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine held a news conference in State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China and denounced Falun Gong's despicable behavior of fabrication. They announced seriously that they would welcome domestic and foreign media and any person to review on the spot in Sujiatun District.

After Falun Gong fabricated the rumor, many domestic and foreign media went to Sujiatun and made live interviews. For example, in March 24, China News interviewed Sujiatun District and Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine; in March 31, NHK of Japan, Phoenix TV of Hong Kong, Takungpao of Hong Kong interviewed the hospital on the spot. In its report, Phoenix TV pointed out definitely, the secret "concentration camp" claimed by Falun Gong did not exist at all. In the news conference of State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China in April 12, eleven domestic and foreign media, including CNN, Washington Post, AP, Reuters, Singaporean Zaobao, Hong Kong Phoenix TV and Japanese ASAHI made live interviews, and all of the media reported the information that the Government of Sujiatun District and Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine refuted the rumor of Falun Gong with facts. The headline of Reuters' report was, "China denounced Falun Gong's report of 'concentration camp'."

The officials of American embassy and consulates in China visited Sujiatun District twice. In March 22, an official from American consulate in Shenyang visited Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TCM and Western Medicine. She praised the environment and medical condition of the hospital and said she will introduce the hospital to her friends in America. Later, AP interviewed American embassy in China. According to the  AP report, a spokeswoman of American embassy in China expressed, "According to all the information we have been able to obtain thus far, the site is functioning only as a hospital. In April 14, Mr. David A. Kornbluth,the consul general of American consulate in Shenyang and two officials from the embassy made a detailed visit to the medical center which lasted for 3 and half  hours. They visited all the facilities of the hospital, including pharmacological laboratory, Operating room, the storehouse of the eatery, Garage, Garbage Room, Boiler, Chimney and Archives room, and they also visited the neighboring residential areas. In April 14, American State Department released a report regarding with the two investigations. The report claimed, "We found no evidence that the site is being used for any function other than as a normal public hospital."

Fact proved that the so called "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" was a fabricated story. Falun Gong had its inclement intentions by fabricating such a story. Firstly it wanted to bring shame on Chinese Government by confounding right and wrong and by deceiving people. Secondly it wanted to disturb the visit of Chinese president Hu Jintao to America and harm the relationship between China and America. In April 20, Wang Wenyi, the reporter of "Epoch Times" made troubles in the White House by raising the issue of Sujiatun incident, which was a designed action of Falun Gong. In a civilized and legal society like America, the action of Wang Wenyi was defiance against civilization, human dignity and law. Her action violated American law and she deserved punishment. However, "Epoch Times" and Wang Wenyi herself didn't take it as a shame after the incident. Moreover, they spread the rumor of Sujiatun Concentration Camp without restraint. All these showed clearly that "Epoch Times" was not a decent media at all, and its reporters didn't have basic professional moral and expertise. People of insight should realize that  Falun Gong paid no attention to morality, honesty, dignity, human rights and legal system. Believing the rumor of Falun Gong and giving loose to the rumor of Falun Gong not only harms the image of China, it may also bring disgrace to yourself, and you may face the miserable circumstance of being used by Falun Gong as a cheap tool.

II. Deluding people by fabricating rumors was the habitual trick of Falun Gong 

It was not the first time that Falun Gong fabricated rumors like "Sujiatun Concentration Camp", and it was not an accidental incident. Deluding people by fabricating rumors was the habitual trick of Falun Gong.

The ringleader of the cult was Li Hongzhi, who promoted his cult by deluding people with lies and rumors. Li Hongzhi changed his birthday from July 7, 1952 to May 12, 1951 because the latter was April 8 in Chinese lunar calendar, which was the birthday of Sakyamuni in legend. Then he called himself "the reincarnation of Sakyamuni". Li Hongzhi also wore a theatrical costume he bought in a store and took a "Fa picture" of "sitting cross-legged on a lotus flower". He sold the picture to Falun Gong practitioners and asked them to worship him as "the greatest god in the universe".

Li Hongzhi compiled a lot of frauds and heresies to cheat Falun Gong practitioners. For example, he said human being had been destroyed 81 times, the earth was to explode soon and only he was able to stop the explosion of the earth; he said the earth was the garbage station of the universe and America was the biggest refuse dump in the earth, and people could get away from it only by practicing Falun Gong; he said he could control the whole human being, and he is even bigger than the universe; he didn't allow Falun Gong practitioners to believe in religion and said all religions were misleading people, everything was arranged by him and even slaughter of Jews by Hitler was the result of changing astronomical phenomena; he claimed "science is what the ET imposes on human being", computer was what the ET created to control human being, and science was cult; he said there was no need to take medicine for Falun Gong practitioners, "genius practitioner will not get sick", "practitioners will not die even a car strikes them"; he said practitioners of Falun Gong should abandon everything, "you will become a god if you do not care about life and death", he would bring a great miracle to human being by "allowing all practitioners to be raised to the heaven with their bodies when they obtain consummation"; he said people who did not allow others to practice Falun Gong were devils, among them "those regicidal devils should be killed", and Falun Gong practitioners could rebound upon their relatives after hurting them.

Li Hongzhi mentally controlled Falun Gong practitioners by rumors, frauds and heresies, which caused a lot of Falun Gong practitioners' deaths. Among them, there were more than 1000 Falun Gong practitioners died because of denying medical treatment or medicine as demanded by Li Hongzhi; hundreds of practitioners committed suicide; more than 30 innocent people were killed by Falun Gong obsessed practitioners. Given to the human rights abusing and other illegal and criminal situation caused by the Cult Falun Gong, Chinese government banned it in 1999 according to the law and Li Hongzhi and some others were listed as the wanted criminals.

