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China Association for Cultic Studies warns against int'l competition series organized by Falun Gong

2009-06-04 Source:People's Daily Online

Recently, overseas Falun Gong cult organizations have collected a large amount of online information on both domestic and international celebrities in culture, sports, and entertainment communities. Using this data, Falun Gong has ordered practitioners to trick and entice the celebrities into participating in an international competition series organized by them through such means as making phone calls, sending faxes, email, letters, and providing recommendations through acquaintances. 

In the last few years, Falun Gong organizations have engaged in many activities against  and their mental control over their members has resulted in many cases of practitioners refusing medical care, committing suicide and murder among overseas practitioners. These cases have allowed more and more people in western countries to have a better insight into the group and a better understanding of its nature as a cult with hidden political intentions. In order to survive the current difficult situation, Falun Gong organizations have organized shows and performance activities in some western countries to take advantage of traditional Chinese culture. But the fact is that these shows are low in quality and full of disgusting flatteries of Li Hongzhi, as well as false attacks on , making it an ugly joke among many western and overseas Chinese audiences who have been cheated into watching these shows. 

Since last year, Falun Gong organizations have started to plan an International Chinese Competition Series. On the one hand, they want to gather more talents around them for their purposes, and on the other hand, they intend to use the participants that they fool into taking part to launch more attacks on through the competition. As of today, the competitions they plan to organize include: International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition, Chinese International Violin Competition, Chinese International Vocal Competition, Chinese International Piano Competition, Global Han Couture Design Competition, Chinese International Figure Painting Competition, International Chinese Culinary Competition, International Chinese Classical Dance Competition, and Chinese International Photography Competition. 

The China Anti-Cult Association points out that all the competitions are actually organized by New Tang Dynasty Television, The Epoch Times, and Sound of Hope International Radio. These meida groups appear to be "ordinary media" but are in fact media sponsored by Falun Gong. In order to deepen their deception, they might resort to other available resources. For example, the International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition which was held recently was organized by a Falun Gong organization in . 

The China Anti-Cult Association wants to remind domestic and international professionals in culture, sports, and entertainment communities to be cautious of the deceitful tricks used by Falun Gong organizations. In case you receive invitation letters for Chinese Competitions whose background is unidentified, please consult relevant domestic authorities or search for more detailed information from the Internet so as not to be deceived. 

(People's Daily Online, August 01, 2008)