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China Association for Cultic Studies condemns Falun Gong for repeatedly tragedies

2007-12-07 Source:CRI

A non-governmental organization - the China Association for Cultic Studies - held a symposium recently, condemning the cult organization Falun Gong for having committed yet more crimes. The meeting noted that the fallacies propagated by the cult have distorted its obsessed followers` thoughts and feelings, and thus been the cause of numerous human tragedies. The following is the report made by our correspondent Zhang Dongmei. 

Last month, Dai Nan, a little girl of less than 9 years of age, was choked to death by her mother while dozens of other Falun Gong practitioners stood by. 44 year old Guan Shuyun, who started to practice Falun Gong in 1997, choked her daughter to death so as to exorcise a "demon" from the girl's body. 

The symposium denounced Falun Gong as the culprit of many such tragedies, in which its obsessed followers were bewitched by the ringleader Li Hongzhi's fallacies and killed their relatives in pursuit of  "consummation" or "exorcising demons". The symposium noted that it was the cult fallacies that had distorted people's normal thinking and feeling. The vice-director of the China Association for Cultic Studies and Chairman of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, Bishop Fu Tieshan said, "It is the mothers that give birth to their children and cultivate them. Parents have an inviolable obligation to the growth of their children. The cult, however, distorts people's thoughts. It distorts the thoughts and feelings of the parents as well. That is why Guan Shuyun choked her own daughter to death. In the self-immolation incident in, a mother thus led her own daughter to set herself ablaze. And Falun Gong fanatic Hu Yibin therefore killed his father. The son kills his father and the husband kills his wife. Falun Gong members might do anything that infringes ethical and moral standards." 

Bishop Fu Tieshan further added that it was also due to a kind of reversal of moral standards and good and evil that the dozens of Falun Gong fanatics just stood by and watched while the little girl was choked to death by her mother. 

Bishop Fu Tieshan further clarified the cult nature of Falun Gong by differentiating the altitudes of religion and Falun Gong towards life. According to Bishop Fu Tieshan, all religions treasure life and respect humanity, while Falun Gong claims that human beings were dropped on earth as the rubbish of the universe. Since human beings are rubbish, how could they have dignity? Therefore Falun Gong fanatics caused a lot of appalling tragedies by killing their relatives or committing suicide.  

It is estimated that the Falun Gong cult has led to deaths of over 1,700 people. 

The director of the China Association for Cultic Studies, an academic from the Chinese Academy of Science, Zhuang Fenggan, stated that since its founding in 2000, the China Association for Cultic Studies has made great efforts in fighting against the cult organizations that endanger people's lives and their property, break the law and in promoting social stability and enhancing the capability of the public to guard against the cults. He said, "the tragedy of the Falun Gong fanatic Guan Shuyun choking her daughter to death triggers off great indignation in the public. The China Association for Cultic Studies therefore strongly condemns such an appalling crime that Falun Gong committed." 

The meeting decided that the China Association for Cultic Studies would firmly support the Chinese government's fight against the Falun Gong cult according to law and would actively play its role as a non-governmental organization in carrying forward a scientific and humanist spirit and rooting out the soil for the cults. 

(CRI, May 21, 2002)