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Falun Gong TV hijacking denounced at Beijing Anti-cult Conference

2007-12-07 Source:Xinhuanet

Delegates to a China Association for Cultic Studies conference on Wednesday denounced the TV hijacking committed by Falun Gong cult activists.

In a written announcement, the delegates made accusations and expressed indignation toward the new crime committed by the Falun Gong cult.

Television signals illegally broadcast by Falun Gong cult devotees since Sept. 8 have cut into transmissions using the Sino Satellite (SINOSAT) system that covers the whole territory of China. The source of the illegal TV signals has been pinpointed to Taipei city area in east China's Taiwan province.

The delegates called it "wicked" to attack a civil satellite, which transmits television and distance learning programs to people mostly living in remote and mountainous areas.

The TV hijacking has severely affected the "TV signals to every village" program of CCTV, the leading national television station in China, the transmission of signals from China Education TV Station (CETV) and of some provincial-level TV stations. It made viewers in some outlying rural and mountainous areas unable to watch their regular TV programs.

The announcement also said that the Taiwan side is held responsible for stopping the criminal activity immediately and those who support or indulge in Falun Gong cult may lift a rock but will eventually drop it on their own feet.

(Xinhua, September 25, 2002)