After Li Hongzhi fled to America, Falun Gong didn't give up evil and return to good, it opposed Chinese government even worse and fabricated rumors and made troubles in order to cover up its crimes and defame Chinese government. In recent years, Falun Gong fabricated and distributed a lot of rumors, here are some typical examples.

On January 23, 2001, seven Falun Gong practitioners collectively burned themselves in Tian'anmen Square of Beijing according to Li Hongzhi's demands of "paying no attention to life and death" and "pursuing consummation", which caused two deaths and three severe injuries. All the decedents were female and one of them was only 12 years old. This incident startled the whole world. After the incident the Chinese government tried best to cure the survivals. However, Falun Gong headquarter in America publicly denied the self-burners were Falun Gong practitioners and claimed that the incident was designed by Chinese government. As to this, those who attended the self-burning incident were very angry and disclosed it publicly. Wang Juan, The daughter of the main designer of the self-burning incident Wang Jindong refuted the rumor of Falun Gong with the miserable experiences of her parents and herself after practicing Falun Gong in the UN Human Rights Conference in 2002.

In May 2003, "Minghui Net" sensationalized without restraint that "Wei Xingyan, a female post graduate student of Chong Qing University was raped by a policeman of the detention house". After the investigation by the related authority, there was no student named "Wei Xingyan" in Chong Qing University, and the incident of "rape of Wei Xingyan" was a fabricated story. Actually, in accordance with the direction of Falun Gong, a practitioner who knew the name of a woman who sold her sex in another province, and he fabricated this rumor. Therefore, Chong Qing University refuted the rumor publicly. Media also publicly reported the incident and refuted the rumor of Falun Gong with facts.

In August 2004, "Minghui Net" sensationalized without restraint the incident of "Liao Yuanhua, a Falun Gong practitioner from Hubei province was severely tortured in prison". The Net made public 17 photos of tuture together with the  explanation words and accused that Liao Yuanhua was tortured by 30 different kinds of "excruciations" in Fan Jiatai prison in Hubei province. After investigation of police authority, the fact was that Liao Yuanhua, a Falun Gong practitioner in Wuxue city of Hubei province forged 30 kinds of scenes of tortures in the house of Liao and a tile factory in the city suburbs together with others in light of the direction of "Minghui Net". After taking photos of these scenes, he polished these photos with computer and passed them to "Minghui Net". Liao Yuanhua and other four criminals involved with the case were arrested. Since the evidences were irrefutable, the five criminals confessed without concealing anything. Chinese media reported and disclosed the case in detail.

In November 2005, "Epoch Times" of Falun Gong released the series articles of "Nine Commentaries on CCP". After that all the media of "Falun Gong sensationalized the so called "quitting the Party" activity without restraint. There was no need to comment on the contents of the series articles of "Nine Commentaries on CCP", which were just rumors and insults. Just consider the issue of "quitting the Party"; we can realize that Falun Gong regarded fabricating rumors as potluck without restraint. According to the words of Falun Gong, there were more than 10 million people who had "quitted CCP" since December 3, 2004 to late April, 2006. Then, where the statistics of 10 million came from? Where were the 10 million people? Statistics should be a result from scientific investigation. However, Falun Gong  statistics of "quitting the Party" were just fiddlesticks. Moreover, who can investigate and verify such a big number? Why Falun Gong didn't give an explanation that China under the leadership of CCP, with 10 million members quitted, could still enjoy a rapid developing economy, stabilize society and unite people? CCP has 70 million party members. According to the words of Falun Gong, one-seventh of CCP members have quitted the Party, then in a forseeable future, all of the 70 million members would quit the Party altogether. This was the style of Falun Gong. No matter it was reasonable or not and no matter you believed it or not, Falun Gong just fabricated its rumors. Falun Gong was just as ridiculous and impudent as this.

III. Why Falun Gong fabricated rumors ceaselessly 

They had three objectives:

1) To transfer focus and cover up its history and essence of violating human rights and killing people. Before Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government, it had caused a large amount of deaths and family breaking up. After Falun Gong was banned according to the law, a lot of Falun Gong practitioners still could not break away from the mental control of Li Hongzhi and committed suicide, killed others or died because of refusing medical treatment (refer to the cases attached). It's a necessity for Falun Gong to fabricate and distribute rumors ceaselessly so as to attract people's attention by rumors and to prevent people from realizing or make them forget its evil essence and the heresies of Li Hongzhi, the poisonous source.

2) To cheat people's sympathy. Almost all the deceits fabricated by Falun Gong were related to human rights. They changed their status of a criminal who violated human rights to a victim by fabricating Falun Gong practitioners' stories of being persecuted, in hope of cheating sympathies of western politicians and people so as to survive and develop in those countries.

3) To provide excuses of attacking China for some westerners who don't know the truth or who are biased.

Given to the above facts, we cordially remind friends who care about China to be cautious with the propaganda of Falun Gong's media, such as "Minghui Net", "Epoch Times", "New Tang Dynasty TV". You should try to understand the truth from various channels and do not be cheated by Falun Gong, fooled by its rumors and utilized by Falun Gong. We also request your government to restrict Falun Gong's activities of disturbing our embassies and consulates with baseless rumors. After all, the precondition of freedom of speech should be facts and laws.

(China Association For Cultic Studies)